bug reporting?

bug reporting?

Is there a proper way to report a bug to Tesla? Do I post it here? Do I email the location service center? Call an 800 number, etc?

(I am sure this has been asked before but since there is no search feature I am asking again) | 2016年10月6日

Best is to use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of every page. Be sure to include what version of software you are using (press the center top "T" in the display). For example, a recent version is 2.36.108. | 2016年10月6日

Also, in the car, you can Tap the voice button and say "Bug Report" and it will snapshot the screens and allow you to add a short voice message.

lilbean | 2016年10月6日

Bug report hasn't worked for me.

kevin | 2016年10月6日

Define "hasn't worked"

lilbean | 2016年10月6日

Sorry about that. When I do the voice command, "bug report" a message pops up on the instrument panel "unknown command".

miyamky | 2016年10月6日

Try just "report"

lilbean | 2016年10月6日

I tried that too.

Bighorn | 2016年10月6日

Are you a native speaker? I'm trilingual if you count pig Latin and Ubby Dubby.

mathwhiz | 2016年10月6日


lilbean | 2016年10月6日

Lol! I knew that was coming. I tried it in different accents too. Lol! I speak the same languages as you, @Bighorn!

Bighorn | 2016年10月6日

So did your mom wash your mouth out with soap as well?

lilbean | 2016年10月6日

@big, no but she needs to now, ha!

Anthony J. Parisio | 2016年10月7日

Try the word note. It took me three tries but it worked for me.

lilbean | 2016年10月7日

Thank you, @anthony. I'll try that. I already tried report, bug report and bug note.

miyamky | 2016年10月7日

@lilbean, have you contacted Tesla yet? They should fix this, let us know how it goes

isak.swahn | 2017年7月24日

When you use the Bug Report voice command, will information such as time and location be included automatically? | 2017年7月24日

@isak - I'm sure the time is included. I expect the location is included, but not 100% sure. Seems logical a GPS location is sent.

NKYTA | 2017年7月24日

Issue a Bug Report via voice command.
Let Tesla know date and time of the above,

garyjtate | 2017年12月26日

Tried the voice command “bug report” and all I get is thank you for your bug report.

Bill_75D | 2017年12月26日

Say "Bug report" and then describe the problem.

akikiki | 2017年12月26日

Yeah, like Bill_75D says. Be sure you make the B a capital letter when you say it.

bchatt | 2018年11月6日

False Alerts. Every day when driving through my neighborhood the car sounds many alerts when there is NO imminent collision. This generally happens when going around a slight curve where there is a parked car. The alert is WAY WAY to loud. If Tesla is going to put a buggy alert system in the car then at least allow the driver to LOWER THE VOLUME!!!

bchatt | 2018年11月6日

"Bug Report" . False Alerts. Every day when driving through my neighborhood the car sounds many alerts when there is NO imminent collision. This generally happens when going around a slight curve where there is a parked car. The alert is WAY WAY to loud. If Tesla is going to put a buggy alert system in the car then at least allow the driver to LOWER THE VOLUME!!!

bchatt | 2018年11月6日

Bug Report. The door windows can roll up all the way when the door is open causing either a bent or broken window frame. I entered the drivers side got in the car, forgot an item in the house, opened the drivers door, got the item from the house leaving drivers door open, then realized I forgot something in the glove box. opened the passengers door and retrieved item out of glove box. closed the passengers door, went back in house for 30 seconds, came back out got in the drivers side and without realizing it, the drivers window had rolled up all the way.while the door was open!! When trying to close the door, the window slammed against the chrome door frame bending it. Hitting the door unlock did nothing!! window still stayed up. Had to manually lower the window then close the door. everything was fine after that. But now I have to have Tesla install a new chrome strip and fix the bent window frame. This appears to be a very dumb software glitch.

bchatt | 2018年11月6日

Bug Report. With version 9 update, the USB music capability sucks. Yes you can partition your flash drive so both music and the dash cam will work, but the USB UI has been changed for the worse. Before version 9, albums were displayed like the streaming music, but now when you select albums or genre you get a list that shows the same album name over and over again for each song on the album. Very annoying. Please fix ti!!

bchatt | 2018年11月6日

Bug report. Please move all of the small indicators are on the top right of the model 3 screen over to the left more, closer to the driver. Why is there a big gap in the middle at the top of the screen. I want to see things like garage door status etc. not have to lean over or ask the passenger what it is. Tesla may want to consider two rows of indicators at the top of the top left side of the screen, maybe under the lights status indicator, etc. It would be much easier to see there. | 2018年11月6日

@bud - On the alerts, you likely have the alert set to early. You might try and reduce the sensitivity. I haven't noticed the problem myself (and I use early), but I don't remember encountering tight curves with parked cars. I think the volume level is about right - it needs to get your attention, especially when playing music.

