Nice car! (check), Bicycle? (check), Sweat?(check), Shower? (Please)

Nice car! (check), Bicycle? (check), Sweat?(check), Shower? (Please)

The Model 3 appeals to people who have no business buying a $35K car.
Active people whose bikes might in some cases be worth more than their current car(s).
The Model 3 price will push them to one car, and they will want to keep it nice, without killing their active life (style).

Dear Tesla,
Please offer a bumper shower, or maybe a frunk shower, option for the Model 3.
This one https://m.youtubeDOTcom/watch?v=M-J0nOlsG6g is just a large diameter PVC pipe with a water tap and an air pump valve. It just needs to have enough space for a combination of water and pressurized air, and a structure that will not crack or leak when inflated. A rotary molded tube that fits the wasted volume in the rear bumper should do the trick. A large inlet, large exit and presta valve would work just fine.

This will make it definitely better than a Bolt for active people. The demographics of the people who follow through on the deposit will be more favorable with this option that recognizes that some people want to continue active lives after purchasing a Tesla Model 3.

Carbon footprint goes as frontal area times drag coefficient. The Model 3 is great at that. A bumper shower is an innovation that lets active people leave a small carbon footprint. Rather than forcing an either an active lifestyle or a small carbon footprint, make it BOTH an active lifestyle and a small carbon footprint. The bumper shower says "stay active."

jdanielp | 2016年10月2日

I'm keen to find out if a folding bike (e.g. Brompton) will fit in the frunk and/or if a nice bike hitch rack will be available.

Efontana | 2016年10月2日

If you remove both wheels, any 26 inch mountain bike will fit with the rear seat up. This in a single speed with the belt drive might be a nice option.

andy.connor.e | 2016年10月3日

The practicality of suggesting that a portable shower attachment on a car will make it more competitive to the Bolt is nothing short of complete idiocy.

This is more unnecessary than Apple removing their headphone jack off their newest phone, only to provide an adapter. If you want a portable shower on your car, you install that yourself. Something like that is absolutely not the responsibility of the car manufacturer. Their job is to provide you with the essentials that everyone will use. If you want something extra like that, thats on you.

Efontana | 2016年10月3日

It wants to be integrated into the rear bumper. Invisible.

Are you suggesting, "Let's call the Model 3 the silver fox?"

It is a Tesla imperative to make the car useful for those who only have one car.

A customer demographic imperative.

dsvick | 2016年10月3日

There are millions of active people that have been doing just fine without a car shower for decades. I don't see the need for Tesla to waste their time and resources even considering something like that. And besides, at least half the time I'm wet and muddy from a trail run it is pretty cold out and there is no way I'm going to stand in front of my car and hose off. And it won't work at all below freezing.

Most active people have already got a solution, I just keep a couple of towels in my car and toss one over the seat if I need to. If you're worried about a muddy bike or something, you can get a cheap plastic tarp and line your trunk with it before you put the bike in it.

Efontana | 2016年10月3日


How many cars do you have? Just wondering.


dsvick | 2016年10月3日

My wife and I each have one. Why do you ask?

Efontana | 2016年10月3日

It is nice to have a nicer car and a truck like car.

If there is only one car, it is harder to keep it very nice.

I use the towel method and upolstered with leather for easy dog hair clean up, but folks could still smell the dog. Ended with two cars.

Saw a shower tube for the first time on an '83 Land Cruiser that looked pristine, inside and out, last weekend. Shower tube was Thule strapped to the front bumper just for the weekends.

Want to keep the 3 pristine as well. The shower tube seemed to work well for the 33 year old land cruiser. Could hose off a dog after a trip to the lake.

Cars last longer if the soil stays outside.

Efontana | 2016年10月3日

Dsvick, a more direct answer to, "why do you ask?"

Is the car you run in the same car you take your neighbors to the symphony, movies etc in?

I ask, because I wonder if the answer is, "No!"

If you only go to beaches where there are showers, there is likely no sand in your car. ... Sand is not good for cars.

My concern is that Elon has more than one car, so the car is being designed for the one car family out of empathy, rather than living it. That is code for slightly off the mark, for that demographic.

It will be a great second car for older people with money. I would like to see more activity support in that wonderfully efficient drag area. A bumper shower provides that activity support for like maybe $60.

The cost is so high, it is as if Tesla needs to repair the relationship by doing special things to support an active life in that shell. Kids get dirty.

Efontana | 2016年10月4日

Sorry about taking a marginal idea and doing a cross product with every problem I see, but if you rent your model 3, would not you prefer that the occupants had showered, or at least washed their shoes?

makobill | 2016年10月4日

Don't take this wrong, but a solar shower is cheap. Rig up a 90 degree angle off the bumper hitch if you like and hang your solar shower if you need it. Its a fringe of the fringe case at best, IMO. Never owned a car with a 'bumper shower' and have gotten along fine hiking the mountains of Colorado and strolling the beaches of South Texas...

Efontana | 2016年10月4日

Yes, I think it is a humidity thing.

California and Colorado are dry.