Gravel damage...

Gravel damage...

I really like the current (new) nose design, on all 3 cars. But...I worry that it is not practical.

I have a 2006 VW beetle that I am currently driving into the ground, and hope to replace with a M3. But, like the M3, there is no grille. Painted hood/bumper/facia. After 10 years of driving, the nose of the vdub is beat to crap by gravel and road debris. No, I don't drive on dirt roads, this is from freeway commuting on good ol' 101 in CA.

Traditional cars with grilles get much the same damage, but it is essentially hidden in the grille, either nearly invisible in the black plastic, or more protected and less likely in the more scratch resistant chrome parts.

I am worried about what the nose—which is more vertical, and seemingly more prone to paint damage from debris than the slug bug—will look like after years of freeway driving.

Will we see a Tesla bra, protective plastic coatings, or other gimmickry to deal with nose paint damage?

Same issue back in the day with air-cooled bugs and Karman Ghias; all that paint up front, so easy to chew up, and so hard to repair. Bras and other silliness were a common acknowledgment of the problem.

Someone tell me that Tesla paint is rock-proof...

lilbean | 2016年11月3日


KP in NPT | 2016年11月3日

+1 Lilbean - most people worried about this do Xpel or some other wrap. No tesla paint is not rock proof.

hobowankenobi | 2016年11月4日

Thanks for that. Good to know. Unfamiliar with the product, but looks like a great solution.

With the painted nose, I wonder if Tesla will ever offer this as an option considering how vulnerable the painted nose is, and how much fans love Teslas.

I know nobody wants the traditional dealer experience—I certainly don't—but if it were an option for the at least the nose (at a reasonable price, similar to what local installers charge) I would go for it during check out.

I also see that they have a low sheen product....which could make the matte finish as shown of the demo M3 actually practical. Does any current manufacturer offer a similar product/finish right from the factory?