Dodge Demon to take on Tesla

Dodge Demon to take on Tesla

Tesla must have really pissed off Detroit if this is what it's come to.
Special purpose street car with street legal slicks to put an end to the embarrassment at the drag strip.
Even more impractical than the Viper. Seats one.

DTsea | 2017年4月12日

6000 total production run

Silver2K | 2017年4月12日

Look for an update to make the p100d even quicker.

Elon looks forward to these situations to make his point about how the car becomes better and quicker with a simple over-the-air software upgrade.

nadurse | 2017年4月12日

Also I dont think they released a price for it yet, will be interesting to see.

What will also be interesting to see is what a purpose build EV from an OEM like Tesla or Lucid could do in all around performance, since the Tesla Model S was designed to be a luxury sedan, not a race car, and its simply amazing that its competitive with these super cars.

The problem still remains though for EVs is top speed, or even acceleration on the top end of the 1/4 mile. The p100d has a 2.3 or whatever 0-60 time, EQUIVALENT to that OEM built race car. But the Model S has an ET of 10.7X or so with a significantly lower MPH compared to a 9.6X of this car at 140mph. I would absolutely LOVE to see a 2nd gen roadster/brand new vehicle within the next 5 years: a purpose built, street legal, supercar for this reason.

Silver2K | 2017年4月12日

Rimacs go 200+ mph. I don't know how long it can be sustained though.

If the future is truly autonomous, there is no point in insane top speeds.

Silver2K | 2017年4月12日

Personally I think BEV's can do 8 second 1/4 easily.

The rubber is a BEV's biggest issue.

RedShift | 2017年4月12日

I was just going to start a thread on this, and I've been beaten to the punch!

Look how the ICE industry is twisting itself into a pretzel just to beat the P100D :-)

My question is, when will somebody remove their passenger seats and stereo and add drag tires to their P100D? (Or, for that matter, hack into the Tesla so it doesn't even need a driver but do SD drag strip races!)

What will happen to this single engine wonder at the drag strip then?

RedShift | 2017年4月12日

* not single engine , single SEAT

nadurse | 2017年4月12日

There will always be a point in insane top speeds. People will always want to race, go fast and push the boundary, its human nature, even if its on a closed course.

And on the point of autonomy, theoretically if all vehicles on the road were 100% autonomous and near 100% safe, the need for high speeds would be even more prevalent because theoretically you can INCREASE the speed limit since you can remove the need to govern for human error. Not everywhere, but if all cars on the highway where it would be physically safe from pedestrians and weather permitting, why couldnt you have a 120mph speed limit? Even if it were in certain lanes only so as to not cause problems for the econoboxes that max out at 80mph or whatever. Wouldnt that be a selling point? Buy this car and you can legally be driven 120mph in the fast lane and cut your commute time in half.

Even after the horse was phased out of use for general transportation, people still raced them, had horse shows, bet on and watched horse racing. Just because YOU dont think theres a point, doesnt mean that everyone thinks that way.

Dramsey | 2017年4月12日

"Look how the ICE industry is twisting itself into a pretzel just to beat the P100D :-)"

Yeah, I can pretty much guarantee that Tesla wasn't on the radar of anybody on the Demon development team. And you can add that passenger seat for $1!

RedShift | 2017年4月12日

I was going to add a line about you in my first post : ' ... and would dramsey go for this?' :-)

nadurse | 2017年4月12日

@RedShift, this company claimed a 2.0, 0-60mph time with a stripped down, race version of a p100D. Did not say anything about 1/4 ET or MPH, but I am guessing that it would be a modest improvement but still in the mid-to-low 10s range.

jordanrichard | 2017年4月12日

Apart from trying to compensate for something......who gives a crap about top speed. Where on public roads are you going to even legally come close to a top speed of say 150 mph? I am of course speaking from the U.S. I am not saying that I am a prude and stick to the speed limit, but any speed 20 mph higher than the posted speed limit is grounds for reckless driving and potentially having your car towed away.

The Bugatti Veyron can go 267 MPH. Whoopty shit. There are only 5 places on the planet that you can do that.

