Roller Shades

Roller Shades

Though I hope as well as wish the Tesla Model 3 will come with dimmable windows / roof, but if Tesla decide not to include dimmable windows and dimmable roof, may we get a roller shade for the roof and rear windows?

jason.streger | 2016年8月20日

I hope they do something. An all glass roof is going to be like an oven in the summer.

edruberton | 2016年8月21日

Yes this is the second major worry for the car. We will be in Florida most of the time.

PeterPlt | 2016年8月21日

Our M-B C300 has a very workable retractable shade system. We routinely use it. I suspect Tesla is addressing this issue, even though it is not a big deal for the Bay Area.

dsvick | 2016年8月21日

We need to stop making up issues where there isn't one yet.

From everything I've read about this, in the several other threads, most current owners with the all glass roof have had no issues with it, even in places like Texas and Florida.

DTsea | 2016年8月22日

My Model S pano roof has no feeling of heat on even the sunniest days. It is tinted and UV/IR reflective as installed by Tesla.

PhillyGal | 2016年8月22日

@cchui - Perhaps you should save all of your suggestions for one thread and post it. I see you posting new threads regularly (which I welcome of course) but they most often seem to be what Tesla "should" do.

For the record, my panoramic glass roof on the Model S is very well tinted and keeps the heat out of the cabin wonderfully. No reason Tesla would not do this on Model 3.

jordanrichard | 2016年8月22日

Current dimmable windows don't go completely clear, so they won't be used for side or rear glass.

As PG said MS's with Pano roofs have no problem. You are also I gather, are assuming because the glass was clear on the prototype, that it will be like that on the production version.

CC396 | 2016年8月22日

@PhillyGal, I actually have create an all in one suggestion post, but surprisingly, have gotten no response.