VW/Skoda death by cruise control, inquest

VW/Skoda death by cruise control, inquest

Decapitation under truck. Cruise control would not turn off.

Mike83 | 2016年11月26日

VW seems to have lots of problems. Hope they do better if they can afford to make a EV.

DTsea | 2016年11月26日

the foot brake wouldnt work? seems incredible.

Watt fun | 2016年11月26日

Just one of the many reasons to have a manual transmission if you must drive an ICE. | 2016年11月26日

Very strange - the brakes in modern cars have more power to stop than a motor has power to keep going. Also seems odd the driver had 8 minutes to move the shift lever to Neutral.

lilbean | 2016年11月26日

Why would he ask if he should use the handbrake?

Remnant | 2016年11月26日

@lilbean (November 26, 2016)

<< Why would he ask if he should use the handbrake? >>

Apparently because he was not quite as good a driver as has been alleged, or he was impaired (this happend in the middle of the night; around 3 AM, he may have been able to talk, tho not necessarily able to distinguish between the accelerator and the brake pedals and he wondered about the advisability of using the handbrake).

Besides, the brake pedal was not pressed at all before the collision.

Conclusion: Driver impairment and error. He was brainless even before the collision took his head off.

lilbean | 2016年11月26日

Sounds like a very bad case of pedal confusion or a suicide.

jerry | 2016年11月26日

Very tragic this happened but I find it very hard to believe the gear shift was jammed not allowing him to shift to neutral, either the clutch pedal linkage broke or the clutch master cylinder / slave cylinder malfunctioned AND the cars brake system failed. ALL THREE of those systems would have had to fail on top of the electrical malfunction causing the original stated problem. Even a Ferrari can be slowed down from full throttle with full brake application, I'm not familiar with a Skoda, but I seriously doubt it has super car horsepower without having super car brakes...

Seems awful fishy...

jerry | 2016年11月26日

I could maybe understand in a last second panic situation mistakingly hitting the accelerator and not the brake, maybe. But this gentleman had over 8 minutes to figure out he was stepping on the wrong pedal.

KP in NPT | 2016年11月26日

I agree with Jerry - there is no way he mistook the pedals for 8 minutes. Something isn't right. Isn't the Sun something like National Inquirer? Not that the accident didn't happen, but the only stories I found googling are from similarly sensational outlets.

Ross1 | 2016年11月26日

1: He kept hitting the on/off button trying to turn it off.
2: He didnt hit the handbrake: is the Octavia handbrake electric or manual?
3: I just got rid of my AUS Ford , which had a cruise control issue whereby it would keep accelerating like that.
4: The cruise control should turn off by a gentle touch on the brake: it didnt.
5: It is a Skoda.
6: It is a VW.
7: It is unlikely (impossible) that 2 system faults occurred at the same time, therefore it was something else.
8: If he was a genuine enthusiast, question his knowledge.
9: If he was a company director, he was reasonably intelligent. 130+ IQ??
10: Why weren't the headlines more like: VW cruise control kills driver, all over the world as it would be if Tesla.
11: Possibly the reason the speed kept changing and braking was not discerned is that he kept hitting every other available control to get it to change , including the accelerator, flicking it to try to disengage CC.

Ross1 | 2016年11月26日

It could be either or either:

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grega | 2016年11月27日

If a pedal is essentially a computer slider-button, then a person saying that pressing the brake does nothing is entirely consistent with findings that the car has no record of the brake being pressed.

I'm not sure why that isn't an important comment in the case. Both sides should agree "the car didn't sense him pressing the brake pedal" and move on to question if that was because the car failed or driver.

I have certainly experienced my home computer not responding to some inputs. I'm sure the computer has no record of me trying. A restart fixed it. Anyone NOT experienced that ever?