I don't even consider this "Demon" a passenger car because it can't transport any passengers. It is as much a production passenger vehicle as a Craftsmans law tractor.

RedShift | 2017年4月12日

I mean... just get a motorbike, will be more thrilling by in the twisties.

DonS | 2017年4月12日

Can you blame Dodge? If there are 6000 potential suckers, I meant customers, out there willing to pay top dollar for these cars, why wouldn't they make them? If Dodger only promoted their image as a manufacturer of practical sedans and minivans, they wouldn't be in business for long. People will buy the Dodge family car because the Demon gives Dodge a bit of cool factor.

Tesla is not much different with the high performance models. Tesla reaps huge profit margins on the highest performance versions, and gets lots of press to boot.

RedShift | 2017年4月12日

Did you see the recent video where a Hellcat broke its drive shaft when trying to drag race a P100D?

Hope this new iteration of Dodge Demon doesn't turn into Dodge Lemon!!

dyefrog | 2017年4月12日

I've always felt that Tesla develop a dragstrip optimized version to tour the country hitting all the local strips. Can you imagine the buzz as it smokes Jim Bob and Festus with their trailered funny cars. They would have to take notice and it could help win over the tobacco chewing crowd. On second thought, forget that idea.

Dramsey | 2017年4月12日

"I was going to add a line about you in my first post : ' ... and would dramsey go for this?' :-)"

Nah. Dramsey went for a Shelby GT350 for his toy car, because he's a pussy for whom 526HP is enough

RedShift | 2017年4月12日

I'm even more of a pussy then. Previously, 186 HP and the BMW inline growl ( I'm serious, it was a delicious sound) and a nimble, sure footed, vault- safe feeling, utterly joyful 325i was enough for me.

Sigh. Test drove the much ballyhooed Alfa Romeo giulia quadrofoglio last week.

Bah. Everything is great. Except there is NO connection between the (will this madness ever stop?) electric steering and front wheels.

This, on the Quadrofoglio. BMW is no better nowadays.

Sad state of affairs.

Dramsey | 2017年4月12日

Lucky sod. I've seen a 4C in the wild exactly once. Never seen a Gulia, and probably won't for a while.

Yeah, electric power steering sucks in performance cars. I'm told the unit in the GT350 is better than most. Dodge at least continues to use hydraulic steering racks in the Hellcats...

RedShift | 2017年4月12日

Ok I'll test the hellcat. I'm no snob man. I just want my cars to feel natural. Let's see.

carlgo2 | 2017年4月12日

I test drove an S, but didn't really get a feel for its electric steering. How is it compared to its competitors?

Too bad about the Giulia. I had an Alfa boat tail, still a great looking and fun car to drive. Best ever though, for me, was a 356 Porsche that had manual steering, manual disk brakes. So light, so direct. Maybe Tesla will someday come out with a smaller entry level sports car with the same characteristics.

Not sure the Dodge buyers are suckers. Performance cars hold their value and more so with special editions.

Just to put it into perspective, top fuel dragsters are supposedly at 10,000 hp now! I would never, ever drive one.

Of course Tesla could field a competitive S, stripped out, special tires, decambering the rear suspension and of course any amount of power they want. With AWD it would have an advantage, all else being equal. I would imagine that its gearing could be optimized for more top end.

One thing I like about the ludicrous mode is that it is useable power that you can have fun with. I agree flying along at high speeds is very dangerous, but picking a spot and going from 45-65, for example, takes less that two seconds, pushes everyone back in their seats and you never have to break the speed limit or make a bunch of noise and smoke to alert anyone.

Dramsey | 2017年4月12日

Tesla offers more _usable_ performance than most performance ICE cars. My GT350 will reportedly do 0-60 in about the same time as my 90D, for example, but getting that number requires a perfect launch and at least one really good, really fast shift from 1st to 2nd. I have a fast Mustang now (2007 supercharged Saleen) and I can tell you that extracting the maximum acceleration from a stop requires some skill.

A monkey could get the best performance, repeatedly, in a Tesla. Which is why although I retain my enthusiasm for performance ICE vehicles, my Tesla is the only car I have not on a "less than 7,500 miles per year" insurance plan!

