Curb Weight

Curb Weight

Any guesses on curb weight? And why the heck is there no search function on this forum =( | 2016年5月11日

S60 = 4323 lbs
M3 = 80 % of of Model S, or 3448 lbs
but uses more steel, so add 10%, or back to 3804 lbs
But base battery is smaller, perhaps 55 kW, so deduct 100 lbs, or 3704 lbs

>>> 3704 lbs!

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jordanrichard | 2016年5月11日

My guess, 4,000 lbs. The M≡ turned out to not be literally 20% smaller than the MS, per Motor Trends extensive write up, from their time with a M≡ at the Gigafactory.

PaceyWhitter | 2016年5月11日

Motor Trend predicted 4200-4350.

slasher0016 | 2016年5月11日

With AWD I expect over 4k. Maybe right at 4k for the RWD version.

warren_tran | 2016年5月11日

if it weight above 4,000 lbs then how is a car suppose to be 20% smaller weight almost the same as the Model S. That shouldn't be right | 2016年5月11日

@warrentt - You're partly right, but the M3 uses mostly steel instead of aluminum. See my analysis above. I'm also likely wrong in starting weight 20% of the S60. A reduction in volume does not always mean the weight is reduced by 20%. This is the largest and likely wrong assumption. At the same time, Tesla has been reducing the weight of the Model S over the last 3 years with various refinements so perhaps I'm not that far off. | 2016年5月11日

Elon himself has said Model 3 will be about 20% lighter than Model s
I predict 3750 for performance model and 3500 or so for base model:

Elon Reeve Musk - Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Yeah, I think the way to think of the customers is really that the Model 3, being a sedan, is about 20% lighter than – and actually quite a bit less complex to manufacturer, than the Model S. Model S was really the first car we ever made ourselves. So, it was – we were designing to make it work, as opposed to designing it from ease of manufacturing, whereas the Model 3 is really designed for ease of manufacturing.

jordanrichard | 2016年5月11日

I don't think Elon said specifically that the car would be 20% lighter, but that it would be about 20% smaller.

cstrow | 2016年5月11日

Motor Trend probably got it right. | 2016年5月12日


I posted his comments verbatim above. 20% lighter is in reference to weight. | 2016年5月12日 - good find. The problem is the Model S has quite a few variants so it not clear which Model S version the 20% applies to. I see at least a 600 lb of difference across versions, and it might be more with the weight savings Tesla has implemented since the first Model S cars were built in 2012.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年5月12日

Discussed many times. I would guess 3,300 lbs to 3,700 lbs for a single motor car with the lowest capacity battery pack and 3,700 lbs to 4,100 lbs for the dual motor car with highest capacity battery pack. That just happens to be the same general range of weights for the BMW 3-Series (3,295 to 4,010 lbs per Google). | 2016年5月12日

I'm still voting for 3,800 pounds for the base, RWD version, as if it mattered.:-))