Tire road noise

Tire road noise

any one know how much less noise there would be with 20" vs. 22" tires?

darlin | 2016年7月12日

It mostly depends on the tire tread, not the size.

marc | 2016年7月12日

Agreed @darlin. My MX has 22" Onyx rims with Goodyear tires. Almost no road noise.

Remnant | 2016年7月12日

I understand additional cabin protection from tire noise can be obtained by lining the wheel wells with advanced sound proofing materials.

rossRallen | 2016年7月12日

I believe most tire noise comes through a mechanical path the suspension into the body.

The 20" Conti CrossContact LX Sport have a band inside the tire to quiet the ride. See the "Continental Tires on Model X" thread. I have these, they are terrible. Gone by week's end: unrepairable and 2/3 worn-out after 4100 miles.

Because the 22" tires are stiffer, I believe they will be both noisier and give significantly less life than the 20".