Sign of the times....

Sign of the times....

Just an interesting experience and sign of the times. Even in our podunk little town of 20,000, I just went to the store,
and when I pulled in, I was next an eGolf. When I left, there was a Volt parked next to me. Too bad I wasn't in our Leaf!

let the EVolution continue......

KP in NPT | 2016年5月13日

I felt that way the past few days. On my way to the Boston airport, I saw 3 Teslas. I landed in Amsterdam and exited the airport to see a dozen tesla taxis lined up outside. Saw several more (non taxi) teslas on the way to the hotel and even more on my way back to the airport. It was like 3 days of what the future will be. :)

Bighorn | 2016年5月13日

Schipol bought over 160 Teslas for their taxi service