Nose Cone Replacement

Nose Cone Replacement

Hi Everyone,

I did some browsing through the forums but I couldn't find much on this topic and google had mixed answers at best. About a month ago I took my S to a touch free car wash and the nosecone popped off when I was going through the air dryer. By the time I had noticed why the sensors were yelling at me I heard the scraping noise of that thing being dragged on the ground. One of the locking tabs broke off and the outside has some moderately deep scratches. (Come to find out from the gas station attendant that the car wash was "broken" and that there were supposed to be cones and signs to stop people) Thankfully, the sensors and wiring haven't seemed to have been affected as autopilot/adaptive cruise control work just fine and there are no warnings.

I just took the thing in for annual service yesterday and the service rep quoted me an estimate for replacement of 730-830 dollars. The cost breakdown to replace he said is: 525 for the part, 100-200 for paint, and 105 dollars in labor.

Has anyone else replaced this and had a similar issue with price? Is this number about right? It seems high and I'm not entirely convinced on the whole it doesn't come painted angle. What gets me is that the part itself they are saying is 525 but you can get the wrapped ones from RPM Tesla for 400 without turning in your old nosecone. They advertise both autopilot and non-autopilot nose cones. I have no issues with wrapping and I live close to RPM Tesla but I would still like the replacement piece because the tabs broke off the original. Thoughts??

akikiki | 2016年11月9日

Suggestion. If you want OEM version, you could consider buying the RPM version and swapping with an owner that wants it for their original one. You could go over to TMC and post in the For Sale or Want to Buy section for no cost and over the trade. Just an idea.

2015P90DI | 2016年11月10日

Not sure if there are any available today. But I bought one on E-bay for $125. Was like new. Would check there. This was last year and at the time, there were a bunch of them on there. Just be sure to verify if it has sensors or not, if your car has them

RPMTESLA.COM | 2016年11月10日

It's mark with RPM Tesla. Call me tomorrow so I we can meet up to see the damage. We sell OEM Tesla nosecones. We take them in with a core charge deposit. They are perfect or slightly used.

Mark 949-521-4383.

finished | 2016年11月10日

The exact same thing happened to me--nosecone popped off and dragged on the ground as I exited the blow drier. Needless to say, I do not go through any car washes any more, including touchless. Tesla Eden Prairie replaced one damaged sensor and soldered the wires back on the other one and I was back on the road for under $100. IMO, air should not have blown the nosecone off, but that is water under the bridge now.

JPPTM | 2016年11月10日

Nosecone parts price is about right--I paid about $450 several years ago for one without the holes for the sensors.

gguinto | 2016年11月10日

I hope the carwash place is paying for it.

Silver2K | 2016年11月10日

you can buy them on ebay fairly cheap

Silver2K | 2016年11月10日

I want to buy one cheap so I can paint it red (rubber paint) for Christmas.

Silver2K | 2016年11月10日


just got a nice nose cone to paint red for 70 bucks!

Silver2K | 2016年11月10日
UnshodBob | 2016年11月10日

@Silver - looks like a penny less than 80 to me.

You're gonna need to put a pair of antlers on it, too, so it'll complete the Rudolph look. :)

Silver2K | 2016年11月10日

he took my $70 offer :)

antlers on rear windows or hood :)

Qwiksilver | 2016年11月10日

Same happened to me. Had to buy a new nose cone. Still going to car wash.

NKYTA | 2016年11月10日

About $600 installed out here in NorCal, but part of other work hitting a wooden box at speed. After nearly four years, I could have gotten away with a black sharpie, but then again that is why we carry insurance.

Tropopause | 2016年11月10日

Nose cones are black plastic. Why the need for paint? Unless you are Silver wanting a Rudolf Red Nose. Nice idea!

Silver2K | 2016年11月10日

and I only paid 70 bucks! get it!?

Silver2K | 2016年11月10日

I already have the red rubber paint :)

lilbean | 2016年11月10日

You're getting a nose job for Christmas?

Silver2K | 2016年11月10日

McLovin is :)

lilbean | 2016年11月10日


Silver2K | 2016年11月10日

there a Pepe saying?

lilbean | 2016年11月10日

Just made that one up!

Silver2K | 2016年11月10日

oh... I was about to say...

lilbean | 2016年11月10日

Should I put eyelashes on mine?

Silver2K | 2016年11月10日

someone might flag you down! the eye lashes are for a certain taxi company , no?

Tropopause | 2016年11月10日

70 bucks! Now I get it! But I thought Santa only has 12 reindeer? Haha

Silver2K | 2016年11月10日

That's whats left....

Tropopause | 2016年11月10日

Isn't it your bedtime, Silver? You're up late.

lilbean | 2016年11月10日

Oh, that sounds right. Ok no eyelashes. I don't want to dent my frunk anyway. Night night @silver.

larry.creech | 2019年3月31日

Same thing happened to me yesterday at the car wash

Qwiksilver | 2019年4月2日

Happened to me too.
Bought a new nose cone

RoninAMG | 2019年4月20日

Alrighty then. So now I know it wasn't just me with this nosecone flying off at the blower stage of the carwash. However, I believe the culprit in this situation was that only a few weeks prior it was in for service and a Tesla technician had to remove the front bumper to replace the radar sensor I believe. But who knows. Regardless, said car wash paid for the new one with a final price tag of just over $1K. What I really wanted to do was to use that money to upgrade to an Unplugged Performance Refresh and pay the difference. The carwash wasn't going to part with the check unless it was exact replacement. I don't blame them I guess.