What's Best UMM3A (until my Model 3 arrives) Car?

What's Best UMM3A (until my Model 3 arrives) Car?

IMHO, because the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Bolt do not have access to a convenient & reliable fast-charge network, the Chevy Volt by a long-shot (pun intended) is the best availalbe EV car choice for an UMM3A. The exception to that, if it's in your stretch budget, is to purchase/lease an entry-level Model S now and trade it in to Tesla in 3 years for the Model 3.

I say this having spent time with Leaf, Volt, and currently own Model S.

jordanrichard | 2016年4月25日

What is an UMM3A? Also, the Bolt is not on the road yet and if you are not in CA, it won't be on your local roads for probably another year.

CDAVIS | 2016年4月25日

UMM3A = Until My Model 3 Arrives
I agree with you on Bolt not being currently available.

ColoDriver | 2016年4月25日

My preferred UMM3A is a 2001 Volvo V70 wagon with 5-speed manual transmission. Exclusively because I own it and it's (long long ago) paid for.

If you want something EV and drive less than 30 miles a day, take a look at the Ford Fusion Energi. Less battery range than the Volt, but a much nicer car.

Supraman | 2016年4月25日

I would go pre-owned Model S before a Volt.

tesla | 2016年4月25日

CDAVIS, you answered your own question. Ha ha ha.

For me, living in CA, and with driving a fully electric car having top priority, because I'm getting older and want to drive an electric before I die, which could be some considerable time from now, but who knows, and given historical slippage of expected delivery dates, and given the Model X deliveries being a bit pokey, and given that my commute to town is up to 150 miles round trip...

a Bolt with a two-tear lease may work perfect for me as a stop gap.

And besides, if the Bolt turns out to be a complete pile of bolts, I will just appreciate an M3 that much more! :>

jordanrichard | 2016年4月25日

Ohhhhh. Makes sense.

Ya, I can see the Bolt being a good stop gap, as soon as they become available in your area.

kzodz | 2016年4月25日

Fiat 500 convertible. It's eco friendly, fun as anything, and able to go as fast as a Ludicrous equipped Tesla when driven in traffic. :)

PhillyGal | 2016年4月25日

To me the best UMM3A car is the one I'm driving now, despite disliking it, since I own it outright. Every day I drive it increases the budget for my Model 3. (I have to keep telling myself this.)

M3 PxxD here I come :)

Octagondd | 2016年4月25日

I would think a lease of a Volt would be a good gap filler depending on your place in line for M≡. I am currently leasing a Spark EV. It is small, and uncomfortable, but has decent acceleration for the type of car it is. My lease is up in July of 2018, which is conveniently about the time I hope to get my M≡. Not sure what I will do for a gap filler if my silver electron powered devil machine is later than that. Public transport? I have never leased before, can I extend my lease by a few months?

ejlada | 2016年4月25日

Yup. The best Thingy Car is the one you're driving now, assuming it's fully paid-off.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年4月25日

UMM3A: The entirely paid off car I have right now should do fine.

Cesg12290 | 2016年4月25日

2009 C350

lar_lef | 2016年4月25日

Volt or Leaf leased good enough to hold the fort till 3 arrives, IMO.