To creep or not to creep?

To creep or not to creep?

I know that the Model S comes configured to creep forward in imitation of the behavior of an automatic transmission, and also that this is a user-adjustable setting. I imagine the Model 3 will be the same. I'm thinking the creep is anachronistic and dumb, and I plan to turn it off immediately. What do you think? Will your Model 3 be a creeper, and why?

SamO | 2016年7月8日

Turn off creep

zakeeus | 2016年7月8日

I would like this for driving in reverse. I don't think I would need it for anything else.

PBEndo | 2016年7月8日

to each his own.

I drive with creep off. My wife and son prefer creep on. I suspect it is due to the fact they they usually drive automatic transmission ICE cars and only occasionally drive the Model S.

RichardKJ | 2016年7月8日

My S came with creep turned off and I've never turned it on. I find it much easier to control the car at low speed than any auto trans vehicle I have ever driven.

SCCRENDO | 2016年7月8日

93000 miles. Always use creep and live in the hills. Wish they had creep on reverse

carlk | 2016年7月8日

No for me.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年7月8日

I expect to have the CREEP function set to 'OFF' forevermore. I always felt the 'eager to go' status that required I leave my foot stabbed into a brake pedal was kind of dumb. Even worse with those cars that seem to speed up when you want to coast. I'd much rather a car maintain the state I last left it in. Once at a complete stop, removing my foot from all available pedals should leave the vehicle exactly where I left it.

martinmitchell | 2016年7月8日

Creep on.
I use creep on my Spark EV to maneuver into parking spaces, back out of my garage, up to a stop line, etc. I use the brake pedal to modulate my speed. I don't want to be jumping back and forth between the accelerator and brake in those situations. And I always drive in low.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年7月8日

The Joy of Slowness
by kevjo on October 1, 2013

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bj | 2016年7月9日

It's not possible to turn creep off in the Leaf, but my oh my do I enjoy driving really slowly when manoevring into tight parking spaces. It's so effortless, quiet and precise. It weirds people out too. Can't wait for my Model 3.

bb0tin | 2016年7月9日

Tesla can introduce slink mode.
Slink mode engages lower than about 4mph. It operates off the accelerator pedal rather than the brake pedal. As you lift your foot off the accelerator less power is applied and more brake pressure is applied. This will allow you to do fully one pedal driving as well. The brake is applied fully once you stop, as happens when applying the brake pedal now.
This is the functionality that creep mode is really trying to achieve, but creep does it back to front.

PaceyWhitter | 2016年7月10日

While traditional automatic transmission's had to creep, due to the torque converter, dual clutch transmissions and CVT's don't. They also have artificial creep designed into them because people expect it.

I would expect that many 3 buyers will use the creep. I drive both manuals and automatics so I am used to both ways, but it might take some getting used to no creep in a car without a clutch.

bb0tin | 2016年7月10日

Creep is an anachronism. People do not drive other electric appliances with a brake. A sewing machine, beater, chainsaw, drill etc are all controlled solely from the 'accelerator'. Manually applying the brake should not be necessary for normal driving.

zakeeus | 2016年7月10日

bb0tin those are poor examples. A car is a little different than handheld tools. Electric forklifts and pallet jacks have had brakes for a long time. Like a Tesla they are heavy and can have severe consequences if it can't stop on a dime.

ronzastovnik | 2016年7月10日

I like creep. I'm used to it with my Prius. But the option to turn it off is important.

bb0tin | 2016年7月10日

You said "bb0tin those are poor examples."
I never suggested that the brakes are changed at all. They remain as is.
The suggestion is that 'normal' driving does not require the manual application of the brake. The brakes are automatically applied via the position of the accelerator, just as regenerative braking is handled.

bb0tin | 2016年7月10日

I expect you will like slink even more.

Badbot | 2016年7月10日

What if I'm a creep? do I select it or is that a conflict of interest? would I get extra vampire load?

minervo.florida | 2016年7月11日

Creep is for dinosaur cars, welcome to the era of not having to keep your foot on the brake pedal at stop lights.

martinmitchell | 2016年7月11日

San Francisco is not Florida.
There's also this thing called "neutral" that you can use.

PhillyGal | 2016年7月11日

Is it sad that I'm not really sure if we have it on or off in our MS? I think we have it on. If so, I'll keep it on for 3.

yongliangzhu68 | 2016年7月11日

minervo.florida: Over ½ the dead dinosaur cars I've owned didn't have creep and my current car dosn't. :)

Tarla's Driver | 2016年7月11日

I prefer creep, but it's not perfect. I turned it on when I found the car rolling backwards at a stoplight. They should fix that--if the car is in D, it shouldn't go backwards. Other than that, I tend to like it when parking, but probably because I'm used to it.

