5-Seater folks: Is Enhanced AP worth the Money?

5-Seater folks: Is Enhanced AP worth the Money?

For those of you who just got your MX 5-seater VINs assigned and that you had already paid $3,000 (or $2,500 if you did it early enough) for AP, and that you will get AP 2.0 H/W. I would like to hear your thoughts about if it is worth to pay the delta of $2,000 more now (or $3,000 more after delivery) to upgrade to Enhanced AP. I will take the first cut.
AP 1.0 H/W includes 1 forward facing camera, 2 older version of the ultrasonic sensors, 1 older radar, and 1 older computer. The rear view camera is not used in AP S/W.

The new AP 2.0 H/W upgrades the 12 ultrasonic sensor, radar, 40x computer, and 12 camera (including the rear view camera).
AP S/W cost $3k (or $2.5K if you order just before price went up but not too soon to miss the AP 2.0 H/W). EAP costs $5,000 ($6,000 after delivery). The delta of $2,000 now (or $3,000 later) and here is what you will get for this delta cost:
The old slow computer is replaced with the new 40X super computer. You will get this new computer regardless of AP only or EAP. The same goes for the 12 new Ultrasonic sensors and the new radar. The ONLY thing difference is the camera. AP uses only 1 single forward facing camera. EAP uses 4 cameras (3 forward facing and the rear view camera). So that is on the H/W aspect of it. On the S/W side, what does the change from 1 to 4 cameras buys us? Tesla says: greater accuracy, redundancy, fast approaching cars in adjacent lanes, and more fine-tuned auto-steering, auto lane change.
But in reality, you will get some if not MOST of the greater accuracy and some if not most of the more fine-tuned auto-steering anyway.

So in summary, the delta buys you only these: (1) redundant forward cameras, (2) the use of the Rearview camera for fast approaching cars in adjacent lanes, (3) auto lane change. (4) Just a little but Smarter summon. But the car can drop you off and park itself is really cool.
With all that said, do you think it’s worth the $2k? And for the multimillionaires, please be nice.

Thank you

cica3838 | 2016年10月21日

I'm wondering the same thing. My car isn't coming until January.

bushburner2 | 2016年10月21日

Not 5 seater nor millionaire, but my car is in production queue and I paid 3k for autopilot and to me the EAP is worth for 2k. And this is coming from a person who probably would never use autopilot and love to drive all my cars. I just think it's cool. Maybe I'll learn to like it.

Alexcuse | 2016年10月21日

One thought I have on this: I'm expecting the autopilot safety features to be improved with AP 2.0 hardware. But will the autopilot safety features vary based on which autopilot package purchased and the software make use of 8 cameras, 4 cameras, or 1 camera? I wonder if the software will deactivate the cameras entirely even for safety features, or just not use it for enhanced features only.

francoisbitz | 2016年10月21日

we need more details; for example I am more interested in 360degree views for parking and obstacles
so not sure if I need EAP to enable all these cameras

poloX | 2016年10月21日

@bushburner2, :o) No kidding it is cool, way cool in fact. Stop at the entrance of wherever and just go in leave the car alone to go park itself. And then come out and call the car to wherever you stand waiting and it comes to you. Way too cool indeed.

@Alexcuse, the original AP, 1 forward camera. EAP, 4 cameras (3 forward facing and 1 rear view camera). Fully Self_Driving uses all 8 cameras.

@francoisbitz, parking does NOT use cameras. even with the old H/W 1.0, the car can park safely and summon from the garage too. But with the new 2.0 H/W, new 12 ultrasonic sensors, it is more accurate. But you already got those for free (with the original AP).

To me, the only thing that the 2K buys us is the very cool smart summon feature.

gnshaps | 2016年10月22日

I am paying the added $5500 for all of it. I was an early order and paid $2599 for AP. To get everything now, I needed to pay the $2300 difference for advanced AP and then the $3000 upgrade for full autonomous (which will come over time in over air releases).

To me it felt like the right decision for two reasons. One - I avoid a future $1000 up-charge to do it in the future. Two - it feels like this is one of the key reasons to buy this car and I want to keep up with the very latest technology. I have a 90D, so I was not willing to pay tons more for a crazy amount of speed (performance edition, Ludictous) but I am willing to pay for the very latest technology in the car.

I know that is a personal decision and everyone has their own view on what is valuable to them. Just my take. Did anyone else decide to do the full upgrade of the software and pay $5500 more?

liudmd | 2016年10月22日

I think I'm going to pay extra $2000 for EAP, but $3000 for autonomous, still debating.

anafi1974 | 2016年10月22日

Hi guys, I ordered my X (including autopilot 1 at the time) and the order confirmed the day of AP2 announcement - Tesla now confirmed to me that I will already have "Hardware 2" for enhanced AP and full autonomy included. Do you know what the additional cost will be for enhance AP and full autonomy - wouldn't think it is fair that I have to pay post delivery activation premium for both..

cica3838 | 2016年10月22日

I'm not paying for full autonomy which probably can't even be used for a couple of years. And also, I would have a problem trusting it until I see that it works flawlessly. I do agree that having the latest technology is a key reason for buying this car, so I will likely buy the Enhanced AP.

