BMW Mini answer to M3 has MS nosecone

BMW Mini answer to M3 has MS nosecone

After the event, they seem to have anticipated the M3 would look like a classic Tesla but the laugh is on them as the nose cone is now 'out of date'.
But no electrics (yet).
It comes in at US 26k, which is a compelling price very close to M3 after all rebates

Sweetly enough it is called Austin 7. Hey I had one of those when I was 14 years old.

Can anyone put up the pics for me please?

Ross1 | 2016年5月11日
Ross1 | 2016年5月11日

Mollom bunny must have liked that one

MarlonBrown | 2016年5月11日

I had unpleasant experiences with Mini maintenance costs in the past. I suppose it could be improved if it is electric, but I would trust Tesla instead.

Drdpharris | 2016年5月11日

I love my BMW Mini, so thanks for the link ... too bad not an EV :-(

otto.olsen | 2016年5月12日

Well, the Mini had always had this look and there is no answer to anyone here. Not sure what you're trying to compare.

Ross1 | 2016年5月12日

Could someone clever upload the pic please?
@ Red, where are you when we need you lol?