There is no window frame like other cars. It's a frameless design, but I understand what you are saying. I can see if the window was in the full up position when you try and close it, it could interfere with the chrome strip on the top. Never encountered the issue myself in two cars over 6 years, although I normally close the doors when getting out rather than leaving them open. Worth letting Tesla know, but seems like a rare combination to make it happen.

On the music listings, I don't see any change from v8, although there is the annoying issue where a compilation album is cut up into separate entries if there are different artists on the album. This issue has been around for 1-2 years (or more). You can use the Files category to get arround this, but then the tracks are played in alphabetical order rather than track order. No great solution yet.

philharrisboulder | 2018年11月7日

Bug Report. Version 2018.42.3 eb373a0 - All sound (music, turn signals, etc.) stopped working on model 3. Attempts to press mic button to report bug resulted on progress indicator which hung. Searched other model forums and found that powering car off and then back on sometimes restores (which worked for me) as does leaving car, letting it lock and then returning.

bchatt | 2018年11月16日

Thanks for you response

I do think the alert volume is a bit to loud. I agree it should get your attention, assuming there is a real alert, but the false alerts are very distracting. Will see what happens when I lower the sensitivity. Problem is I like to have an early warning if there is a real an alert. I guess you can't really have your cake and eat it to so to speak.

I think the window rolling up was probably a set of unusual occurrences but it should never roll up while the door is open no matter what. I thought this forum was the means to report issues. If there is a better way can you please let me know.

I may be wrong about the USB music UI change but I'm pretty sure the UI was different before Version 9 because I listen to my USB all the time and it sure looked different after version 9. At least I thought so.

Haggy | 2018年11月19日

"If Tesla is going to put a buggy alert system in the car then at least allow the driver to LOWER THE VOLUME!!!"

But the people in the buggy need to hear the alert too, and their horses might be loud enough to drown it out.

nobrien4804 | 2018年11月19日

How do you lower the sensitivity for the alerts and why would it be correct for the car to interpret a parked car as a hazard?

Chunky Jr. | 2018年11月19日

The voice controlled bug reporting is terrible. Doesn't work very often, and the voice recognition is poor. I've only found it useful for very short phrases.

I wish they had a bug database that owners could access for filing bugs and seeing the status of them. Most other tech companies do this.

kenbonanza | 2019年1月26日

I am getting a vibration in my steering wheel when the car passes thru 40 miles per hour.561-543-8080

gandron | 2019年1月26日

My Tesla gets sulky sometimes. Doesn't understand "Bug Report", "Navigate To"; I can't call my wife with "Call xyz". It displays ? marks, try again, and so forth. My accent is perfect by the way. Most of the time the Car understands perfectly. At first I just figured it was hard of hearing --but shouting doesn't help. My wife does the same thing and shouting doesn't help with her either.

Probably the Tesla is just busy doing something my wife sometimes. If I reboot, that often fixes things. (Hold down both steering wheel scroll buttons until the lights go out. We used to call that "bitch-slapping" but now we call it rebooting I think.)

weradln | 2019年1月26日

Ver 2018.48.12.1 d6999f5: The estimated battery % remaining at the next Suoercharging location on a multi charging stop trip increases by 3-6% within the first mile after ending the charging session. This bug has caused me extra charging time, most especially when the charge goes above 90% capacity

blummd | 2019年1月31日

Common occurence on y Tesla 3 is not connecting to Streaming. Yesterday, again, it wouldn't connect to streaming while driving... after 10 minutes, the screen went completely black and only had the Tesla logo displayed. I had no controls for about 1 minute while driving. Today, I walked to my parked car, it unlocked. Got in and it wouldn't turn on even with foot on pedal. I toggled Bluetooth on my phone and it reset so the car turned on. | 2019年1月31日

@gandron - I had that happen once 4-5 months ago. A reboot solved it.

oycbox | 2019年2月25日

Bug reporting for M3 Ver 2019.5.4 4c3c414
System Start When Driving.
After updated to the latest version in the second day, the system suddenly restart (black screen) during driving. it happened twice on the same day.

Tldickerson | 2019年2月25日

@oycbox, might help to report that in the Model 3 forum and not the Model S forum.

sr.smr | 2019年2月28日

Make sure you have at least one or more signal strength bars to report a bug report.

ace002 | 2019年6月12日

I have a brand new 2019 Tesla Model 3 and my issue is there is NO sound from the FM radio on any station. This also happened on the streaming. I found the fix was pushing both buttons on the steering when which powered of my screen. At that point the screen would not come back on so I walked away from my car and it reset everything and when I came back the sound worked fine, Seems like there needs to be a software fix for this. Gary | 2019年6月12日

@ace002 - Glad you figured the secret solution to many issues :) A reboot fixes many issues, such the issue often never returns. The reboot takes about 1 minute, where the main screen goes black. Also, not sure why you're posting in the S forum for a item related to the 3, but happy to help anyway.