Model 3 navigation

Model 3 navigation

Over here in rainy England, our 3 and 4G networks are patchy to say the least. Coverage in major cities is not always spot on, and outside in rural areas in many places it's non existent. This means that navigating via Google maps for instance can be rather fraught.

Does anyone know if there is an intention to put a proper Satellite navigation app into the M3? | 2016年5月11日

If it's like the Model S/X, it may come with both Google and Garmin. The Google maps are via 3G/LTE while the Garmin maps are in memory. The Garmin maps (on the Model S and X) appear in the instrument display when navigating. You can also enter an address, even if you don't have a 3G/LTE signal. The only downside when 3G/LTE is bad is the main-screen map is not updated or may be blank.

SUN 2 DRV | 2016年5月11日

Paul: In the Model S the Nav system already uses the GPS satellite system to determine WHERE you are. Then it uses the built in Navigon maps for the small display and for turn by turn routing. 3/4G is only needed to update the display the large Google maps in the center screen.

Denys | 2016年5月11日

I'd be curious to know if the nav system on the S or X show elevation. We have that on our current cars, and like having that information available when traveling to the coast in the winter. It often tells us when to expect snow/ice.

topher | 2016年5月11日

You can load offline maps on Google maps on your phone or whatnot.

Thank you kindly.

tandjharris | 2016年5月11日

I wonder if this is more of an issue with your network or device rather than with all the uk networks.
I regularly use my mobile network for in car navigation and streaming music without any issues. I get a few music dropouts for a second occasionally but no loss of signal long enough to upset the navigation (which has no GPS).
I live in rainy England. | 2016年5月11日

@Naramata - It's like the majority of car nav systems, no elevation. Not sure why most car makers do not include it.

It's been a moderatly popular desired feature:

paul_doree | 2016年5月11日

Thanks all.

@tandjharris - -it may be my iPhone5 (not a 5S) that doesn't help. I use streaming radio too on it and it often suffers from drop outs of 10+ seconds. I work in east London and at least 4 times on the way to work it happens.