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If I try to include a url link in my post, it seems to trigger the spam blocker. I get this message "Your submission has triggered the spam filter and will not be accepted. If you feel this is in error, please report that you are blocked".

When I click on the embedded link "report that you are blocked", it redirects me to where I can submit a report for "investigation" from their team. The last report I submitted was over 4 days ago and I doubt it anyone from will ever get back to me.

I know the other forum members are able to including urls in their posts. Is someone on the forum managing this? Is there an admin who can authorize/whitelist me?

P.S. - I haven't posted anything (profane, illegal etc) on this forum to warrant this and I know that a few others have also pointed out this issue.

yongliangzhu68 | 2016年4月6日

You may need to meet a minimum post count. I could not post links at first but now I can.

I still can't pot a hosted image though. What is the syntax? I tried [ img] [ /img ] and < img > < /img >

MaverickR | 2016年4月6日

@wj - thanks. thats what I suspected. Does anyone know any specifics around this?

MaverickR | 2016年4月6日

@wj - by the way, the image html syntax is

yongliangzhu68 | 2016年4月6日

@ prashant.shanbhag: Don't see your pic. Also what is the syntax you use?

MaverickR | 2016年4月6日

@wj - Seems like the browser is rendering the example html syntax I provided. Google "Adding a Photo to Tesla forum". I think the first search result should show the syntax.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年4月6日

This was blocked earlier, let's see what happens now:

Hmmm... Still blocked. I wonder if it was the words 'Release Candidate'...?

JeffreyR | 2016年4月6日

Mollom seems to weigh how much content you have before it will let you include links. It's definitely not a hard rule, as sometimes I can include images and links no problem, but other times I get blocked. I thought getting a Reservation Number might help, but does not seem to.

Also if you are linking to a forum post, use the relative path like this "./mollomcom-spam-blocker" instead of a fully qualified one. That seems to help.

yongliangzhu68 | 2016年4月6日

Trying again but still a no go. I use Photobucket but it seems to not like they link.

JeffreyR | 2016年4月6日

You might also try to see if there are cookies that affect this behavior. I'll try to remember the next time I get blocked (just posted an image of AA vs. 18650 battery cells).

Baribrotzer | 2016年4月6日

I tried one with no link at all, and got blocked. In my case, it was an attempt at starting a thread wondering how Tesla had managed to maintain the Model III's secrecy. I really couldn't see anything block-worthy, and decided that it was because I wasn't an owner, or I wasn't a heavy poster but tried to start a thread, or something quirky, probably private to Mollom, and impossible for me to guess. I did mention BMW, but that shouldn't have triggered it, should it? So I just gave up.

Ross1 | 2016年4月6日

I post a lot but it is random whether I get blocked or not.
I was wondering how to get over it too.

Trying one now..from random choice

Ross1 | 2016年4月6日

Tried again, about Driverless race cars NVIDEA


Ross1 | 2016年4月6日
ejlada | 2016年4月6日

Odd spam filter - maybe there are just certain phrases that trigger it? I tried to (jokingly) ask if I could get my Model 3 in slightly-darker black the other day, and that comment got blocked.

JeffreyR | 2016年4月6日

My Tips & Tricks in General keeps a running list of strange phrases that seem to get blocked. It's definitely not consistent. You'd think that once you had a R# you'd be upgraded to easier posting. But hey, I've been posting for well over two years, and that does not help either.

jamilworm | 2016年4月6日

I was getting blocked when I was trying to embed an image. It had nothing to do with my text because I was able to post the comment without the image. I wonder if the spam filter has some tally of sites that it will block links to. My image was on imgur, but I wonder if I could somehow host it on a random website then i might be able to embed it.

I'll try it again here.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年4月6日

Sometimes it blocks particular text. Sometimes it blocks particular URLs. Sometimes it blocks every damned thing under the sun. Mollom makes no sense whatsoever.

kevin | 2016年8月16日

Mollum is totally brain dead. I can't get ANY URL's through, even links back to Tesla dot com. I keep reporting the errors, but nothing happens.

Frank99 | 2016年8月16日

After having three or four lengthy, well-thought out and argued posts blocked, I've given up. This forum will get cynical, short, snide remarks from me and nothing else.

dsvick | 2016年8月17日

Perhaps the way to go is not to complain to mollom but to Tesla themselves in the hope that they will see the advantage in switching to a more fully functional forum platform.

bernard.holbrook | 2016年8月17日

I've had several posts blocked for no good reason. One post went though after I used "Un1versity" instead of the correct spelling. I think the blocker's software dose not work. | 2016年8月17日

Threads/Posts are far more sensitive if you have made very few posts. It may also be more sensitive to non-owners vs. owners. It may also factor in if you get flagged a lot.. Not sure anyone outside of Tesla know what thresholds are in place. I haven't gotten sent to the Mollom bad box for months now and I often include URLs and images. Then again I'm an owner and have several thousand posts to date.

Ross1 | 2016年8月18日

Frank99 | August 16, 2016
After having three or four lengthy, well-thought out and argued posts blocked, I've given up. This forum will get cynical, short, snide remarks from me and nothing else.

Like I always say, short posts are good (and get read).

JeffreyR | 2016年8月18日

@CoastalCruiser posted a picture of his long post. Ridiculous I know, but it may save you.

Frank99 | 2016年8月18日

Ross -
Sometimes there is a need to express a thought in more than 140 characters.

JeffreyR -
I missed that one, but I am in awe of the drive to post that would cause someone to do that.

torst1 | 2016年8月25日

This stupid Mollom blocking routine is jerking me around so much I feel it is almost pointless to even participate on this forum anymore. Each and every time I get blocked I click the link on top of the page where you can report that an error is causing your post to be blocked. Never have the Mollom team got back to me, and never fixed or lifted the blockade.

So frustrated now that I feel it might be only one solution to this, making a fork of the forum with a totally new forum platform and hope that this is a problem for enough people to get a vivid and engaging fork of this forum up and running.

Ross1 | 2016年8月25日

"One post would not allow me to write @G a y a t r i k a

See if it does now

No, it didnt

Ross1 | 2016年8月25日

"One post would not allow me to write @G a y a t r i k a

See if it does now

No, it didnt

Ross1 | 2016年8月25日

Ga atrikr

Ross1 | 2016年8月25日

The g ...y bit got me

Ross1 | 2016年8月25日

@G yatrikr: do you read the threads on how to change your name?

Red Sage ca us | 2016年8月25日

Here's another blocked paragraph:


Yup. Different thread. Still blocked. Our palindrome defender is working overtime.

ccsccs7 | 2016年8月26日

I was considering usin gMollom for a forum at work, but after seeing all these complaints…

codyb12889 | 2016年8月26日

Their spam filter has gotten out of control. For some reason I am able to post links now most of the time but have random posts that have no link or anything blocked as spam.

I do not mean to sound irrational but Tesla the forums are going to be come useless if Mollom or whatever it is gets any worse. Yes, I have clicked the report button multiple times.