Will referral code apply to past order undelivered ?

Will referral code apply to past order undelivered ?

Was wondering since i dont even have a vin yet can the referral code be applied ?

jason1466 | 2016年7月10日

It can if your order was May 30th or later. Call Tesla Sales (888) 518-3752 and tell them you would like to add an owner code, such as mine, jason6903, or any other if you prefer someone else. Mine worked for another post orderer such as yourself. If you have a DS already, they could probably help to add it as well. Best of luck, and do report back here with results please, for others sake.

Code is: jason6903
Link for new orders,

Gayatrikr | 2016年7月11日

Thnx Jason my order may 30 of last year does that apply you think ?

Triggerplz | 2016年7月11日


jason1466 | 2016年7月11日

Orders "After May 30, 2016" is my understanding. Could you even order a Model X in May of 2015?

Triggerplz | 2016年7月11日

@jason some people order their X over 3 years ago