What other EVs are we considering?

What other EVs are we considering?

Like a lot of other people on this forum, I'm disappointed with some of the recent news, and about the delay of the AWD and performance versions. Although right now I don't think there are any alternatives (except Model S) the longer it takes to bring the ideally equipped Model 3 to market, the more time other manufacturers will have to catch up or surpass Tesla. For example, Porsche Mission E, Lucid Motors, Faraday, LeEco, Fisker, as well as EVs from Mercedes, VW, BMW, and more. Some of these are touting 400 mile ranges, fast charging, new charger networks, etc. Although I'm not ready to cancel my reservation YET, the closer these come to market before the M3, the more attractive some of these look. If money is not a major factor, what, if anything is anyone else considering?

vp09 | 2017年3月29日

Fascinating argument msofsd (I can't guess what that means!).

I strongly believe that you are totally wrong. Where to start ...

I would start with the vision that Elon Musk has spelled out for the future of transportation. You just don't see that from Ford or VW. That's where I'd start, and that's why I would never consider any EV except a Tesla.

RedPillSucks | 2017年3月29日

Same here. I would reward Tesla for vision and making the effort to bring realistic and usable EV to fruition.
None of the other car companies bothered to do more than a token effort to satisfy government regulations
until they saw the market created by Tesla over the Model 3. Even though there's lots of hype and the M3 hasn't delivered yet. If the M3 disappoints, I'll most likely get a used Model S.

akgolf | 2017年3月29日

None of these will come to market before the Model 3 and some might not make it at all. Also no guarantee they'll be exactly as advertised.

It's either the Model 3 or Model S for me.

accentcreate | 2017年3月30日

Personally the Model S and X are just way too big for where I drive. We call them the same as other large American cars: Yank Tanks. This is how they feel when you try to negotiate small village streets or mountain roads in Europe.
My second choice if the Model 3 proves totally unsuitable will probably be the VW eGolf or the proposed Volvos.
I hear today that Scoda are proposing new electric models, based on the VW architecture. Not sure I can wait that long. I bought my last ICE over ten years, promising myself it would be the last. I never thought I would have to wait this long.

Red Sage ca us | 2017年3月30日

Yank Tank? Does no one own an AUDI A8 L, BMW 760Li, Mercedes-Benz S600, or Porsche Panamera in Europe? Those flagship vehicles are all supposedly larger than the Model S.

KP in NPT | 2017年3月30日

I am in Brussels today and just saw a model X.

None of those cars will be anywhere near the market before your desired model 3 configuration is available.

SoFlaModel3 | 2017年3月30日

There are other cars?

Just kidding...

Anyway, the combination of Tesla's vision, wanting to be associated with it, the design of the car, the price of the car, and the proximity to release means I am not looking at anything else. Besides I own my current car and have only had it for ~3 years, so I have time...

tstolz | 2017年3月30日

Tesla is the only one with a corporate ethic deserving of my money. Add to that great cars, a Supercharger network, a non-profit repair model, OTA updates, safety focus, no dealers, culture of continuous improvement, self driving future, ...

msofsd | 2017年3月30日

What we thought was going to be a great, well equipped semi-luxury car seems to have morphed into a futuristic semi economy car that probably won't even have a real speedometer. Yes, Tesla should be rewarded for their forward thinking and all the things everyone has been mentioning here, but perhaps not by buying a product for what will probably over $50k that may lack things other manufacturers may offer. These are just thoughts, and I won't make any decisions, at least until I see the finished Model 3.

david.jones24 | 2017年3月30日

We don't really know what will or won't be included in the interior. We'll see at the final reveal. BUT a "semi economy" car? Really?? No way any of those cars update OTA, includes the same bells and whistles as other entry level luxury OEMs (minus a HUD, although there could be something else that we don't know about), and that's not even taking into account Auto Pilot.

Model 3 may not have everything that everyone wants, but to suggest anything short of luxury is absurd.

SoFlaModel3 | 2017年3月30日

@msofsd I think the logic is flawed there. What is a "real speedometer"? A large analog dial that takes up a ton of space just to show 2-3 numbers? That has moved about 6 inches to the right to be digital on the center mounted screen.

If change or different is bad then there would be no innovation.

How often are you checking your speed when you're driving anyway?

Look at a Porsche, the center of the dash (i.e. "the most important thing") is the tachometer, which we don't have in an EV.

I say wait until you see the final product to pass judgement. We know the exterior (pending small modifications -- front and trunk opening) have been unveiled but the interior has not. Now I do not expect major changes, but just the same I say wait before you pass judgement.