Tesla-David | 2016年7月11日

Three and a half years of MS ownership, have never had creep on nor will I ever. Not needed IMHO.

bb0tin | 2016年7月11日

People are used to cars behaving as they do because of their mechanical past. With an electric car there is no need for all the mucking about that we used to have to do.
The rules should be as simple as:
Speed is regulated by the accelerator in all normal situations.
Once stopped, the car never moves unless the accelerator is used.
Brakes are only necessary in abnormal situations for rapid deceleration.

dave.m.mcdonough | 2016年7月11日

simulate one of the reasons i hate automatic transmission? no thanks.

SUN 2 DRV | 2016年7月11日

Creep is creepy. No creeping allowed here..... I want simple direct control of my tools, do what I say and nothing more or less.

kwoo4424 | 2016年7月11日

This whole topic is creepy ...

SUN 2 DRV | 2016年7月11日

Kevin +1 LOL

kevin | 2016年8月20日

So when you come to a traffic light with creep off and stop without the brake pedal, are your brake lights on like all the other cars?

Silver2K | 2016年8月21日


minervo.florida | 2016年8月21日

Creep only exists because Gas cars need it for the auto tranny.

I hate it now that I have the S.

bj | 2016年8月23日

@Kevin - I have fun approaching traffic lights on hills - trying to judge my stop behind the car in front using only the accelerator, and then holding my car (Leaf) on the hill without putting my foot on the brake. So I come to a stop on an uphill and keep it there with no brake lights. Awesome.

I have heard though that when Teslas are slowing down due to regen their brake lights come on even if your foot is off the brake. The Leaf does not do this. Is this true? I would find it annoying if the brake lights came on purely because the car is regen-ing. They should only come on if you put your foot on the brake, IMHO.

jdanielp | 2016年8月23日

@bj I'm intrigued as to why you wouldn't want the brake lights to come on when decelerating a vehicle using regen? I can understand that it might be misleading for the brake lights to come on in exactly the same way as when the brake is being applied, given that deceleration under braking is likely to be more sudden than under regen, but surely the raison d'être for brake lights is to indicate that a vehicle is decelerating to vehicles following behind it. Perhaps a standard signal should be established for regen, e.g. flashing brake lights indicate that a Formula 1 car is harvesting to its Energy Recovery System.

bj | 2016年8月23日

@jdanielp_uk - for exactly the reason you state - slowing down via regen is gentle and progressive. Brake lights should be a warning to the car behind not just that you are slowing down, but might be stopping extremely quickly, so you should get ready to throw the anchors down too. That is not the case with regen.

Also the driver behind might think you have Tourette's or are an idiot brake-happy driver if they come on every time you generate a watt of regen.

ccsccs7 | 2016年8月23日

@bj: Heavy regen in a Tesla feels pretty abrupt. I think there should be some threshold at which regen should bring on the brake lights. If your foot comes off the accelerator, the brake light should be on, in my opinion.

Mark H. | 2016年8月23日

I will use creep. At least at first. Clearly I am used to it with auto-trans and it will take some time to get used to doing it without but more importantly I have another vehicle that is not a Tesla. That said I think the changing back and forth will be disorienting enough as is adjusting to no creep then back might make it harder. But alas in the end I might just turn it off and join the 21st century.

jdanielp | 2016年8月24日

@bj fair enough - I suppose that it is already possible to use engine braking to decelerate and coasting to come to a stop on an incline in an ICE car without applying the brakes at all, although, as ccsccs7 says, if the regen is turned up enough then it sounds like there would be a point where there needs to be some kind of indication. I can't say that I noticed regen when I took an S for a test drive the other year (it probably wasn't turned up), but I certainly noticed creep which was odd.

Rocky_H | 2016年8月24日

@ccsccs7, Quote: " I think there should be some threshold at which regen should bring on the brake lights."

That is exactly how it has always been. It uses an accelerometer to detect how strong the slowing force is and turns on the brake lights if the force is high enough.

JayInJapan | 2016年8月25日

No need for creep in a Tesla. You won't miss it, and you'll wonder why it even exists.

If your car is slowing down at a particular rate due to regen, your brake lights will be on (how much may depend on your locale). If you don't want brake lights, you'll have to learn to feather your accelerator.