Missed AP2 by one week. Now I'm paying $15000 to get it.

Missed AP2 by one week. Now I'm paying $15000 to get it.

I was so happy last week. I had my brand new Model X 90D delivered last week on Wednesday and was showing off its features to everyone I knew. I used the autopilot on the highways and only had to touch the steering wheel 5 times in a 30 minute drive. It was awesome.

What a difference a week makes. My friend forwarded me a link about the autopilot 2 system that was announced exactly one week after I received my Model X. I was crushed. I had bought autopilot hardware that was years old and if I had ordered my car one week later I would have gotten the modern hardware instead. My car has a couple hundred miles on it. Ouch!

The only reason I bought the Tesla was for the autopilot. I told this to the salespeople. I told it to the delivery specialist. I told this to everyone. While I was talking to the salesperson I told them how I couldn't wait for the hardware upgrade to the autopilot system that I heard rumors about. He said they probably would not have that until late next year (2017).

So I contacted Tesla and asked if they could retrofit the new AP2 hardware into my car. Nope. I asked if they could give me a price break on the purchase of a new Model X. Nope. They said the only way I could get the new AP2 hardware was if I ordered a new Model X and traded mine in.

So I ordered a new Model X 90D exactly the same as the one I received last week that has a couple hundred miles on it. I received a trade in offer from Tesla for $98,000. My one week old Model X cost $120,200 - $1,000 (referral) - $7,500 (federal tax credit) = $111,700. $111,700 - $98,000 (trade in) = $13,700 + tax = $15,000.

So if I had ordered my Tesla ONE WEEK later I would have the new AP2 hardware and would not have to pay $15,000 for it.

I went from being one of the happiest owners of a Tesla to one of the saddest and angriest.

Why didn't Tesla contact me while my Model X was being built to ask me if I wanted to delay it so I could receive the AP2 upgrade? I would have gladly waited and would have gladly paid more for the new hardware. Why didn't they offer me some financial break to upgrade? They did NOTHING.

Unfortunately, now my relationship with Tesla will be forever tarnished. They sold me hardware that was two years old when they knew the brand new stuff was coming out in a week. This is disgusting. This is underhanded. This is unprofessional.

Now Tesla is just like the phone and cable companies. They offer a product that I have to buy and they are a company that I absolutely hate.

SamO | 2016年10月21日

name another company that would do what you are asking?

SO | 2016年10月21日

Sorry about your situation. But as another poster has said on the same topic, you want Tesla to announce something prior to them announcing it?

I am waiting to purchase my MS after three things happen (have been for about a year):
1. AP 2.0 hardware has been released.
2. 100D available.
3. Spring (I live in MIchigan and want to wait until spring.)

1 has happened. 2 and 3 to come.

SO | 2016年10月21日

OP - "They offer a product that I have to buy and they are a company that I absolutely hate."

I don't think you HAVE to buy a Tesla.

starcrusader | 2016年10月21日

Wow, talk about first world problems. The cars won't be arriving till next year (Jan in any case). You have exactly what you ordered, and it must be a fantastic car. Why not enjoy it, and give it a year or two before trading in for the so far, unseen new version?

jparker | 2016年10月21日

Very similar experinece and yes, I too would have liked to have the option. I just bought a P100D $165K car after taxes and 3 weeks later it feels obsolete. This is my second Model S
"Name one co that would have done that?" None. But that's the whole point of Tesla. They are the un-car company. They are bold enough to do things others are not willing.
My relationship with Tesla is not tarnished by a long shot. I love what Elon is trying to do and I will support it. Just disappointed. It's a risk buying Tesla, Their future is nothing but promised. Battery life is unknown. We, the Tesla family know all of this upfront. And we accept it. We feel like we have put risk in the future as well. Bottom line I will be buying a third Model S. But probably down the road unless they will take my car back and then I will upgrade. Elon? What do you say? :)

KP in NPT | 2016年10月21日


Bighorn | 2016年10月21日

So you're going to take the tax credit on a car you didn't keep? That will probably bum out the Model 3 purchaser who was one away from getting the then expired credit. Quite the ethical conundrum, but I think I know your plan. California at least has figured out a way to keep people from gaming the tax code in that way.

