chatters when accelerating hard

chatters when accelerating hard

I have an early (VIN 15xx) MX 90D. Recently the car chatters during a hard acceleration. Has anyone else experienced this?

MyXinTx | 2016年12月10日

QUESTION ?!?!?!....since "chattering" can have more than one meaning when not in reference to talking.

It seems as though I am I reading about potentially two different issues here? Pretty significant to clarify this to help others understand...

Is this "chattering" with acceleration a sound only, sound and vibration, or vibration a pulsation???

If more than one is being discussed here, which is the type that has been resolved and has not been resolved after a service attempt ( ie-axle replacement)?

My 90D "chattering" is a silent pulsation at 30-35 MPH with rapid acceleration, sometime difficult to distinguish from road bumps when not on a smooth surface, but very reproducible.

I would greatly appreciate the clarification.

NumberOne | 2016年12月10日

In my case the chattering is a vibration that I can feel with my foot, but very mild, accompanied by a sound which gets louder as the degree of acceleration increases. I had just a pulsation under very had acceleration when the car was new, and I believe this is normal, and has to do with traction control. I decided to stop doing that because I want my tires to last as long as possible. The sound I hear, which is accompanied by a vibration is really during normal driving. I was driving an ICE today, and realized that the level of acceleration, easily handled by a small ICE was more than I was actually used with my Model X when experiencing the chattering, so there is definitely a problem with mine.

To give an example of what I am talking about, I experience the chattering at a level of acceleration of 0-60 in 6 or 7 seconds. I am not even trying to aim for 4.8.

cmd_keen | 2016年12月10日

I too have the chattering or "shuddering" as other threads have called it. Worst from about 20-50mph and like NumberOne, it occurs even under "medium" acceleration. Tried different height settings and the chattering is still there for me. However, I notices it is worse when the vehicle is "cold" (not the temperature, just when the car has been on for a short while)... Also it is worse when accelerating out of a turn. Haven't brought it in to the SC yet, will do soon as a a piece of window chrome trim/gasket arrives that was damaged when both the front door and FWD were closing at the same time.

elguapo | 2016年12月11日

John Shaft can never be replaced.

Claudedohrn | 2016年12月11日

I (VIN 02xx) had this shuddering once a while ago, and more frequently now. Is it my imagination, or does this only occur when the "yellow indicator that regen is reduced" shows? Sort of like the reverse of old fashioned ABS shudder when braking.

In NJ, suspension is ALWAYS elevated in town driving, because the roads are so crappy.

ernie | 2016年12月11日

In my case it gives me the sensation of millisecond traction control corrections and comes from the front. When I described the very rapid vibration / shuddering / traction / acceleration syndrome the SC said they were aware of it and will have it on the short work order which will come at about 13,200 miles. I called at 12,200 and they are booked till the 21st of December. They will also be working on the seat backs of the third row sets which were slightly torn and rivets had pulled through the fabric.

Pedersam | 2016年12月11日

I have a model X P100D with ludicrous mode. It chattered under full accelleration and standard suspension height.
The SC verified the chatter on a test drive. They kept the Tesla for further tests with the result that they replaced the right front half shaft as it was wobbling under hard acceleration. ( zero to 60 in 3 seconds uphill ! ) The chattering has not reoccurred .

Redmiata98 | 2016年12月11日

My P90D makes a grinding noise from the back end, no vibrations, while under hard acceleration from a stop. It was replicated by the service guys and is in for repair now. I expect to pick it up mid-week fixed. Will let you know what happens once I get it back and can retest it.

ken | 2016年12月12日

my chatter issue got worse over one week schedule to bring in Dec 20th, they have replace half shaft once.


AlMc | 2016年12月12日

My S was in for routine service and I requested and was given an X loaner. I was told I could 'test drive' as long as I liked. I noticed this 'chatter' that people are describing in the loaner (VIN 1,1xx) from the 'rear' of the vehicle. Much louder than the 'milling' sound associated with S motor vibrations of the past.

Glad to hear they know what the issue is and have a solution.

rdfbsmith | 2016年12月13日

I have had my Model X 90D for a month and no issue but what I have found after speaking with MX owners I also had to figure it out.

If you drive your vehicle close to the center line right or left it will chatter a hard take off try making sure you are centered in your lane the vehicle will chatter when you are close to either side left or right I spoke again to many MX owners after that they stayed center. Again I have not had the chatter issue unless I am close to the lines on the road. Hope it helps.

Triggerplz | 2016年12月13日

@tdfbsmith that is not the chatter noise that is referred to here, it sounds like your lane departure feature is on.. we are talking about a chatter noise when u fully accelerate, my axles were replaced and now the noise is gone but if I turn my lane departure on and drive on the line I will get a rumble noise which is normal..

rdfbsmith | 2016年12月14日

Ok, Great just giving my 2 cents worth I haven't had that issue.

Triggerplz | 2016年12月14日

@rdfbsmith its always good to ask questions share your Tesla experiences and give your 2 cents :)

lilbean | 2016年12月14日

Is it like teeth chattering or a clunking noise?

