120V. Charging

120V. Charging

I love the scheduled charging START time feature. Is there a reason why we can't schedule a charging END time as well? I live in a community where 240V. is't available, so it takes several days of non-peak hours to charge my S60. Ideally, I'd like to have it start charging at 9:30 PM each night, and stop charging at 8:30 AM the following morning, leaving it plugged in for a few days. Would that be possible? Many thanks to all!

Bighorn | 2017年1月13日

The car can't do it, but I suppose you could use a timer like they use to turn lights on and off while on vacation.

tomliuxd | 2017年1月13日

disable schedule charge in car, buy an outlet with on/off timer and then connect the charger to the outlet

galac | 2017年1月14日

Thank you. I'll consider using a timer. But I'm curious... if the car can turn the power on, why can't it turn it off as well?

Bighorn | 2017年1月14日

It could but it doesn't. Not programmed that way to date. 3rd party apps like VisibleTesla may be able to.

galac | 2017年1月14日

Thanks, Bighorn & tomliuxd. I'll check out VisibleTesla & other apps. My question was more of a suggestion for the folks working on the firmware. I just called Tesla support, and was told to send such suggestions to Will do. It hadn't occurred to me to use an outdoor timer, so I appreciate the thought. But the problem could be easily solved (for everyone stuck with 120 V.) by simply adding a "stop charging" feature to the firmware.

patrick40363 | 2017年1月14日

Unplug it at 830am and then plug back in if you are around or use the visible Tesla app to do the same.

vperl | 2017年1月14日

Most tent parks have NEMA 14-50 ask the manager

reed_lewis | 2017年1月14日

Are you even going to drive the car at any time?

campusden | 2017年1月15日

Where do you live? I guarantee 240v is available in your neighborhood. Do you have central air conditioning, an electric oven, or an electric water heater, or well pump? I guess you could have all gas powered appliances but that would be more rare than no 240v service. You may not have a 240v connection available at you residence or place that you are charging.
Did you inherit this vehicle or win it in a contest? What was or is your long-term plan for charging your vehicle?

vperl | 2017年1月15日

Where is the butcher paper ?

vperl | 2017年1月15日

Whoops some folks use old news paper, but news paper is scarce. Hmm, I suppose one could use one of those vacuum sealing machines.