of all quarterly reports - I hope this one is good

of all quarterly reports - I hope this one is good

Doesn't have to be excellent-just good. Stock is showing signs of doubt on S and X sales.
I'm not worried log term but it has dropped pretty quickly.
I'm hoping model 3 unveil 2 date will be announced tonight.

Can't wait for more news.

mntlvr23 | 2016年5月4日

I don't think that the stock shows signs of doubt on S and X sales. I think the traders just believe that the stock is now way overvalued again after being run up 75% in the last few months. Great companies can be overvalued (though I am not saying that tesla is or isn't) - the Model 3 has generated a lot of buzz and a lot of interest and can do that to a stock. I read that Tesla's company valuation per car sold per year is some ridiculous factor higher than what it is for most car companies.

Is Tesla currently priced right for the company now (and can expect to take off as the M3's are produced)?, or is the stock value already reflect what Tesla is expected to be in 2 years?, or is the stock price a bit "over-exuberant"?

If I knew these answers, I would be a rich man. I had thought of increasing my holdings in Tesla back in January but did not pull the trigger - oh well.

david.jones24 | 2016年5月4日

MX delivery issues will prevent a strong financial quarter, but the yearly delivery guidance is what will be indicative of the call. If they adjust their delivery count under 80k cars this year, it'll drop a good bit imo.

Hi_Tech | 2016年5月4日

It's the same drum beat of the TSLA bears that the company hasn't had a good response for. The bears argument is that Tesla continually misses their delivery targets, is burning through cash (cash-flow negative), and now there is the new misinformation about build quality being low.
Unfortunately, the Q12016 figures don't seem to be in a spot to disprove any of the above. Though, I'm confident that 2016 is the year that all three of these will be mitigated, by: Delivering at least 80k vehicles, becoming cash-flow positive for at least the last quarter (hopefully more), and will need to get out on media to show the quality of Model X (after the fixes of initial roll-outs).

slasher0016 | 2016年5月4日

As a TSLA investor this isn't going to be a very good quarter from a financial perspective. They already said their deliveries were under estimates for the quarter, tack on the Model X recalls and the EBITDA is not going to look good. The one bright spot may be the release of current Model ≡ reservations.

dd.micsol | 2016年5月4日

If the loss is less than str expectations this would very well turn around really fast.
I don't see cash flow positive as it has to ramp up strong and fast for mdl 3 massive expectations.
At over 400k mdl 3s Elon has to find a way to press forward and quickly. Hope we'll all know more tonight.

ram1901 | 2016年5月4日

TSLA is an 'emotional' 'long-term' stock buy.
You're betting on adoption of Tesla tech. sometime in the future and you're paying a very high price for that
bet. If Tesla succeeds by 202? then you win.

It's unrealistic to be concerned about short term set backs that the shorts and the day traders live and die by.

Chances are, because of supply chain problems & design revisions for the Model X, the Q1 report will not be pretty for some. But the Model 3 reservation story and stepped up production and quality control will help offset
some of these concerns for long term investors.

We'll know by 2:45 pm PDST.