Unfortunately, though, I do so little highway driving so I'm afraid I will barely use the feature. Is AP any use in the city?

gnshaps | 2016年10月22日

Anafi1974 - The costs are as follows.

1. You paid $3000 for AP1 already
2. AP2 costs $5000 now, so upgrade would cost you an added $2000
3. Full autonomous driving capabilities (rolled out over time) cost an additional $3000 over and above AP2

So you have three options. Pay nothing more and stick with what you have. Pays $2k and upgrade to AP2 only. Pay $5000 and get the full upgrade to autonomous over time and you are all paid up in advance.

I guess the fourth option is to upgrade at a later date but Tesla will charge $1000 premium to upgrade after you take delivery.

poloX | 2016年10月22日

agree tech is the main reason for this car and if you pay $3k to get fully self driving from EAP, then I also think it is worthy. But my question is from AP to EAP, is a big sum of $ for very little features. By the way, the costs you cited are not correct, are they? AP =$2500 before. Delta now to EAP should be 2k.

poloX | 2016年10月22日

@gnshaps, fully spelt driving is not until years from now. How do we know they current Hardware will be a Able to support the growing demands of software then?

gnshaps | 2016年10月22日

Polox - We don't. i think you make a fair point and I can't say I feel certain I made the right choice. It basically came down to a which way I wanted to gamble. Do I want to bet that I ultimately want the full software and save $1k versus upgrading later.. or do i bet that it won't be worth it and save $3k now.

I am not in a position to say which is the better bet. In some respects I am just rolling with it now and thinking i have it all covered and get whatever updates come.

One thing my DS was not completely clear on was wether the hardware install would be identical. He read to me front he sheet Tesla provided to him and it suggested that there are 4 cameras for the AP and 8 for the autonomous. So I wondered if I actually am paying for some additional hardware too. Not sure.

poloX | 2016年10月22日

Don't think Tessa allow the use of AP or EAP on local roads.

We all are worrying about adding these features in the future and having to pay 1 more grand. It won't be until many years from now. Why no one thinks that prices will drop? Thought? Also, car will be old, wear out, hardware might need to be upgraded. Electronic stuff changes for the better on the daily basis. Just look at computer and cellphone technology in the last five years. I myself want to upgrade to EAP so much but have a hard time justifying the little features for the price on top of what I already got for AP. Remember, you get a lot of benefits with the new h/w 2 even without upgrading to EAP as mentioned in my OP. Comments please. Hope someone can change my mind. :)

poloX | 2016年10月22日

Negative, you only get 1 single camera for AP, 4 for EAP and 8 for fully self driving.

How about this option. Use the car as is with AP for 5 to 8 years, then replace it with new one then? Wouldn't that be better?

poloX | 2016年10月22日

And one more point, there really is no right or wrong choices here. It is just the matter of how we each justify our spending and that is very personal and how deep your pockets are too.

@gnshaps, so on that, I am very happy for your decision. I know you will enjoy it and I hope the roads will be one more car safer for others and for you and your loved ones too and also that Elon's master plan will be another tiny step closer. :)

vperl | 2016年10月22日


poloX | 2016年10月23日

In another thread, there are folks who think that AP and EAP are just AP. If they paid for AP, they should get EAP and that there is possibly a case for law sue??? Thought?

I think it is reasonable to pay extra for EAP. I don't think it should be less than $2k for what it offers. On the Tesla side, how many owners are in this situation in which, they have the 2.0 H/W and only ordered AP? Not many. How much money would they make out of this? Why bothers? They would have to maintain yet another user config for a very small database of these owners and software config to give these owners what they paid for. 4 config for 4 group of owners, AP, EAP, fully self driving, and no AP at all as supposed to only 3. Thoughts?

vperl | 2016年10月23日

PaY up

Anyone looked at the stats on the 40x faster computer with what Eight terabyte or was it six.

Buy that alone...

Teslapalooza | 2016年10月23日

You get the 40x faster NVIDIA Titan GPU based computer regardless of whether you have the plain Autopilot or the Enhanced Autopilot . This applies to cars that entered production since last week.

The main consideration ought to be the difference of +$1000 if you upgrade after delivery, plus some degree of protection from future price increase. Unlike other consumer electronics where prices come down if you wait longer, Tesla feature prices have not been following that model, at least not so far.

poloX | 2016年10月23日

@ramseshan2001, makes sense.

To say that paying it for the 40x computer alone is worth it is totally meaningless. If one does not buy AP, the the computer is almost death weight.

vperl | 2016年10月23日

Got it all.

vperl | 2016年10月26日

Worth the 5.5k, yes

Pryoritiesinc | 2016年10月26日

Oh vperl, is it that time that YOU get to be a beta tester?

lilbean | 2016年10月27日

Your folding 5 seater is ready SOON.

vperl | 2016年10月27日

Sorry your using a group of words I have been chastised for . Guess you meant those words to be funny

I have been told, " early adopters "
is the proper PC term .

Your choice to use what ever words.