Varze | 2016年10月21日

"name another company that would do what you are asking?" - There are so many companies that would do what I'm asking. All it would have taken is for Tesla to delay the delivery of my Model X by one week. Then once the announcement was made they could have asked me if I wanted to pay extra to add the new hardware. Apple discounts their phones prior to launch of new one. Virtually every single car company discounts their existing cars when the new model is released (because they know the new old one is not worth retail price anymore).

"The cars won't be arriving till next year (Jan in any case)." - This is wrong. Any car that is not currently delivered will have the new AP2 hardware. So cars arriving right now have the AP2 hardware vs. mine last week which has the AP1 hardware.

"I don't think you HAVE to buy a Tesla." - Totally agree. But you don't HAVE to buy cable/satellite and you don't HAVE to buy cell phone service. And I don't HAVE to buy a Tesla because I really want autopilot. The problem is there aren't really any other options.

"So you're going to take the tax credit on a car you didn't keep? California at least has figured out a way to keep people from gaming the tax code in that way." - Of course I'm going to take the tax credit. It's the law. The government is paying an incentive to spur sales of electric cars. I disagree with that policy but I will definitely take the credit (which is technically just the government giving me some of the money they took from me back). And given that I am buying two electric cars I am going to receive two credits. No moral conundrum here at all.

I ordered the Model X (again) and I will drive it and love it (especially the new AP2 hardware). I will just tell everyone I know to be careful when dealing with Tesla as a company because they certainly do not care about customers that have already ordered cars.

I fully understand that lots of people would love to have the problem of having to pay $15,000 because they ordered a car one week too early. It's just utterly underhanded on the part of Tesla to not delay my delivery when they knew full well that their new hardware would make mine outdated one week later.

dsvick | 2016年10月21日

What you're saying is that several weeks ago, when you ordered this, the sales people (who probably had no idea the announcement was coming) should have told you to wait for a week? What abotu people that ordered the week before you, surely two weeks out deserves some consideration? You know what, make it a whole month, those three and four week people are feeling it too. .... Actually, maybe they should have just not sold any this year, knowing that this was coming.

Hey wait a minute!! Do you think there might be some sort of update in the future? They should probably stop taking orders until then .....

Do you get upset when you buy any other piece of electronics that gets revised two months later?

Varze | 2016年10月21日

You're trying to diminish the impact of the underhandedness by extending the length of time. Here are the facts:

1. I placed my order almost exactly 4 weeks prior to my delivery date. I completely agree the salespeople probably had no idea when the announcement would come.
2. I had no idea when my vehicle would arrive but was told probably within 4-6 weeks by the salesperson. I did not know when my vehicle would arrive until it physically arrived. It arrived on Friday the week before my delivery (5 days before my delivery). They contacted me to schedule a delivery date.
3. I took delivery of my vehicle on Wednesday of last week.
4. Elon made the AP2 announcement this Wednesday (one week after my delivery date). This announcement was supposed to happen on Monday but was delayed to make sure they got it right.
5. I am almost positive that Tesla's factory personnel had to know about the AP2 hardware because they have to install it in all Tesla vehicles that are scheduled to be delivery since the announcement was made. In other words, if Tesla chose to delay my vehicle delivery one week it would have the AP2 hardware. All Tesla vehicles being delivered now have the AP2 hardware.

So...if Tesla delayed my delivery by one week (which I would not have even been aware of because they did not let me know when the vehicle would arrive until it actually arrived) it would have the AP2 hardware.

Obviously, they have to choose a cutoff date somewhere and someone will be left in my situation. But why not put a hold on deliveries for a short period of time before a major upgrade so customers don't feel like they've been swindled???

EVRider | 2016年10月21日

Also, keep in mind that your new AP 2.0 X might have less AP functionality (initially) than the AP 1.0 X you no longer want. Who knows how long it will really take for AP 2.0 cars to do more than the AP 1.0 can do now?

Personally, I wouldn't miss the AP 2.0 hardware until it provides demonstrably-better AP capability than we have now.

EcLectric | 2016年10月21日


Veruca Salt has got nothing on you!

Muzzman1 | 2016年10月21日

Am I correct in saying that on your new one, you have to pay an Addl $5k to activate the new software suite, so your net loss is $10k. (trying to soften the blow here)
The day I took delivery literally while I was in the waiting room at the SC for my P85D, the p90DL was announced. as I signed the I can kinda relate.

rgrant | 2016年10月21日

The amount of money casually thrown around in these forums and the accompanying sense of entitlement should be embarrassing!

