The Tesla Model X Bike Rack

The Tesla Model X Bike Rack

Is it worth the money? Or are there better solutions?

tonyx | 2016年8月19日

Works great for our four bikes, nothing really special about it though as far as I can tell. Might be able to save a few bucks with another brand and get just as good quality, but we haven't had it long so I can't say how durable it is over time.

lilbean | 2016年8月19日

The Yakima Full Tilt 4 is the exact same thing but with red accents which I think looks better. Yakima just made the accented parts black for Tesla. The Yakima logo is just a sticker that can be removed. It's a great bike rack.

Clublon | 2016年8月19日

Any recommendations for a 2 bike rack? Thanks!

lilbean | 2016年8月19日

I actually think the full tilt 4 is perfect for two bikes. It seems really tight for four.

socalsam | 2016年8月19日

So 2-3 bikes no issues on that rack? I need a rack to transport my bike to my Ironman race early next year. Planning now.

lilbean | 2016年8月19日

I think it would be perfect! Ironman! Wow that's awesome, @socalsam!

socalsam | 2016年8月19日

Half Ironman. I crashed 2 years ago training for the full Arizona Ironman. Shattered my clavicle and had to have 2 surgeries. Never thought I would ride again. Here I am signed up for St. George Utah next year and back in training. Need a way to transport my bike and just like I aint putting plywood in my X, neither am I putting my bike inside my X.

Claudedohrn | 2016年8月19日

I don't think there is a way, but it can't hurt to ask: putting a bike rack on my X, is there any way to disable the trunk from opening via fob? I'm scared that in my pocket the fob will be inadvertently pushed. I wouldn't mind an "are you absolutely sure?" Double check if i request trunk open from touchscreen either.

Any thoughts?

socalsam | 2016年8月19日

I think you can disable from the center screen? No? Ill verify when I get to my X.

Whats better- the Yakima listed above or the tray systems like the one you get from 1up?

Im reading that the straps used to hold the bikes in the Yakima are not super secure. Ive got a super expensive bike- don't want to screw it up.

lilbean | 2016年8月19日

I don't see a way to disable the trunk opening. Keep in mind that the weight capacity is 120 lbs including the rack. The tray system is heavier.

sKaz | 2016年8月19日

Tray systems are not necessarily heavier.

Yakima Full Tilt 4 = 40 #'s (but can hold 4 bikes)
Kuat Sherpa 2.0 (tray system) = 32 #'s (holds two bikes)

Kuat looks better and tray system is far superior imo.

jamesmd | 2016年8月19日

Bought the Thule parkway 958 and the Thule kitsch ski team 9033. The Ike rack was only about $250 or so and the ski attachment was about $350. The nice thing about the Thule is that you can open the hitch without taking it off or even moving the bike rack. It clears with a very small margin of error though. I don't plan on biking much with my X but will be skiing plenty with it so I needed the Nike rack to accommodate the ski hitch rack. Much cheaper solution to the Yakima.

lilbean | 2016年8月19日

@scott- I didn't realize that. I shouldn't have assumed it was heavier. The Yakima is heavier than the Kuat.

sKaz | 2016年8月19日

@lilbean as you indicated traditionally tray systems are heavier and weight is an issue with 120 #'s max. But I really wanted a tray system. After a bit of research I found this one which wasn't so heavy and fit my needs. The more popular Kuat is called the NV and it is over 50#'s and that's for two bikes, if you add the additional 2 bike extension, you are almost to your 120 #'s right there! If you want to have the ability to haul 4 bikes, tray system is probably not a good option.

lilbean | 2016年8月19日

@scott- You scored. I did want a tray system. I haul a beach cruiser and I don't think the Kuat would have worked because of the fenders on my bike. The tray would have been better for me. I'm petite so it's tough getting my bike on the Yakima.

socalsam | 2016年8月20日

So I spent some time at REI this morning. The tray systems are great- much better. But they are also more bulky and expensive. I think I'm gonna go with the one that was originall recommended initially from Yakima. Much easier to take on and off and easier to store. If I was transporting bikes all day every day, tray system the way to go. But considering I do this once a month or so, the Yakima will suffice. Thule also makes a similar one- just need to compare between the two.

lilbean | 2016年8月20日

Great points, @socalsam.

