I have an 85D and live in the Tesla hotbed of Orange County, CA. Seeing a new Model X is still not a daily event but becoming more routine. I smile every time I see the ZERO EMISSIONS rear plate. Yesterday I stopped behind a beautiful blue one at a light and really noticed (from my much lower angle) the size, height and tire differences from my Model S. The tires had to be the new 22" with the wider stance. 8-)

Shesmyne2 | 2016年4月22日

We are starting to see more X in the wild here in the Bay Area as well!
While you can see the size difference when parked in line at the SC next to S, it doesn't appear to be a big difference.
Noticeable, not huge.

Still Grinning ;-)

elguapo | 2016年4月22日

Have only seen one in MD (other than mine and ones at SC).

Every single person who has seen it says "it's smaller than I thought", then they look inside and say "wow, it's much bigger than it looks".

BAT1 | 2016年4月22日

Taking my first look at MX this Saturday in the UK. Still can not drive one over here yet!! :)

Bluesday Afternoon | 2016年4月22日

Yesterday was the first time seeing the X from behind at a light. The differences are quite pronounced. I usually see the X from the side (driving through intersections) or from the front (other side of the road as it approaches). My favorite exterior design element on my 85D is also the rear side panels and rear hatch/bumper. Maybe I just appreciate an impressive "ass"embly. ;-)

aesculus | 2016年4月22日

Showed up to a party of 12 persons in the bay area and one couple had a obsidian Model X. Saw another one in my general rural area (Sig Red) the other day. Not sure if that was a resident or visitor.

Still have not seen another one at a SC or on the road, even in the east bay yet. When I go to the SC (5 times) most say that's the first one they have seen (Folsom). I know a fair amount of them have been delivered from the Rocklin center though so they are up in my general area.