Tesla Leasing In Iowa

Tesla Leasing In Iowa

Good afternoon... I am at the end of my rope here... I found the car I want, and now I cant find anyone to lease it to me.
I knew Tesla wouldnt lease in Iowa themselves, but the company they referred me to wont do it unless I own a business. So literally you cant lease a tesla in iowa? what kind of backwards arse state do i live in (dont answer that).
Does anyone have any idea how I can make this happen? I am not a good purchase candidate, a lease is what i need.
please help :)

Dunginhawk | 2017年3月20日

Ok.. with the idea that I cant lease in iowa, now im in the unfortunate situation that I may not find that option anywhere. Then im stuck buying, which is not at all ideal for me.

The benefit of a lease is that when its done, its done... with a BUY even if i wanted to sell after 3 years i have to just HOPE the car is worth what I owe on it. With the model 3 coming out, do any of you feel like the Model S wont hold its value? A few grand here or there im ok with, but crap if i am way upside down simply because my ridiculous state has lease issues, im going to be chapped.
thoughts? please

r_donner | 2020年2月11日

Which company was that that would lease to you if you had a business?