Steering Column Adjustability for Tall People

Steering Column Adjustability for Tall People

I would like the engineers at Tesla working on Model 3 to take tall people into account, I'm 6'5", and although from what I heard there'll be sufficient room for my legs, the other problem other cars often have when you make enough room for your legs is that you are sitting too far away from the steering wheel.
It's bad if the steering wheel doesn't pull out far enough towards the driver in order to accommodate a comfortable no-stretched arm sitting position (elbows on elbow wrests, pretty much like in a chair, hands going down parallel to the body from shoulders with a ~110 degree bend at the elbow and hands on the steering wheel).
I'd hate it if there was enough leg room but the steering wheel was too far for a comfortable drive. Yes I know I could be using the drive-assist and such but I need to be able to drive without it comfortably also.

If I have to move my seat closer for my hands to be in a comfortable relaxed steering position, then my legs will be pinched, so please make the steering wheel extend out sufficiently for people at least 6'6".

saltsman | 2016年4月8日


A fully telescopic steering wheel is a must have.

- Fellow tall guy

Red Sage ca us | 2016年4月8日

Hmmm... Interesting description. I have rather long arms for my height. Because of that, I actually hate armrests. Most chairs seem to be made for people who either hunch their shoulders when they sit, or who have gator arms from elbow to shoulder. When driving, I prefer to swing any available armrests up, back, or just plain out of the way.

- Normal Height Guy that short people think is 'tall'

beachmiles | 2019年7月17日

+1. 6'4 guy here. I'm fairly sure the model 3 I test drove had the steering wheel extend another inch further than the one I got. Wish there was a couple more inches of extension. I made a service request to make sure I have the full extension. If not I'm going to have to try and extend the steering column spline connector somehow.

Sideswipe | 2019年7月17日

An extra couple of inches on the steering wheel would be nice, but I'm still plenty comfortable the way it is now. I'm 6'4".

CharleyBC | 2019年7月17日

I’m a mere 6’ 2”. I don’t have the wheel at full extension. So I think if I suddenly grew 3 inches, it’d be fine still. And if I did grow, wouldn’t my arms grow proportionately too, compensating for the reach problem?