This is like the cycle with Smartphones and a new OS, or Facebook for that matter. A change happens... everyone hates it... then everyone loves it... then everyone wonders what they would have done before said change ever existed.

My car uses up an entire dash to give me the following information:
- RPM -- don't need this in an EV
- Indication that my headlights are on -- it's called "auto" for a reason and I don't constantly need this info
- Gear selection -- don't need this in an EV
- Speed -- ok, I contend it's "important" but moving it 6 inches to the right and making it take up less space is great
- Engine temp -- don't need this in an EV
- Gas -- yeah, but again I don't need it constantly so being easily visible on the center screen is fine
- Warning lights -- I suspect in an EV there are less and again you don't need them front and center all the time

So what's left? What do I really need right in front of me? If it's just speed, what elegant solution is there to only display speed front and center? If it's "auto pilot" details... why? You're not driving the car, so what's the difference if that's on the center screen?

I think Tesla has come up with an elegant solution to ensure the car feels open, the driver has a clear and unobstructed view, and it's all "easy".

polaris | 2017年3月30日

Unless you are prepared to wait another 2-3 years. Your basically looking at a Bolt, M3 or next-gen Leaf if you need range. All of these cars I will consider once I get all the information.

Tarla's Driver | 2017年3月30日

I don't really need range, and my old car is near death, so I'm looking at a used Leaf to get by until the M3 comes out. It's our second car, so the shorter range should work for us.

dsvick | 2017年3月30日

"If money is not a major factor, what, if anything is anyone else considering?"

Assuming that a BEV is what it desired there isn't anything else to consider except the Bolt or another Tesla model. So, sure, if money was not an issue I'd jump into a fully loaded X. Does that answer your question?

To address your suppositions though ...
None of the competition you mention will be available, even if you wait for the dual motor performance version of the model 3.
Anyone who has had their expectations crushed from the recent announcements probably had expectations that were too high anyway.

DTsea | 2017年3月30日

Everybody complained that first model x cars were loaded super price ones. 'What about the rest of us boo hoo!'

Now Tesla says fine we'll bring out the basic one first and all we hear is 'i want the loaded one boo hoo!'

Reminds me of Louis CK skit- 'Everything is awesome and nobody is happy.'

Rocky_H | 2017年3月30日

Primary car or secondary car? I'm with @Tarla's Driver in part on this. We already have an electric car with 200+ miles and Supercharger access. Our secondary around town car doesn't need to be that.

So I am planning for a used short range electric car. The Kia Soul EV in particular got really good reviews among electric cars that were not Tesla.

Regarding "Yank Tank", that is awesome. :)
Regarding Red Sage regarding that, Of course some people have the A8 et. al., but not many. Those are only useable in some places where the roads and driveways are big enough. I really don't like large bodied cars either, and I do live in the U.S.

Rocky_H | 2017年3月30日

@DTsea, Ha! Yes, exactly! +3.14

chris.pribe | 2017年3月30日

Nothing but a Tesla for me. If I were to buy any of the other automakers in future, it'd just be to cover shorts. ;-)

However, I was very pleased we were able to move my wife from a Prius hybrid to the Audi e-Tron. It's not a straight EV, of course, but it does have a plug and she likes the size.

chris.pribe | 2017年3月30日

BTW, I was kidding about the shorts. I would never recommend anything but going long.

hsuru4u | 2017年3月30日

the new golfs styling is gross.....the older ones are better looking to me.

topher | 2017年3月30日

" If it's "auto pilot" details... why? You're not driving the car, so what's the difference if that's on the center screen?"

Yes you are driving the car in autopilot. (Not in full self driving, but isn't even available yet).

Thank you kindly.

msofsd | 2017年3月30日

The Model 3 dash is designed around autonomous driving which won't be here for at least a few years. I agree that on an EV we don't need much more than a speedometer in front of us (maybe a clock, turn signal indicators, how much range we have left) but for a car that is designed so much around safety, I think taking your eyes off the road to look down at your computer screen, even for a second, could be dangerous. I'll wait to see the Model 3 final product. I hope I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Octagondd | 2017年3月30日

I own the stock
I own the biography
I have a Paypal account
I watch SpaceX launches (one today btw)
I have a 3/31 reservation
I have read all the WBW articles on Elon/Tesla/SpaceX etc.
I know what his name means
I play Blastar daily
I attend services at Electrek daily
I drink Kool-Aid daily
I hope to achieve enlightenment with my purchase of Model 3 and be taken to Mars by ITS before my time is done

Carl Thompson | 2017年3月30日


Please tell me you are joking and not really that obsessed!

