Porsche Mission E Interior Designer Joins Tesla

Porsche Mission E Interior Designer Joins Tesla

Electrek reports that Félix Godard who was credited as ‘lead designer’ on both the Porsche all electric Mission E concept and its upcoming production version has joined Tesla’s design team under the leadership of Franz von Holzhausen.

At Porsche, Godard is listed as an inventor on several patents for new instrument clusters and heads-up/holographic displays. I bet he will play a big part in bringing Elon's "spaceship" like steering wheel to fruition and the possible utilization of a heads-up display. The Mission E concept has a very interesting holographic display, which I can picture in the strip that runs across the Model 3 dash (the black strip between the upper and lower portions of the dash).

Sparky | 2016年4月11日

Ziss ist good news, ja? Porsche design teams have always kept their eyes on the prize with continuous improvement and innovation.

Tropopause | 2016年4月11日

Gee, I wonder why this creative man left Porsche?

Sparky | 2016年4月11日

$$$ Plus a chance to work with the world leader in electric automobiles. He could always go back to Porsche later to complete their development of their Porsche E.

But then again, you can check in any time you want, but you can never leave... :-)

mos6507 | 2016年4月12日

I guess in Germany they don't have non-compete clauses...

carlk | 2016年4月12日

Does he have clearance? ;)

Mike83 | 2016年4月12日

Leaving a sinking ship seems like a smart move.

Ross1 | 2016年4月13日

An interesting list would be the high profile movers and shakers Tesla has hired.

From: Lego, Burberry,....Mazda....