Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Let us all stop for a second this special day and reflect on all of our blessings and give thanks. Let the foolish Bolt-lovers take the hand of a hateful Bolt-hater; the hatchback dreamers sit in a trunk with the liftbackers; may the uneducated global warming deniers take the hand of an over-reactive global warming fabricator; let Bill Clinton take the hand, or whatever, of Melanina Trump; may ICE owners park peacefully in parking lots next to an EV - but in their proper respective parking spaces; let the ugly self absorbed Americans take the hand of one of the second and third world people not lucky enough to live in the USA - and all together sing in peace and harmony - optimistically waiting for the day when everyone will have a Model 3 parked out front and all is right in the world.

Peace to all and happy Thanksgiving

akgolf | 2016年11月24日

Happy Thanksgiving!

jamilworm | 2016年11月24日

happy thanksgiving!