Varze | 2016年10月21日

"Am I correct in saying that on your new one, you have to pay an Addl $5k to activate the new software suite, so your net loss is $10k. (trying to soften the blow here)" - Net loss is $15k. New one is $121,000 ($800 more) with exact same features (except it has AP2 hardware). I did not order the new one with fully autonomous driving as I don't know if it will be allowed in the US anytime soon.

"The amount of money casually thrown around in these forums and the accompanying sense of entitlement should be embarrassing!" - It's amazing how quickly people on these forums level judgement at people that work hard and earn a lot of money.

MSMX | 2016年10月21日

Here's a possibility that might explain a bit...

I am not sure how the Tesla manufacturing process works, but perhaps when we custom build a car, it's not entirely built from scratch. Perhaps they do things like pre-build chassis with the sensors embedded and keep those in inventory to then build our cars. Seems plausible.

What that would mean is that if Tesla were to have put a hold on your car, they would have taken a financial hit for the pre-built chassis with the old sensor.

So maybe part of their end of Sept. push, and part of why they temporarily introduced the 60D, and why they extended the date of the announcement, was to move out all the pre-built parts with the "old" sensors.

Not saying this is a bad business practice, per se, but perhaps it gives a logical explanation to many things. I ordered my X early Sept, and I remember telling my wife something is strange here. When I bought my S i never had a salesperson get in touch with me so often to encourage me to buy. I wonder if management basically wanted to do a strong push of sales not only to boost units delivered in Sept but also to clear out old parts and accelerate the date of the big announcement.

Again, to be fair, I know virtually nothing about their manufacturing process, but I kinda feel this explains a lot.

And, to be clear to all, I'm not bitter about this. I wish I would've known the future is not on the car I bought - but then again, I didn't ask. It'd be nice if Tesla did a generous buy-back program to trade-in our cars in a few years, but they certainly don't owe it to me.

On top of all that, I really do love both my S and X.

Bighorn | 2016年10月21日

The entitlement and privilege is laughably self-indulgent. More than the money though, the OP turned in a perfectly good vehicle because he psychologically could not handle not having the best. Disregard the fact that now he waits again for 1 or 2 or more months driving whatever his alternate vehicle may be while his new car is built. Also forget that AP1 is the superior technology currently and for the foreseeable future with no guarantee of when AP2 will reach parity. And don't get me started on him screwing some other actual owner out of their tax credit. Aside from that, he''s a peach.

SamO | 2016年10月21日

A clown-shaped peach.

MSMX | 2016年10月21日

Also, while the OP takes the emotion many of us recent buyers are feeling to an extreme, we should acknowledge there is a truth to the disappointment of paying $120K for a product and then a week later finding out the future is on an entirely different platform.

While they certainly didn't NEED to, Tesla could've offered some sort of buy-back program (now or in the future) to help offset that inevitable disappointment. While the OP gives the impression he is throwing money around, I think there's a chance he may have just truly wanted all the future benefits of auto-pilot and is experiencing true disappointment - not as a rich snob but as someone who put a certain faith into a company and didn't see things materialize as desired. His action may not be something most of us would do, but no need to insult him.

Most of us love our cars (I do) and at the risk of sounding overly sensitive I think we should give fellow Tesla owners the space to voice their rightful disappointment. Yes, all of this is a fact we accept when buying a Tesla, but that doesn't make the emotion less real.

SO | 2016年10月21日

@MSMX - if they offered a discount for cars sold closer to the announcement, what's the cutoff? People will certainly still be upset if they missed that date by a week.

@Varz - other car companies reduce the prices to push out the inventory (because it isn't selling), not to help people like you. Right now, there appears to be enough demand to sell cars without having to discount (excluding those couple weeks in September anyway). I guess the only thing I can recommend for you is to go with another car company. Mercedes was recently touting their autopilot in an ad until they were forced to yank it.

And honestly, the AP 2.0 hardware should be a shock to no one. It had been talked about for quite some time. I made it a point to wait until 2.0 comes out before I purchase mine (along with hopefully a 100D). It appears you should have done the same.