meenyau | 2016年8月21日

Lilbean i use your code to order my MX

lilbean | 2016年8月21日


elguapo | 2016年8月21日

I have the Yakima and its is fine. Exactly what @socalsam came to with respect to his conclusion. No way that thing can fit four adult bikes though. I had one adult and two kids bikes and it was full.

socalsam | 2016年8月21日

El guapo- did you compare Thule and Yakima? Any preference? I agree on the 4 bike deal. 2-3 is all I need to carry

Redmiata98 | 2016年8月21日

tonyx, is he Tesla one easy to installremove? I was thinkinh of getting one as soon as my hitch receiver is made available from them.

elguapo | 2016年8月21日

@socalsam I got simiar feedback on both, then Yakima went on sale for like $225 on Prime Day and made my decision easy!

lilbean | 2016年8月30日

Just wanted to share: I drove to the beach with my bike and the Yakima Full Tilt rack was awesome! It kept the bike secure while I grabbed a bite to eat and it only took seconds to load and unload. I love the rack!

sp_tesla | 2016年8月30日

"lilbean | August 30, 2016
I love the rack!"


Triggerplz | 2016年8月31日

Lilbean talking about her rack again :-)

lilbean | 2016年8月31日

@sp_tesla and @triggerplz :-)

OneDrive | 2016年8月31日

I live in Washington looked at both Yakima and Thule at Rack & Road before I bought Kuat Sherpa 2.0 two bikes tray system for my Murano. Admittedly, I don't have my Model X yet (working with ACU) the Kuat is the best choice. Offering my opinion.

sp_tesla | 2016年8月31日

"lilbean | August 30, 2016
I love the rack!"

That what he said.

lilbean | 2016年8月31日

@sp_tesla, LOL!

AyenTeslaMX | 2016年9月2日

What ever happen to the Bike rack that was shown at the unveiling. This bike rack looks like crap. Excuse the language. They showed one thing which looks gorgeous at the unveiling, then now we see what the real product looks like.

Nasty. Is it just me?

lilbean | 2016年9月2日

I guess the one shown at the unveiling was just a prototype. I really love my rack. The Yakima Full Tilt 4 is great!

socalsam | 2016年9月2日

Good thing lilbean loves her rack. I still haven't pulled the trigger on a bike rack. Debating between Thule and Yakima. Just haven't had time to do a deep dive.

lilbean | 2016年9月2日

Go with Yakima! Awesome customer service!! :)

socalsam | 2016年9月5日

I ended up going with the Thule T2 Pro. It's a tray system which I was t going to do but the folks at REI talked me into it as I have a full suspension full carbon mountain bike and a full carbon high end triathlon bike which they said is much better protection with a tray system instead of hanging one off the back.

lilbean | 2016年9月5日

Cool! I spent $100 on my bike I found on Craigslist. It was in perfect condition and I asked the parents why they were getting rid of a perfectly good bike and they said, "Um, our 13 year old daughter grew out of it". Lol!

socalsam | 2016年9月5日

My seat costs more than your bike. :)

lilbean | 2016年9月5日

Wow. It looks like you made the right choice. :-)

bak_phy | 2016年9月6日

There are some Allen sports racks which cost less than half as much as the Tesla branded one. I have never had anything on a hitch before so if someone could explain why I should extra I would very much appreciate it.

dbh | 2016年9月7日

One added benefit of the Yakima tray system: When it is a 2-bike setup (with the extra optional 2-bike extender), when it is "folded up" behind the car (i.e. 90 degrees rotated up to vertical), the liftgate still clears it just fine.

So when you have no bikes, you can leave the carrier on, folded vertical, and you don't have to worry about bashing your liftgate into it. And if you have only one bike and you put it in the rear position, the liftgate also clear. You only have to worry about the liftgate with a bike mounted closest to the car.

I don't believe that is true of the top-tube carriers. I think the lift gate will hit those even if empty, unless you drop or move the vertical bar out of the way.

socalsam | 2016年9月16日

Finally got my bike rack. Thule T3 Pro. Very happy with it. Easy to load bikes on and off. My expensive carbon fiber bikes can now travel in style.

lilbean | 2016年9月16日

Awesome, @socalsam! Looks great!

socalsam | 2016年9月17日

Used the bike rack today. Worked flawlessly!

lilbean | 2016年9月17日