Mercedes Getting Serious

Mercedes Getting Serious

Competition is good.

Mercedes Apparently Wants To Build A Ton Of Electric Cars Under Its New Brand - Jalopnik

tstolz | 2016年12月4日

A slow start but welcome! Just goes to show how far out front Tesla is. I think I'll buy more Tesla stock .. no serious competition for years. Tesla will likely be on their 2nd Gigafactory by then.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年12月4日

jsimpsonalaska: Thanks for the link. Quite informative. However... It seems you post links from Apple News, that then redirect to other sites. There are certain websites I actively try to never visit, such as: Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Motley Fool, The Street, and [SINKING ANCHOR] (I don't even bother writing their actual name anymore) among others. Could you please either list the name of the site, or its direct link instead of Apple's redirect as a means of granting ample warning? Thanks!

akgolf | 2016年12月4日

@Red - Sorry about that. I'll try to go to the direct article next time. I tend to read these on my iPad in the news app.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年12月4日

jsimpsonalaska: It's OK, this time the descriptive text mentions 'Jalopnik' at the end. It would help if that source was noted at the beginning, though. Thanks!

bj | 2016年12月5日

For a moment there when I read the second line in the OP, I thought the new Mercedes EV brand was called - Jalopnik

And I thought you cannot be serious. Cruelling EVs with incredibly stupid brand names?

"as reported in..." would have avoided any confusion :)