Maximum damage and cost due to Flooding in the area

Maximum damage and cost due to Flooding in the area

What will be the maximum damage caused by flooding in the areas. It will be the whole car some of the parts of it. What can be the maximum damage cost for it repair. My concerned is as the battery are in lower part it will be effected most. I know it will be covered in the insurance but still what will be the maximum damage it can be done by flooding is my concerned.

ir | 2016年8月11日

Maximum damage? That's easy. How about 100% damage if something like a Tusnami washes it into the ocean?

Not sure if we could beat that with 110% flood damage.

tommyalexandersb | 2016年8月11日

Have you seen the video of the model s floating through the flooded tunnel past the other cars, and then driving safely away. Elon said something along the lines of, model S can double as a boat in extreme circumstances. I don't think flooding is a big issue.

Haggy | 2016年8月14日

There have been cases of Teslas getting water damage. I remember one owner who was pretty upset at what he had to pay after driving through standing water. He was on a road, and he realized that the road was flooded ahead. But there was traffic behind him and the cars ahead were going through and there was no place to turn around, so he took his chances. He ended up needing repairs. I don't remember how much it cost but warranty didn't cover it.

I was surprised at Elon's statement, given that Tesla doesn't guarantee it. Based on what Elon said, it would lead me to believe that either that earlier case was because something wasn't sealed properly, or because Tesla made a design change between mid 2014 and now, in which case it still wouldn't make sense to make a statement that would make Tesla owners think that any Model S could make it through a flooded road.

Haggy | 2016年8月14日

In the above case, I forgot to mention that the ICE cars did fine.

Remnant | 2016年8月14日

@ tommyalexandersb (August 11, 2016)

<< Elon said ... model S can double as a boat in extreme circumstances. >>

With so much flooding all over the place, Tesla's ability to shift into a Boat or Flood-Escape-Pod Mode could become a selling point, with a major competitive advantage.

Furthermore, the spokes of the wheels could turn into paddles with the flip of a switch and provide some propulsion.

With such a capability, one could call this mode "The 007 Mode".

Gaurav.sanghavi | 2016年8月16日

Haggy do you think the new model 3 will be sealed waterproof.

Gaurav.sanghavi | 2016年8月16日

Haggy do you think the new model 3 will be sealed waterproof.

Gaurav.sanghavi | 2016年8月16日

At battery part

Gaurav.sanghavi | 2016年8月16日

At battery part | 2016年8月16日

Once salt water gets into the electrical connectors, any car is usually totaled. When significant water gets into the cabin, most cars are totaled. The problems include mold, corrosion, shorts and I'm sure quite a few others. Best not to drive through a flood (in any car). Even a low amount of water 4-6" may crest over the hood going 10 mph, meaning it's going lots of places that are not good.

In the Tesla the battery is sealed, and in general the car is better protected than ICE cars. Still there are plenty of places where water intrusion is very bad.

jordanrichard | 2016年8月16日

I suppose the MS can handle water up to the seals in the doors, but that is it. | 2016年8月17日

The firewall is not watertight (i.e. the panel between your feet and the front of the car). If you are pushing any water, it quickly builds up to a far greater height and is likely to start flooding the interior. The doors also have small drain holes that are happy to accept water too. Lastly, the inverter (at least on early cars) is open to water at the top. It might need 14" of water to reach it. The inverter would be destroyed if submerged.

I'd guess flooding more than 3-4" deep in most cars, including the Tesla, are at high risk from being totaled. The vehicle might get through unharmed if the duration in a flooded area is fairly brief, but then again, why take the chance.

ramoss101 | 2016年8月20日

Interesting and pertinent discussion - this is my first foray into the forums, so just a question for the group. Does Tesla have an oversight role in these forums, or are we just talking among ourselves?

Do we have a mechanism in place to forward our concerns to Tesla? Thanks! | 2016年8月20日

@ramoss101 - Tesla may look at some of the threads, but it's exceptionally rare to see any postings from a Tesla employee. What this means is some posters are fairly accurate in what they post, and a few have other agendas and often distort or even fabricate issues. A key clue of a questionable forum poster is when you see name calling, which is true of most forums, not just this forum.

Sometimes Tesla service contacts an owner about an issues in a thread, but it's more effective to contact service directly with an issue.

As an owner, you can also contact Tesla directly via the "Contact" link at the bottom of every web page.

ir | 2016年8月20日

I spoke with a service center manager who said they are not allowed to read the forums. There are probably a few trained "community managers" who are allowed to look.