Cargo - Longest item that would fit in a Model S with the seats down?

Cargo - Longest item that would fit in a Model S with the seats down?

What's the longest thing you've fit in the Tesla Model S with the seats down?

I'm wondering if I could fit a 240 gallon fish tank, which measures 8 feet by 2 feet by 3 feet. Just doing the math, that comes to 48 cubic ft, which "in theory" would fit within the 56ish (?) cubic feet of cargo space the Model S claims, but obviously it's not that simple, given that the majority of the volume comes from the length.

So, what is the longest thing that could reasonably fit in the trunk/backseat of a Model S?

Mathew98 | 2017年4月2日

My magicstix...

rxlawdude | 2017年4月2日

I think the 8 foot length will be a problem.

cookpwr | 2017年4月2日

tape measure anyone?

Bighorn | 2017年4月2日

I think 8 feet fits but you have to protect the big screen. I think the other dimensions might make it a tough fit with the hatch closed.

Solarwind | 2017年4月2日

With the seats forward you have a little over 7" but you also have less then 2 " vertical at the very back. You can leave the hatch open and let a foot hang out.
That's a problem I don't anticipate.

JAD | 2017年4月2日

Careful driving with the hatch open the fumes can get sucked in and kill you :)

tes-s | 2017年4月2日

Longest I have had in my MS is 10 feet - hatch and windows closed.

That fish tank would not fit in my Sienna minivan with the back seats removed.

buickguy | 2017年4月2日

Bighorn is correct on both counts. I've fit all sorts of 8' lumber in my car, but something as large as described by the OP is not going to work without the hatch being open. You'll need lots of padding, too, because one quick move or stop could cause lots of internal damage. May I suggest that Magicstix leave the front passenger seat up thus using that seat as a block while purposely letting his fish tank hang out the back some. Don't forget to secure and pad the hatch as it will want to swing with some force when starting, stopping or even hitting a bump.

Pricee2 | 2017年4月2日

Is the tank empty or full? How many fish in the tank? What size and species are the fish?

Just rent or borrow a vehicle that is designed to haul cargo.

Silver2K | 2017年4月3日

^ U-Haul +1

SamO | 2017年4月3日

I was able to get a 9'6" longboard (in bag) inside with the bag resting above the screen on the dash.

pnajar | 2017年4月3日

I've carried 8' 2x4 resting on the center console. I can't imagine a large tank fitting short of removing the front seats

croman | 2017年4月3日

I've moved a small fish tank. That's a bear of a job. If there are other live things than fish, you've gotta drain only 80-90% of the water and take the fish out but leave the rest (we had snails, shrimp, live plants, etc). Its heavy, it sloshes (so momentum is a big deal).

I'd use that Dolly app service. Why trash your car? The aforementioned tank move I did was in law school. I'd just buy a new tank it was that much of a PITA (its like $1 a gallon at most for a new glass tank, $4/gal for acrylic).

240 gallon tank is so heavy you'd risk personal injury too (even with just a little water it will be hundreds of pounds). (even with a crew). | 2017年4月3日

I've carried 10ft long conduit with the hatch and windows closed, and maybe had an inch or two to spare. I've also carried a 40 gallon hot water heater in it's box - again with the hatch closed. My guess is the tank will not fit - just too long and bulky - but might be worth a try - move the passenger seat up as far as it can go - take a photo if it does fit! | 2017年4月3日

You could stuff in Kennedy Meeks AND Prezemek Karnowski (but they would not be too happy) | 2017年4月3日

P.S. GO Heels!

Toothless2 | 2017年4月3日

I returned a queen size mattress to Costco this weekend (folded over lengthwise). People couldn't believe that thing came out of my car. Wish I had taken a photo.

revrev4ruach | 2017年4月3日 +1

GO Heels!

KidDoc | 2017年4月3日

I had a 10 foot ladder in there that had to rest on the console and almost touch the screen.

tes-s | 2017年4月3日

@KidDoc - in your MS with the hatch closed? My MS is not that long, but it is a 2013.

kevin | 2017年4月3日

Can you disassemble the tank?

tes-s | 2017年4月3日

...or fold it in half like @GreyGhost did with the mattress? | 2017年4月3日

I just took a few measurements. With the front seat fully forward, you have about 6 feet to the hatch closed, if the item was around 2 feet x 3 feet. If smaller, you can get an extra foot of length (the hatch limits the height the longer the item). With smaller items (2x4 wood, a pipe or conduit) you can get 10 feet in easily diagonally (I've done it), resting on the top of the dash. There is actually more than 11 feet of room, but it may not be possible to maneuver the object into the car. Be sure to bring some old towels to protect the dash and center armrests!

Xerogas | 2017年4月3日

I've gotten full-length mirrored wardrobe doors in there, in the shipping box

The flying hippie | 2017年4月3日

Fully framed door. 60 gallon water heater in its box. 16 bags of cedar mulch, firewood! it hauls anything!

Ross1 | 2017年4月4日

What are we talking about that has 10 feet, and another foot outside the hatch?
Almost an octopus and a half.

ATCRomes | 2017年4月4日

This reminds me of the time I pulled into Lowes to pick up a trash can, wheel barrow (in box) and 15 bags of mulch. The employee that helped me load the stuff had the best "are you serious?" look on his face when we started but was amazed when we still had room left...+the frunk. :)

Silver2K | 2017年4月4日

a hammer/big rock and a 20 pack of 60 gallon 6 mil garbage bags should make this job easy!

Silver2K | 2017年4月4日

ShibbyRomes | April 4, 2017
This reminds me of the time I pulled into Lowes to pick up a trash can, wheel barrow (in box) and 15 bags of mulch. The employee that helped me load the stuff had the best "are you serious?" look on his face when we started but was amazed when we still had room left...+the frunk. :)


Thanks for reminding me to buy some dirt and mulch at Lowes!

big sale till tomorrow!

Sailfast | 2017年4月4日

Would a Catrike Dumont 30 speed trike fit?

Silver2K | 2017年4月4日

does it fold? if not, you can use this to make it fit

BarryQ | 2017年4月4日

All my fish fold!

dilspam | 2017年4月5日

I fit a screen door, laying flat. 3x6.5 ft
A 65 inch TV, in the box

both required no gymnastics

Bighorn | 2019年11月22日

You had me at fish’s death:)

sbeggs | 2019年11月22日


markahaden | 2019年11月22日

Not an answer to your direct question, but related. This past spring, I managed to haul over 30 bags of mulch home from Home Depot, inside my Model S. Ha!! My friends thought I was crazy, but hey, it was all bagged up. I did have to vacuum it out afterward as a few bags had some minor holes.

Bighorn | 2019年11月22日

This is a zombie resurrected by a spammer.

vpoz | 2019年11月22日

We’ve managed an Ikea Kivik 3seater sofa.
Comes apart but couldn’t believe we managed to get it in.

vpoz | 2019年11月22日

Zombie could lie comfortably on the sofa.