XM Radio Tuning

XM Radio Tuning

Since the 8.0 Update, it has become almost impossible to tune in a station that is not already in my favorites. For instance, if I see that there's a particular NFL or college football game, or NHL game being aired on a channel between 200 and 230 and I'm on ESPN which is Ch. 80. There is no way to get to it short of hitting the forward or back arrow like 100 or more times. There is no slide bar like for AM and FM. There's also no way of tuning that specific ch. by just the number. There's no way to do it by voice control. These are all possible ways that other cars or even the Tesla on AM work to get to a station. I wonder if there's any update that will address this. Currently it's worse than it was with version 7.

I tried making favorites every 5 numbers in that range but it makes the favorites less usable with that many stations.

SoCal Buzz | 2017年1月3日

The XM categories work well and allow jump to a station. Swipe up to see the folders and stations. Or touch the button under Radio in the app.

WATTGAS | 2017年1月3日

I transferred my existing XM subscription to my Tesla last week since I was having periodic connectivity issues with the LTE. I had no idea the XM interface on the Model S was so limited. So now I'm just keeping it there for emergencies.

The Streaming and TuneIn tabs are so awesome, it's worth waiting for the occasional pause to end to a song or podcast due to poor LTE connectivity.