Best phone number for cancellation?

Best phone number for cancellation?

I reserved TWO Model 3s by mistake, due to the email lag. I still want one, but not two.
The numbers on the Support page don't seem to be applicable.
Email or chat options would work too, but I don't see those either.

dsvick | 2016年4月14日

Try the sales number or the contact form here:

Mane.prasad | 2016年4月14日

I am also trying to cancel my order but not getting any response. I tried their sales numbers but no real person answers the phone. I have sent an email today to asking to cancel. I hope they will respond soon.

jsrawa | 2016年4月14日

I have called the sales phone number on the contact page two times since my reservation due to an issue and both times I have received a well spoken english speaking rep, just be patient and wait on hold. Keep in mind they are experiencing unprecedented volume.

cstrow | 2016年4月18日

I reserved two by mistake as well for same reason. I subsequently spoke to a sales rep on April 9. Rep said the second order would be refunded in 5 business days. However, no refund as yet.

Tonie_dee | 2016年4月19日

mistakenly ordered two M3s online as soon as the online was opened an hr prior to the reveal. One is a 107 and one is a 108. I need to cancel one of them but am worried as I don't know which one was first and I don't want to cancel the wrong one. I wish there was a way to know for sure.

cstrow | 2016年4月19日

It is not possible for customer to know the relative sequencing of multiple model 3 reservations. The confirmation emails lack transaction info and also lacked the rez number. MyTesla order info lacks rez date/time. However, the sales rep seems to know the ordering, as far as how it was ultimately logged in the system. So you must trust the rep to cancel the correct one of the two. I am not sure that it matters for most because the time granularity seems to be on the order of hours or same day, rather than minutes/seconds.

Ross1 | 2016年4月20日

So this is not the most popular thread.


swingshiftworker | 2016年4月25日

Can't you just walk into a Tesla storefront to request a refund?

Seems like they should just be about to run your card for a credit or at least "process" the request (with a receipt for same) for execution by some other dept in the company.