Is there a way to contact the development and research department?

Is there a way to contact the development and research department?

We are a group of engineers from Argentina who have a project for the development of an economic electric car. Is there any way to contact Tesla's development and research department to let them know about our project?

reed_lewis | 2017年2月23日

I think that Tesla already has that covered. The major price in the cost of an EV is the cost of the battery, and Tesla has a very large factory building batteries.

What else could possibly be done to lower the price? Of course one could make a car with less 'features' and creature comforts (think a Yugo but electric), but that is not the Tesla brand.

...And if your project becomes viable, Tesla will surely find you.

jordanrichard | 2017年2月23日

I mean no disrespect here, but like ANY website, you just need to click on the "Contact/Find Us" page.

Rocky_H | 2017年2月23日

@jordanrichard +1

DTsea | 2017年2月23日

Generally they will NOT want contact. Often after such engagements the outside people try to claim IP rights on the discussion.

Haggy | 2017年2月23日

Nobody here speaks for Tesla. Use the Contact link and good luck.

rxlawdude | 2017年2月23日

@DTSea +1

David N | 2017年2月24日

"We are a group of engineers from Argentina who have a project for the development of an economic electric car. "

With Gigfactory 1 being constructed, Gigafactory 2,3,and 4 being planned, cells beginning manufacturing, Powerwall manufacturing, cell density and chemistry continually tweaked , Model 3 being fine tuned, a pick up truck, a semi truck, a mass commuter vehicle all in the works I think it's safe to say that Tesla's R & D is kinda busy right now.
May I suggest you share your ideas here on the forums, there are some pretty darn good intelligent individuals here who might be able to offer some insight/suggestions to whatever it is you have in mind.

reed_lewis | 2017年2月24日

Lets hope it does not involve windmills or solar panels...

El Mirio | 2017年2月24日

Wonder whether is these guys.

El Mirio | 2017年2月24日

They sure could use electric vehicles in Argentina with fuel prices at USD 4.60 per gallon and an average income of
USD 13700.00 per year!

Haggy | 2017年2月24日

"Lets hope it does not involve windmills or solar panels..."

Solar windmills? | 2017年2月24日

Solar windmills could generate wind on calm, sunny days to keep electricity generating windmills going?
@Haggy: you may be onto something. Contact Tesla R&D at once.

Actually, I tried sending some ideas to Tesla. They actually used one of them but no acknowledgement was given. That's how they can steer clear of IP disputes but, if something really compelling were to be sent to them via the contact channels, they might make an exception.

Ross1 | 2017年2月26日

I know a guy who built his own car, drove it to GM and they employed him. Simple.

Ross1 | 2017年2月26日

My (relative) got started by employing an agent who sold him to Spielb*

hashim_aly | 2018年12月8日

hello my dream car producer
Subject battery will be charged one time only through .
installing power bank in and it can be charged from:
1.denamo in case the car is moving
2.break in case there is a heavy traffic
this power bank can compensate original battery drain
thanks please feedbak

ravisundaramam | 2018年12月8日

If their quality of research in contacting tesla is posting in random forums ... I don't see their electrical engg research skills being any good.

SO | 2018年12月9日

@hashim_aly please research perpetual motion.

anushaghildyal | 2019年9月5日

How can I connect with research department team ? Our team has developed better camera technology with 20 DB gain wich cab be added to Tesla camara, It can be a very useful technology for car camera and driving. Please connect me to R&D to share the technology.

andy.connor.e | 2019年9月5日


Xerogas | 2019年9月5日

@hashim_aly: soooo, your idea is to develop exactly what every Tesla (and every other EV) already has, in terms of regenerative braking?

dennis.campbell | 2020年2月27日

We have developed a technology (a product) which removes the heat from batteries and stops the formation of thermal runaway. I would very much like to discuss this with some one from your research department. We are using this product technology for the shipping of Lithium Ion batteries world wide.

stingray.don | 2020年2月27日


Tesla does not monitor this forum. You need to contact them directly.