New Owner / Windows Phone 10 App

New Owner / Windows Phone 10 App

Hello All,

My introduction to EV's started in high school when we watched Who Killed the Electric Car, and then later Revenge of the Electric Car. Our science class visited Brandon Hollinger in Lancaster, PA who converts ICE vehicles to electric. One day when walking into church I noticed a Roadster sitting in the parking lot. Didn't know a lot about Tesla at the time, but the car was awesome so I did some research and found out who the owner was. We got to talking and he let me drive it! I think he knew all along that the Tesla Grin would work magic on me. Being 6' 250lbs, the Roadster was a challenge to get into, and the price was more than I could ever afford since I was still in high school. A few years later I graduated and by this time he also had a Model S. I was given the privilege to drive his Roadster again to an EV event and I knew in my mind one day I would own a Tesla. I currently own a Jeep, and I love it. It's a Jeep thing, what can I say... Well, now that the Model 3 is within price range, I have decided to buy a Tesla. I simply cannot wait until it arrives. The driving experience is like no other, and that is a fact.

I am also a Windows fan, and have owned every generation of Windows Phone since WP7. Yep, the app store is not the greatest. Is there any hope of Tesla developing an app for Windows devices? Switching to Android is out of the question, and I'd rather not go to iOS. Is having an app for your phone even necessary with a Tesla, or will there be a lot of features I miss out on?

Thank you for all the input you may have!

nikola.matjasic | 2016年4月9日

I was in the same boat as you, being a windows 10 user since it became available and following all the fast insider preview builds.

Was always against the grain of idevices and android, my wife is an apple user and I think there was something I enjoyed about being different from everyone else until I finally caved in, I recently took over my wife's old phone when she upgraded and am now an Iphone user, windows' app store was the final straw, I loved the interface, loved my phone (Nokia Lumia 920) but was so frustrated that any app I wanted I had to find a substitute for and there wasn't always one available.

When following Tesla and their model releases I too was looking for a Tesla app and couldn't find anything other than Chargefinder which points you to local charging stations in your area. It is a good app, just not the same, then I started losing support for other windows apps and said enough is enough.

Hope Tesla does manage to make a windows app, good luck.

mitchelz | 2016年4月9日

I recently upgraded from my Lumia 1020 running 8.1. I really miss the fluid OS of 8.1, WP10 is lousy in my opinion. The hardware on my 950 is great, but the OS just isn't there. Windows 10 on desktop is great though.
I also enjoyed having a phone that was different than everyone else, and I just can't see myself switching at this point.

What features on the iOS app do you use frequently for your Tesla?

burdogg | 2016年4月10日

There is a tesla app for windows, just not an official app, so it is not supported by tesla (so I can't open my pano roof, since it doesn't think I have one, even though I do and on my brother's iPhone, I could vent the roof) Other than the pano roof (and summons is not available) it does everything the other phone apps do. I have a HTC One for Windows (8.1) and Windows 10 on my desktop computer and have the apps on both of them. There are actually two Tesla apps. One is Tesla Companion, the other is Tesla Connect.

Hope that helps, but I really wish Tesla would come out with an official app so we can have summons on there (not sure if those that developed these two apps are working on getting summons on there)