Best looking Model 3 front end design by far

Best looking Model 3 front end design by far

By design engineer James Anders, who posted his rendering with a re-contoured the front end to the Tesla Motors Club forum

jamilworm | 2016年4月7日

I think his front end was indeed very nice looking. My only hangup is that it increased the length of the car. That's not important to many people but it is to some because of ease of parallel parking. For my current car I bought a Fit rather than a Civic purely because it was shorter in length and therefore easier to park. And I am glad because there have been several times where I was able to barely squeeze into a spot in the Fit that I would not have been able to in a civic.

Tropopause | 2016年4月7日

The more I see the "normal" looking design by James Anders, the more I think it is boring. I am glad he posted his rendition because it allows me to see how nice the Tesla Model 3 really looks with its original front-end design.

I hope Tesla will not go boring on this one!

mrbarnes | 2016年4月7日

I have to agree 110% with @sp_tesla!

When I saw the picture of James Anders' rendering of the revised front end posted (via a tweet response from @elonmusk, no less), I had a visceral reaction. The car appears "complete" with that front end. I'd be curious if it minimizes drag as well.

Hope they go with Mr. Anders' design!

Lubdub | 2016年4月7日

link please

swingshiftworker | 2016年4月7日

FWIW, I'd never buy the Model 3 w/the plain front end shown at the unveiling. I assume something will be done with that before the car is actually produced/released.

As for the suggested changed, Anders' design makes it look like a roadster. I actually prefer the Joynt design better. In either case, don't forget that in almost all states, you have to have a front license plate and I think Anders' design allows for that better.

We'll just have to wait and see what Tesla decides to do.

KP in NPT | 2016年4月7日

I don't care for the Anders design. It is boring. Maybe if it were slightly less rounded. And after seeing more pics of the 3 in the wild, I hope they essentially keep it as is.

Tropopause | 2016年4月7日


Thanks for that link. I think Tesla will come up with a tweak we all will like.

carlk | 2016年4月7日

No way. It's so unimagiative and boring. I'm suer it will get even worse after a while. Franz's design with or without minor tweaks is still the best I've seen.

carlk | 2016年4月7日

And make sure you don't compare graphics. Take a look at EVino's thread of actual car in the wild.

hcwhy | 2016年4月7日

Jordan Joynt's looks fantastic...wouldn't be surprised if that isn't what Tesla was planning on doing all along. It just looks right.

EVino | 2016年4月7日

Yuck. I don't know why you're hyping up this photoshopped redo done by an anonymous internet user. It's bland, like grandpa lost his false teeth. This reminds me of the ugly Saleen Model S.

I'm staying with Franz' design and I'm sure many more are too.

EVino | 2016年4月7日

Grandpa's dentures missing.

bryan | 2016年4月7日

I like most of the modified versions. Just keep it simple. No need to add a grill -- but tone down that front hump on the current design a bit.

adias.angel | 2016年4月7日

Love the current version! Ander's looks ok but slightly ordinary but I hate Joynt's. It looks like front of every other car out there. I want something different that make you do a double take when you see it.

Nic727 | 2016年4月7日

I prefer the original one.

Tstolz | 2016年4月7日

I'd like the Anders revision. Full credit to Franz ... the revision is just a tweak.

Sparky | 2016年4月7日

I like Anders if it were made into a constant radius instead of a soft point. Put that design into the wind tunnel beside the prototype one and may the best C/D win.

Oh yeah, and all of us who live in jurisdictions where front plates are required should petition to change the front plate law (unnecessary) or create an option for conformal front plate stickers (like Euro plates) so that the 1930's licence plate factory doesn't interfere with our 21st century C/D.

inconel | 2016年4月7日

I vote original. I think Anders is to plain looking.