XM station names gone!

XM station names gone!

With the new 8.0 firmware, the satellite radio presets are now displayed only by their station numbers. No Real Jazz or Classic Rock, just 67 or 24 or whatever. Definitely a step backward. The FM stations still show the names, only XM has the bug. I hope this gets fixed soon as it's pretty annoying.

TPilot | 2016年10月6日

Welcome to the party. Also the categories seem to come and go.

jsmithdds | 2016年10月6日

I've wondered why Tesla and Sirius/XM don't play nice with each other ever since I got my car 6 months ago.

Yes, the names are now gone. Even more curious to me, why was it that the names were the only thing that displayed before anyway? And why no ability to pause live radio, which exists in probably every new car on the planet?

In my Volt, I could pause satellite and local radio for up to 20 minutes like a DVR, which was really helpful if I was listening to the news or a sports event and had to run into the grocery store for something. I was shocked when this basic technology was absent in the car with the highest technology there is.

Also, Sirius/XM has nice colorful station icons available that would look great on the Tesla display. Why do we only have the channel name and number? (Now just the number). Bizarre.

bp | 2016年10月6日

What would be extremely useful would be to show what's currently playing on each of the stations when viewing the stations in the "browser". For example, when looking through the list of live sports programs, you'd be able to determine exactly which station was carrying the game you want - instead of having to single step through blocks of channels (and sometimes the games are not even in contiguous blocks of stations).

Usability didn't appear to be a priority for 8.0...

jsmithdds | 2016年10月6日

That information is readily available and visible onscreen in other cars. Even my wife's Ford truck has that.