What should Tesla prioritize about the Model 3?

What should Tesla prioritize about the Model 3?

I was wondering what features people here thought Tesla should prioritize on the Model 3. There is a google form below.
Here are the choices, and you can also say an idea that isn't listed in the comments.

-Longer range
-More comfort/amenities (not tech)
-Advanced technology (Full windshield HUD, good voice command system, other)
-Power/performance (not performance upgrades but just greater performance on all models)
-More passenger space
-More trunk space
-Excellent safety rating
-Excellent drag coefficient

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Mazdarati | 2016年11月3日

Also, after you submit the form maybe do a bump comment.

tstolz | 2016年11月3日

I'm hoping for the complete package personally. The thing that I love about our MS is everything. Lots of cargo room, power, luxury, efficiency, range, safety, tech, passenger room, charging options ... etc.

I suspect that within 5 - 10 years other manufacturers will have products that will start to compete with Tesla in some of these areas .., but not on the complete package.

bj | 2016年11月3日

Um, it's a it late for this. Pencils were down 4 months ago. Also the last thing Tesla needs is design by committee.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年11月3日

Those are pretty much already priorities, unless your 'More comfort/amenities (not tech)' is code for 'luxury'... In which case? No. There's a reason why I wouldn't have my Mom decorate my place.

Badbot | 2016年11月4日

the priority I see a need for is building them.
no changes at this late date.

widi1 | 2016年11月5日

1. Produce the car as soon as possible
2. Fast charching
3. Garanteed range also at wintertime => under 0°
4. Secure, chanceable Seats for Children
5. Simpley recycling all used components (carrosserei/batteries/electronic/motor/and more ..)

bobinseattle | 2016年11月5日

Hi Guys,

I would like to see the HUD on the windshield. Lot's of our customers put them on their new 737"s.

Bob in Seattle

tedirelan | 2016年11月5日

@bobinseattle - You sell for Boing?! Holy cow, I'm jealous. Seriously, I want that job.

bobinseattle | 2016年11月5日

Hi tedirelan,

Actually, I'm part of the production team on the factory floor. But, it is a very good job indeed.


David N | 2016年11月6日

"What should Tesla prioritize about the Model 3?"
Top priority should be a rock solid high quality build. If we have doors and handles that don't work, seals that come loose and leak, poorly aligned body panels, we are going to have 300,000 unhappy, pissed off customers. That leads to bad press, that leads to cancelled orders, that leads to poor sales, that leads to failure.
We know the technology and performance will be there. That's a given.
Model 3 buyers are not wealthy early adopters who are very understanding and forgiving.
They will not and should not tolerate poor workmanship. There is no excuse for poor assembly work given the advances in that area.
I'm hoping Elon blows it out of the water.

Mazdarati | 2016年11月6日


Wow. Just wow. That is very cool, I love planes and working at Boeing would be my second choice after Tesla. Keep up the good work!

tigardspaz | 2016年11月6日

@ David N. I agree. Tesla needs to prioritize building a quality Model ≡, getting it to market on time, and with minimal defects. The TACC will come standard as it does with the Model S. I'm planning to get dual motor and supercharging.