Bubba2000 | 2016年10月21日

Unless the OP needs AP due to physical impairment, I would not sweat over this issue. AP 1.0 works ok on highways. AP 2.0 will not work for a while. Meanwhile, Model X is a great SUV with AP 1.0.

AP is work in progress. I think 360 radar coverage will. E needed for all weather driving, redundancy, lane change, etc. Will need redundancy in CPU, sensors, controls, increased GPS accuracy. Battery size will increase. Autos gets devalued before they get delivered.

Uncle Paul | 2016年10月21日

I believe Elon announced the availability of AP2.0 absolutely as soon as he possibly could.

He even delayed his announcement by 2 days to get all his ducks in a row and last moment facts.

Any announcement made previously could only have reinforced his previous mentions that this technology was on the drawing boards, coming when it is in Beta, and will arrive "soon"

I believe that this product announcement needed to wait until Tesla could determine which computer would be best to drive it, and then design, produce install and test the sensor array to make it work.

Totally understand how owners would be disappointed to learn that they "just missed" getting this, but believe the announcement was done in the best way possible.

Would have been much worse if Tesla predicted the exact date it would be available, but then run into a problem that would have upset people even more.

KP in NPT | 2016年10月21日

It was common knowledge amongst those who follow the company that full autonomy was coming soon (the obvious thing) and that new hardware would be required for it to happen.

Varze | 2016年10月21日

I didn't follow the company. I honestly had no interest in an electric car. It wasn't until my friend showed me a video of autopilot in action that I even considered a Tesla. I test drove one on the freeway and was amazed. I was so excited to use autopilot on my commute. I decided to order one even though I didn't want an electric car. Once it arrived I was even more impressed by the other technology of the vehicle. It truly is a gigantic step ahead of everything else. I was so happy...for one week. After that one week and that announcement I felt ripped off. Every car that is not delivered yet will have massively upgraded AP2 hardware.

Autopilot was the only reason I even considered buying a Tesla. I drove the Benz and the Volvo and their semi-autonomous systems are pathetic. They bob and weave and really are primitive compared to Tesla's system which is years ahead. I can only imagine how much more advanced AP2 will be with 40 times more processing power and more cameras and sensors. Clearly, I have no problem with the products that Tesla is producing.

The problem is with how my order was handled. One week. Seriously? Tesla's response was indifferent. Sorry, but we'll take that last gen autopilot car off your hands for $22k less than you paid for it a week ago.

So then I post my frustration on these forums to see if other owners feel the same way or were treated the same way and I am attacked personally because I dared to post my disappointment with how they handled my order. Unbelievable.

Thankfully, because of my efforts and

SO | 2016年10月21日

its one thing to be's another to have an OP with statements such as yours and not expect to have some ridicule. You didn't just express said trigger words like "disgusting" and "Underhanded". Now that's disgusting.

I would dare say that most people who are about to spend 100k + on something, will do their due dilligence. The sales people are typically not given advanced knowledge of released dates. How do you think Elon is able to keep announcements under speculation for so long? If all the sales staff knew what was going to be announced, you can bet there would be leaks every time.

SO | 2016年10月21日

I will at least say that I too would be disappointed if I was in your shoes. But I would also realize that as long as they give me exactly what I agreed to at the time of payment, then I can only blame myself for when I purchased it. There will always be improvements made.

But for you to be completely disappointed to where it sounds like you didn't even like your original car a week after purchase? I'm sorry man...that's on you. I'd be ecstatic to own any Tesla model year.

SO | 2016年10月21日

I should say "at the time of confirmation "

Dramsey | 2016年10月21日

Oh, for the love of God. There is no "underhandedness".

No matter what Tesla does, there will always be someone whose car was delivered just before that new feature was rolled in. There will always be someone who thinks that Tesla should pre-announce new features to purchasers. How far back? One week? Two weeks? A month? What about the guy who missed it day?

The OP's reaction is idiotic, IMO. I can understand him feeling disappoint and frustrated, but thinking that Tesla owes him anything at all is just f**king absurd. OP, you are receiving ridicule because you're ridiculous.

