air suspension

air suspension

I assume that air suspension will be an option on the Model 3 as it is on the S. Does anyone have any experience or info on it?
Is the ride significantly better?
How does it affect performance and handling, better or worse?
I've heard it is not as reliable as the regular suspension and more expensive to repair. Any comments?

george210 | 2016年8月21日

air suspension would add to the complexity of model 3

EaglesPDX | 2016年8月21日

Air suspension is required by Tesla for towing and Musk has said the T3 will have a towing option. I'd also want it for ski driving.

purepwnage5000 | 2016年8月21日

I'd like to know HOW air suspension makes any difference at all for towing.

kaffine | 2016年8月21日

@ purepwnage5000

Air suspension allows them to keep the car level. Add 500 to 1000 pound trailer tongue weight to the back of the car and the back is going to sit lower. With air suspension it can increase the pressure to bring the car back to level for better handling and control. If they just put metal springs in that can handle the extra weight then ride quality suffers. With air suspension when I don't have the extra load lowers the pressure to maintain ride quality and handling.

On pickup it is not unusual for people to add air helper springs to help keep the truck level with heavy loads.

leskchan | 2016年8月22日

Air suspension is a high-tech fancy way to level the car for towing. You can level your tow with a standard "towbar load leveler". I doubt it would be available for Model 3, a car for the masses, for cost, complexity, and marketing reasons. Marketing is more important. You have to separate the 3, S/X in "premium" position. Model 3 cannot have everything S/X has. This is true for buying option for any car, even for the same model, if you have a advanced options you have to start with the "premium" trim. Same with Macbook vs. Macbook Pro.