Ross1 | 2017年3月30日

"Yank Tank" has its own page on Wikipedia

bj | 2017年3月30日

In some markets (read: Australia) Model 3 will arrive at about the same time as other contenders like the new long-range Leaf. That potentially creates a conundrum - imagine if Nissan was the first to take up Elon's offer for access to superchargers and the new Leaf was compatible.

I would then have a serious decision between Nissan and Tesla. Tesla would more than likely still win, but what if RHD Tesla was delayed a further 3 months... 6 months... Argh! RHD Leaf will be fairly early off the blocks, they are after all made in Japan!

In some ways it would be a good problem to have.

jamilworm | 2017年3月30日

My needs are very minimal, I just want a range over 150 miles. Also I don't want to hold out for a myth of a car to become a reality. It's easy for companies to talk about "plans" for a great car, or even to make an awesome prototype. But really, don't hold your breath.

If money were no object, I'd get a Model S. If money is an object and if the 3 weren't available I'm pretty sure I would buy a Bolt. I wouldn't wait for anyone else to catch up.

M3forMe | 2017年3月30日

Not sure why ALL of the complaints about taking the eyes off the road to look at the speed on the center display. Right now to look at the speed on the dash behind the steering wheel you still have to take the eyes off the road to look down.

If you use Waze and mount your phone in or near the center of the vehicle then just do a test and look at the speed display on your phone using Waze vs. the dash and see how hard is that? I haven't doing this seen Waze introduced the speed indicator and have no problem. Try it out!

Carl Thompson | 2017年3月30日

"That potentially creates a conundrum - imagine if Nissan was the first to take up Elon's offer for access to superchargers and the new Leaf was compatible."

I wouldn't worry about this too much. I get the feeling Tesla's offer was a lot like when Apple introduced Facetime and said that it would be an open protocol that even competing companies could use. It was great PR but they made darn sure it never actually happened.


KP in NPT | 2017年3月30日

I don't think Tesla's offer was anything but honest. EM has stated he is surprised no one has taken him up on it. He wants to accelerate sustainable transport - which is likely precisely why no one has done it.

Xerogas | 2017年3月30日

msofsd = "Model S of San Diego"?

Carl Thompson | 2017年3月30日


I hope you're right!

Ross1 | 2017年3月31日

A conondrum if the new Leaf were to be derived from Nissan IDS... my dream car with double opening side doors

Ross1 | 2017年3月31日

How can I carry a piano in a Model 3? Or a frig or dishwasher?

Civicrick | 2017年3月31日

I suggest getting the tow option

dd.micsol | 2017年3月31日

Other considered is model S and yes I did change my order from 2 mdl 3s to 1 mdl S 100D

Ehninger1212 | 2017年3月31日

If money was not a factor I would still only consider a tesla, Except it would be a modelX P100D. Loaded.

But money is a factor, tesla is the best option right now even waiting, I think it's going to be the best for a while even when ICE companies really "catch up". I mean dealers are listing the BOLT as a "gas sipper"... how am I supposed to take that seriously?

OtisR | 2017年3月31日

I take road trips a few times per year, one 475 miles, the other 220 miles, plus an occasional trip elsewhere, so a 300 mile option is important to me to avoid too many charging stops. If that option is not available this year I will get a Chevy Volt. 53 electric miles will cover almost all of my daily driving, but I can still drive it anywhere in the country when I need to.

andy.connor.e | 2017年3月31日

Im taking a backseat position for a few years to see what is created. Im still a Tesla fanboy, but im interested to see what other companies make in the next 5 years.

Octagondd | 2017年3月31日

OK Carl, you got me. I don't play Blastar daily.

Now, where can I find a framed poster of the holy trinity of Elon, JB and Franz? If I can't find that I may need to commission a nice wall painting for my office.

Octagondd | 2017年3月31日

This might work. Just needs a little modern touch to blur out or pixelize the other people.

Octagondd | 2017年3月31日

Today should be considered a holy day for all Muskovites.

hsuru4u | 2017年3月31日

hec you dont even need turn signal displays as it makes a noise when its on anyhow. Light display?? when its dark you will see them on or just use auto. spedometer? on the screen is fine because by now most people know how to gauge their speed by others on the road. The simple clean look is the future.If you want gauges get a mustang