Increasing the deposit

Increasing the deposit

I paid the 1000 GB pound deposit for the m3 in a London store at the end of March 2016. However I'd like to be making monthly payments now towards my delivery in 2018 & expect others around the world would too. Could Yesla think about mutually beneficial ways of expediting this as an option for its future m3 drivers?

Magic 8 Ball | 2017年3月12日

Why don't you just make monthly payments toward an investment account and pay a larger down payment when the time comes? I doubt Tesla is in the "finance" business since most car loans are done through a financial institution.

lilbean | 2017年3月12日

Then people would complain that they gave Tesla their money and haven't gotten their car yet.

jefjes | 2017年3月12日

Buy TSLA while you're waiting. If you don't like the market fluctuations, just open an interest earning money market account and deposit monthly the amount you think you could be making in car payments. The amount you save for the down payment will just either lower that payment or open the possibilities for additional options.

petero | 2017年3月12日

I agree with douwe.

Jefjes. The wildest ride in the Tesla world isn't a P100D/L it is owning TSLA!!!!

M3forMe | 2017年3月12日

You can also put money into dividend stocks that pay more than 3% (Verizon, GE, etc.)

SoFlaModel3 | 2017年3月12日

There have been a handful of posts like this and they literally make no sense.

Why would you make payments toward something that you are not in possession of when you can "make payments" into an "investment account"?

carlk | 2017年3月12日

Yes I'll see to it that Tesla receives your money and deliver you the car to you asap. Send it to ac# 345632450021 in Nigeria National Bank.

Red Sage ca us | 2017年3月12日

Please Take Notice: Many posts on this thread have set off a Severe Warning for highly acidic sarcasm. Any more that follow may be considered Closed Captioned for the Humour Impaired. In case you are wondering, yes we are laughing at you, not with you.

KP in NPT | 2017年3月12日

+1 SoFlaModel3

And Red. ;)

andy.connor.e | 2017年3月13日

Put your "monthly payment" in a lockbox. Then when you go to buy your M3, take that lockbox money and use it as a down payment so that the amount you finance is smaller, contributing to a lower overall monthly payment.

Derik | 2017年3月13日

I've just been taking extra money and throwing it into a savings account (horrible return...) to have a larger down payment when it comes my turn to place an order.
I wouldn't give any company money for free without something back.
I'd start paying tesla now if they could tell me how much the options are going to cost and move me up in the line. But that will never happen.
Save the money yourself and put more down. You'll either get a smaller payment, or a shorter term. In both cases you'd be better off.

jefjes | 2017年3月13日

I like it....I don't own a Tesla car yet I'm able to tide TSLA daily while I wait. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I do own a few shares and now I can enjoy that ride even more thinking of it that way. Hands high in the air as the roller coaster is plunging down while screaming with glee knowing I'll be able to buy more before it starts back up. That's a great way to see it!

Haggy | 2017年3月14日

I'm willing to set up a program like that. Since I don't want to post my email address, I'll have to ask you to post your credit card number and expiration date. I'll take as much out of your account each month as you want, and when your car is ready, I will send the money to Tesla.

JHB10 | 2017年3月16日

There is one big reason why it makes sense
Hedging against currency devaluations
You are only looking at it from an American point of view