Varze | 2016年10月21日

My problem is not with the salespeople. As I mentioned earlier, I am almost positive they had no idea when the upgrade would happen. But if they suspected it might be "soon" like many on this forum seemed to, then they could've shared that information with a Tesla newcomer (me) basically warning me that AP2 hardware might be coming out soon so I might want to wait since it is such an important feature to me. At the time of my order, I had no idea of Tesla's upgrade procedure. Boy do I now!

When you're disappointed you voice how you feel about how you are treated by a company that you feel mistreated you. Tesla made a business decision to deliver last gen AP hardware with my car instead of delivering my car one week later with current gen AP hardware. They decided the cutoff would be one week later than my car. I'm sure they have their reasons for operating this way. I disagree with them as they make me feel like I got swindled.

Clearly I'm in the wrong place to voice my frustrations. Most of the people here seem to be such huge fans of Tesla that they are unable to even consider the possibility that other owners are not happy with the company.

sp_tesla | 2016年10月21日

Get use to it, EM knows better than everyone else, has a unique unorthodox implementation time table.

Dramsey | 2016年10月21日

Tesla made a business decision to deliver last gen AP hardware with my car instead of delivering my car one week later with current gen AP hardware.

OK, Varz, what should the cutoff period be? You obviously think that Tesla should have simply stopped making cars for a week until they could fit AP 2.0 hardware. But what about the guy whose car was built two weeks before? Now he's missed just a week.

Really, what I'd like to hear from your is a cogent explanation of exactly how Tesla should handle vehicle production when new hardware is introduced. Say Tesla knows that the new AP hardware will be ready to roll into production cars on Wednesday, October 19, 2016. How, exactly should they handle this?

BozieB | 2016年10月21日

Everyone who has purchase electronic equipment must know that their purchase is already dated, the minute they purchase it. I have bought computers since 1984. I have spent an average of $3,000 to $6,000, per system. At no time did I feel cheated or feel like I had been taken advantage of. I received what I asked for - PERIOD
Our last ICE car was delivered without ACC and Lane Assist. Those options "Magically" were available on the models already sitting on the dealer's floor at the time we picked up our new car.
It isn't Tesla Fandom, it is the way any business operates, and as such, that business is under no obligate to hold up their operations to make sure you really are positively sure you want to purchase their product. You were happy at the time of ordering,
You were happy at the time of delivery and You were happy and positive it was what You had ordered.
Tesla fulfilled it's contractual obligations to you,and now you holler foul because a newer 'toy' has being offered.
You Should Know How To Purchase a new car by now. It is not a static environment.
If it is just the matter of having to have the 'latest and greatest'. try leasing the next time.

Remnant | 2016年10月21日

@Varz (OP, October 21, 2016)

<< Missed AP2 by one week. Now I'm paying $15000 to get it. ... Why didn't Tesla contact me while my Model X was being built to ask me if I wanted to delay it so I could receive the AP2 upgrade? >>

This doesn't happen just with Tesla. However, other makes attach a year marker to the cars they sell, so you know beforehand that the new year might contain innovations and might cost you a little more, especially if the passing year batch gets discounted when the new one hits the market.

With Tesla, the car you buy may be the last of the outgoing model. Tesla has announced the coming AP innovation for some time and you knew the risk of closing your MX deal before that. Furthermore, you should have suspected and Tesla has confirmed that the new AP would not even have AP1 capabilities for a while. You could have waited a few months before getting the AP2 hardware, but you preferred to get it anyway. It's not unusual to experience a 10% depreciation if you trade your vehicle in too early and it's not fair to try to dump your loss on Tesla.

Linemanap | 2016年10月21日

Boo hoo sounds like you have tons of money to burn on luxury cars so stop crying about Tesla not bending over backwards for your entitled $&$)/s I saved money for a year to put a down payment on a Honda Accord and four months later they came out with a completely redesigned model lifes not easy take your 120k car and try and make it through another day

SO | 2016年10月22日

@Varz - look at it this way. Since it appears money is no object for you, your situation has given Tesla extra money to further improve their product. So for that, we all thank you!

And again, I think people (myself included) would have been MUCH more supportive and sympathetic had you left out the words like "underhanded", etc. and just stuck with something like "ugh, I missed it by just a week! That sucks!". But you didn't. You are blaming others for your own decisions. And what you are expecting from Tesla is unreasonable.

