Optional realism

Optional realism

Tesla will not offer options like dual motors, ludicrous, HUD (?) and perhaps glass roofs, cold weather packages, towing, air springs, etc initially, but they have to offer some upgrades to make a profit. What options would bring the greatest value to the company and us customers without disrupting the production line, and seem realistic.

Some Ideas:

PFF mode: Pretty F Fast. Dumps the power into the one motor, like ludicrous does. Call it the P75, 0-60 in the 4s.

Wheels: Big wheels and tires: probably part of the PFF package, but available separately.

Seating: Leather obviously optional. (Please have two or three cloth color options!)

No HUD for now? Planned for later?: Include the wiring harness and make it possible for this to be added later.

Auto Pilot: Presume they will handle this like the big cars, with full AP optional.

Lights: LED lights. Really should be standard as they are safer.

Paint: All but one or two colors will be optional.

These options are popular and easy to install components, merely bolting on one thing rather than another and mostly manufactured by others. Most likely at least some of these options would be chosen by a majority of buyers and would be profitable for Tesla without taxing the assembly line.

Red Sage ca us | 2017年3月30日

I'm pretty sure LED headlights/taillights will be standard.

SoFlaModel3 | 2017年3月30日

This post makes no sense.

They simply said AWD and performance would be delayed.

You presented a list of things not coming, but that's pure speculation on your part with no basis.

No HUD yes, but it was never a feature to begin with.

topher | 2017年3月30日

"options like dual motors, ludicrous"

Those aren't technically options, they are trim lines (or as near as Tesla gets). And they are offered, just that they delay delivery.

"perhaps glass roofs, cold weather packages, towing, air springs, etc initially,"

If these are going to be available at all, it will be from initial release (to customers). Though perhaps incurring a delivery delay (which is always the case).

"Paint: All but one or two colors will be optional."

I presume most colors will be available at no extra cost. The Model 3 is no longer in the sales demographic where $1500 extra for paint jobs will fly. Perhaps 1-3 premium colors.

Thank you kindly.

dsvick | 2017年3月30日

"Paint: All but one or two colors will be optional."

The others will be mandatory? :)

carlgo2 | 2017年3月31日

desvick: Got me! Paint will be mandatory, none of it actually free...
topher: I'll bet that some colors will cost more, though maybe not as much as on the big cars.
SoFlaModel3: Of course that was speculation. That was the whole idea, just to guess around.
Red Sage ca us: Hope so. It would be awesome.