Triggerplz | 2016年12月14日

mine had the sound like a bad motor mount would make, but it didnt do it every time, It hasnt done it since they replaced the axles

lilbean | 2016年12月14日

That's what I thought. I just love visiting my SC. They're so nice :-)

Triggerplz | 2016年12月14日

I havent had a lot of problems so far, Ive had it there twice once to replace the sub woofer then the molding on the FWD now this time they replace the small window on the FWD and the molding again as the window wasnt lined up properly which cause the molding problem and they replaced the axles, At least they came and picked it up this time and left me a S that I didnt drive... They returned it with a tank full of Premium electricity :)

lilbean | 2016年12月14日


NumberOne | 2016年12月14日

My SC is very nice too, but today when I picked up my car I had a horizontal crease and a small ding in the front passenger door, that was not there when my car was towed there on Friday, when I broke down after dropping my kids off at school. (The parking brake caliper seized and was replaced). They also fixed wind noise and the chatter from the front motor. My service rep has yet to e-mail me my invoice, so I am not sure what was done, but I am pretty sure my car now is not subtly drifting to the right, which is also new. Going back to the SC tomorrow to get the dings addressed by a PDR specialist,. I am pretty sure it is not possible to get it perfect again, so I am quite upset by this.

lilbean | 2016年12月14日

When I bring my car in, we fill out an assessment of the condition of the car. Hopefully, they will repair the dings.

NumberOne | 2016年12月14日

They said they would take car if it. I just hope that it will no longer be visible. They always inspect the car when I bring it in, and it had 0 dings before I brought it in. They look so carefully that even a cobweb can be perceived as a scratch. I had dirt on my rim that looked like a scratch that I had to wipe off to show it was just dirt.

NumberOne | 2016年12月15日

So, Tesla had the dings removed with PDR today. It was so well done that I an pretty sure no one will be able to see that it was ever there, even if you know where it was. In defense of the service center, the car was not drivable, when it was dropped off, so it could have happened in the parking lot too. I have no idea how long it was there. Tesla rocks and my car is as good as new. No more noise either. Fromt half shafts and jack shaft assembly were replaced.

lilbean | 2016年12月15日


borodinj | 2016年12月15日

Just heard back from service. They said they are replacing the "set of front axles" to address the chattering issue.

Redmiata98 | 2016年12月16日

I picked up my vehicle and tested it under hard acceleration multiple tmes and the "chatter" is gone. Turns out the noise I thought I heard from the rear was really in the front. They replaced the two front axles.

lilbean | 2016年12月16日

Happy to hear it was an easy fix :-)

MyXinTx | 2016年12月18日

So far they replaced the rear axles, then the front ones, and recently the jack-shaft.... yet the issue remains.

I still have hope they will find a solution, as i am not sure if the correct diagnosis has yet to be made.

Since there is no sound associated with my issue, it may not be the same as what others are describing... and having resolved.

art.lightstone | 2019年1月20日

Yup. I noticed this happening to my X75D after around 5000 km. Hard acceleration creates a chattering sound that seems to come from underneath the car. Hard to say where it's coming from exactly. The sound tends to make me pull back on the acceleration because I don't want something to shake apart in the car. When I reported this to Tesla service, I was told, "The chattering noise that happens during hard acceleration is a normal characteristic of the vehicle. Please try to set the height to low and see if the noise is still persistent." I haven't tried setting the suspension height to low and then gunning it, but I'll give it a try when I have the opportunity to do so safely, and I'll let everyone know how it turns out.

Tropopause | 2019年1月20日

I just had my front half-shafts and jack-screw replaced for the second time due to shuttering and chattering sounds. 25,000 miles.

Tdreamer | 2019年1月20日

32k miles and already had my half-shafts done twice. Hearing it again under hard acceleration. Sigh.

sometimesjoe | 2019年1月21日

On my 2016, they replaced the half shafts and the noise went away. Now on my 2018 with almost 8k miles, starting to hear it, too but it wasn’t as loud as it was in my 2016. A lot more subtle. If it gets any louder, I’ll take it in for service.

sometimesjoe | 2019年1月21日

On my 2016, they replaced the half shafts and the noise went away. Now on my 2018 with almost 8k miles, starting to hear it, too but it wasn’t as loud as it was in my 2016. A lot more subtle. If it gets any louder, I’ll take it in for service. | 2019年1月21日

I have been experiencing a "shuddering" vibration from the front end when doing a hard acceleration. It occurs at between 40 and 42 mph and goes away at higher speeds. When I accelerate more gradually there is no vibration. I rarely accelerate hard enough to make this happen so I think I will wait until it is time for my 3rd annual check up in a few months to have the Service Center people check it out. I have about 23,000 miles on my 90D VIN x3398.

Redmiata98 | 2019年1月22日

Had the replacement done twice and it is starting again on my 2016 P90L. Given the emphasis on the model 3 and continuing to show profits on the balance sheet, I have my doubts that a fix will soon (if ever) be rengineered for new Xs much less a retrofit for the elders. The 2016s will probably go or have already gone out of warranty before anything substantive occurs.