$7.5K EV Tax Credit Extention Petition Fails by 671 Signatures (*updated with new petition!)

$7.5K EV Tax Credit Extention Petition Fails by 671 Signatures (*updated with new petition!)

So the petition dies because we only got 99,329 signatures out of the needed 100,000? I'd suggest starting a new one if I didn't think that somehow the results were rigged. What a sham...

skwok | 2016年4月17日

This petition was closed before the model 3 was even revealed. Also, you read this wrong. there were only 671 signatures... not 99k.

Bighorn | 2016年4月17日

uehlein +1
Not even close

EmperorTytus | 2016年4月18日

Ah, but there is a new petition! Need some 2100 signatures left to reach 100K by May 2nd. Spread the word!

EmperorTytus | 2016年4月18日

Ugh. I read it backwards again. Need some 98,000 petitions by May 2nd. If Elon would just tweet about it. Or better send the link to each of the 400K M☰ preorders...

carlk | 2016年4月18日

I actually think instead of limiting number of rebate to each company it should be changed to a larger number that is shared by all companies on the globe. It's only fair for the pioneering companies that took the risk early on. And it will encourage every company to jump in early. Otherwise a company could just sit on the side line waiting and knowing they will always have the advantage in the future when other companies' quota are exhausted.

Psyclo | 2016年4月18日

I signed. If everyone who signed up for the M3 signs this petition ,we will have more than enough.

SCCRENDO | 2016年4月18日

I signed. Also posted this on my Facebook page. However I don't think non US nationals can sign the petition. I will repost this on all the Tesla pages.