The bottom line is that you didn't do your due diligence to at least understand that AP 2.0 hardware will be coming out and wait until that was released prior to purchase. Especially since AP is your main reason for purchase.

jonathanpseneris | 2016年10月22日

I totally agree with OP’s sentiments. I’m not a car person and would never have considered an expensive car purchase, but the prospect of autonomous driving made a huge difference to me and the anxiety I get about driving. The excitement I felt over my new car is now total disappointment.

I do not agree with the posters who think buyers “should’ve known” this was coming. Only two months ago, there were articles about improvements to the autopilot hardware. I especially don’t see why I should’ve known that the new system couldn’t be retrofitted to my brand new car.

When they announced Summon, their own blog post said, “Eventually, your Tesla will be able to drive anywhere across the country to meet you, charging itself along the way.” It goes on to say they were “developing fully autonomous driving capabilities and delivering them through over-the-air software updates, keeping our customers at the forefront of driving technology in the years ahead.” THAT’S why I felt safe buying now.

The responses I’ve heard here and from Tesla are absolutely tone-deaf. This is not about “first year depreciation” or “not having the best.” We’re not talking about new rims or better acceleration. I bought a Tesla because I DON’T enjoy driving, and believed I was getting a car that could be upgraded to take more and more of that burden away, either through software updates or hardware upgrades. This was the biggest purchase I’ve ever made, and I regret it.

nrao | 2016年10月22日

On October 5, got a message in My Tesla, that my MX is "in production" & on October 9, "in transit". I may receive the car in Norway towards the end of November. If the cutoff date for AP2 is October 19, does it mean that I will receive out dated car with AP1?!!

Bighorn | 2016年10月22日
trudel_patricia | 2016年10月22日

A lot of people have received their cars in the last 2 days with AP 1.0 hardware. My MX says production complete since the last 2 weeks and I have no news at all from anyone. Didn't even receive an email that my car was completed. Wonder what hardware will be on there.
I understand people's frustration. Anyone who was buying a Tesla in the last few months thought the full autonomy would be enabled in let's say 24 months, but it would be a software upgrade. Now they realize this will not be the case.

Varze | 2016年10月22日

Maybe some examples will help explain my case...

1. It's like buying a shirt at a retailer for full price and then finding out one week later it's on sale for 20% off. Guess what? Almost all retailers will honor sales prices within 30 days of a purchase and will refund you the 20%. They don't have to do this, but most of them do because they do not want customers to feel they were treated unfairly.

2. It's like buying a brand new iphone for full price and finding out the next generation one is available one week later. Apple lowers the price of the current gen iphone for a month or so leading up to the launch of a new one and they have a 14 day no questions asked return policy. Buyers have the choice of paying less for the current gen or getting the latest gen for $100 more if they are close to a new release.

In both of these cases the buyer got exactly what they expected at the time of the purchase. The company did not owe the buyer anything and certainly did not have to do anything. But most companies want to try and keep their customers happy.

Most people probably understand that charging full price for AP hardware that in the words of Elon is "nearing its maximum capabilities" when the next gen one that has "40 times more processing" and more sensors and cameras and can implement level 5 autonomous driving and is out one week later will probably make a lot of customers really upset.

Tesla has so many thing they could do to make me a happy customer again. Tesla has to be making at least $20k per car that I ordered from them. It's probably a lot more than that given the options I ordered.

Here are just a few things they could do/could have done:
1. Offered me a discount to keep my current car. Hey, we feel bad that you missed the revolutionary next gen AP2 hardware by one week, we're willing to offer you a $5k refund on your current car cause we want to make sure you are happy.
2. Offered me a discount to upgrade to the new car. Sorry, there is no way to retrofit your current car with the AP2 hardware. Since you missed it by just one week, we're willing to offer you a $5k discount if you order another model x just like the one you currently have.
3. Offered to delay my delivery and include the new AP2 hardware. Hey, we're close to a major feature announcement, would you like to delay the delivery of your vehicle to include the new features? We don't know what they are or how much they cost or how long your delivery would be delayed, but is this something you want to do? We only offer this to customers with deliveries that are within 2 weeks of a major product announcement. They could then post that as a policy during the ordering process.
4. Offered to completely cancel my order given that a new product announcement was due within a week of my delivery. I would lose my deposit and have my delivery date reset but I would get the new product features.

Between the two cars that I am buying from Tesla within one month of each other Tesla has a massive amount of profit $40k+ that they could use a portion of to try to keep me as a happy customer. They are choosing the corporate greed option and are probably laughing. Hopefully they wake up one day and realize that keeping their customers happy is a better option.

SO | 2016年10月22日

@bonuspig - sell your Tesla now. The longer you keep it, the more it will depreciate. Cut your losses and move on. You should still have enough to buy some other vehicle that works by model years. It's not what you want to hear but that's your only option if you don't like your car anymore.

@varz - comparing cars to t-shirts now?....okay.

Apple works by model years. Tesla doesn't. Apple knows that people wouldn't buy last years model for full price when they know ahead of time that every year in the fall, a new one is coming out. If you don't like the way Tesla does improvements and prefer to have a manufacturer wait one entire year before making an update, then a Tesla is NOT for you.

Just much longer are you going to keep complaining about this? What are you hope by to achieve by this? You might get a few people to side with you but not the majority. If you have a complaint, go to your local news station and make a big noise about it. Maybe you will get what you want that way.

Madatgascar | 2016年10月22日

@Varz, I would seriously consider delaying your switch. Early Tesla releases have been buggy, and anyway it will be several months before AP2.0 is even capable of what AP1.0 is doing now. You will literally take a step backwards, and months later you will wish you got the latest tech and enjoyed the superior AP1.0 while everyone with AP2.0 is breaking in the system in "shadow mode." Also your depreciation hit over time will not be so bad.

I have been following Tesla for a long time and make it a point not to buy in the first quarter of any new product release. No regrets.

starcrusader | 2016年10月22日

Without this announcement you were happy. Don't be so negative and enjoy your fantastic new car.

starcrusader | 2016年10月22日

Without this announcement you were happy. Don't be so negative and enjoy your fantastic new car.

brando | 2016年10月22日

safest, quickest, cheapest to operate - some claim the best car ever built

And you feel swindled? Missing being a beta tester? Damn it is hard being rich.
You could have bought a house, or even a whole block in Detroit. feeling sad.

Varze | 2016年10月22日

Most people on these forums seem to want to attack me personally and how much money I have and how I choose to spend it rather than try to comment on the issues I've raised regarding Tesla's handling of my situation. Feeling like you got taken by a company on a car sale still hurts when you have money. Maybe not as much as when you don't, but it still hurts.

"Just much longer are you going to keep complaining about this? What are you hope by to achieve by this?" - My goals are simple:

1. If this thread gets enough attention perhaps Tesla will actually read it and just maybe they will realize that their policies are pissing off a segment of their customers and just maybe they will come up with a way to address the issue that doesn't negatively impact their business success.

2. I'm sure there are other owners out there that are in a similar situation to me. My hope is to let them know that they are not alone and that others sympathize with them.

3. If there are potential new Tesla customers out there that are waiting for their vehicle or that are considering placing an order, hopefully there is a chance that they will find the Tesla forums and research whether or not a product announcement might be forthcoming soon and if there is for them to make an informed decision. I did not read the forums prior to delivery of my vehicle but if I had I would have realized that I could have potentially avoided my situation if I spent enough time reading posts.

4. A selfish desire to vent my frustration in hopes of finding other people in similar situations to commiserate with.

But you're right @soudman, I've probably done what I can with this thread so I'll stop replying to it.

SO | 2016年10月22日

@Varz - I don't think Tesla reads these forums. I wanted to also say you have stayed surprisingly civil on this forum even after the comments about this. And for that I commend you.

It sucks that you had this happen to you and I'm sure I would feel disappointed as well. Hopefully you can come to a peaceful resolution to this situation. Take care.

starcrusader | 2016年10月23日

If your only interest is having the most advanced AP system, then pay the price for it and change the car.

Ross1 | 2016年10月23日

An interesting statistic I got at a seminar once:

It is 27 times easier to keep an existing customer than to find a new one.

Anyone agree/disagree with that?

Remnant | 2016年10月23日

@bonuspig (October 22, 2016)

<< We’re not talking about new rims or better acceleration. I bought a Tesla because I DON’T enjoy driving, >>

Tough spot to be in, pig!

You could consider enrolling in a driving-pleasure re-education course.