RedShift | 2017年4月12日


Tesla's steering feel is better than most owing , I think, due to the 48/52 rear split static weight distribution. However, it's still aloof.

Rest of the car, like dramsey said performs far better in the real world (street performance) than almost any other ICE car.

Tropopause | 2017年4月12日

Tesla Racing Channel stripped seats and the frunk out of their P100D. 10.4 1/4 mile. Still slower than 9.6 Demon but the Tesla will always get the jump for now.

I think it's great that we're talking about two American rivals, after how many decades of foreign domination?!? Of course only one represents the future of transportation and sustainable consumption. The harder the competition pushes Tesla, the more Elon advances the technology. Thank you very much!

jordanrichard | 2017年4月13日

dyefrog, I have to disagree with the idea that Tesla should built a drag strip purposed MS. Outside of the car world, drag racing is stupid and childish. It's two people, typically guys, just racing their egos.

It is far more telling if a street legal, regular production 5 passenger sedan can beat a purpose built strip downed drag strip car, which BTW technically, this Demon shouldn't be classified as a passenger vehicle because it can't transport any passengers.

Oh, BTW, my remark about drag racing, is what I have heard from numerous people. I don't have such a harsh opinion about drag racing. Within the world of ICE, there is something to be learned/gain from it. I just don't like it when people say things like, " you see that Ford beat that Chevy", when there is most likely not a off the shelf Ford or Chevy engine/tranny in those cars.

vp09 | 2017年4月13日

The convolution of a dying and obsolete vehicle producer.

vp09 | 2017年4月13日

The Dodge Brothers maybe did right in the 1920s with Henry Ford. Forming their own company. We get it.

Now, in 2017, they could do right by joining with Elon.

brando | 2017年4月13日

I liked the idea of the P100D using auto pilot at the drag strip.
(and maybe really, really stripped down to just the shell - no seat nor belts nor steering wheel - stripped)

Man vs Machine
One man's ego crushed.
what other phrases would this inspire?

Ross1 | 2017年4月14日

" You can even record the data from your runs down the strip. In addition to the customizable functions, Performance Pages also displays loads of useful performance data, including actual 0-60 mph time, 0-100 mph time, eighth-mile and quarter-mile ET and speed, peak g-forces, and full gauge readouts for just about every parameter you can imagine.

I was espousing this 2 years ago, treated like an idiot. By idiots presumably.

alexmd2 | 2017年4月14日

I think these will be highly valued by collectors. Limited run completely pointless car with technology on its way out.

Tropopause | 2017年4月14日

Imagine being able to pull more G-forces due to omitting the weak link- the human! ;)

mark.willing | 2017年4月14日

I saw the commercial on this car,...OK, looks like a lot of fun, sounds great, lifts the front wheels off the ground, it doesn't even come with a passenger seat for Pete's Sake! As others have said, the times are a changing. When drag cars need race slicks, a full cage, and a chute off the back to go this fast.

Then came the P100D. When a your wife can put groceries in the trunk of the P100D, the kids buckled up in the back seat, and can still outrun this beast, with the kids laughing a giggling the whole way,...time to hang it up Chrysler, Ford, and GM. The age of the internal combustion engine has seen it's eventual extinction.

dyefrog | 2017年4月15日

Based on the numbers, I don't think the Tesla will beat the Demon. It barely beat the Hellcat when equipped with proper rubber. But regardless, when your ego is so damaged that you go to these lengths to regain bragging rights especially when being previously spanked by a 7 passenger, 4 door sedan that was not singularly designed for drag racing, is just embarrassing.

On a side note, I was at the NY auto show yesterday and the Demon was a big draw. They had an arcade type drag racing simulator with quite a line. The cars front ends would lift on launch and shake as they ran down the strip. Somewhat pointless but such is drag racing is suppose.

blue adept | 2017年4月15日

Personally, I think you're all reading a bit too much into this "Demon" thing as all that it is is Dodge/Chrysler trying to cash in on the latest "Fast And Furious" franchise movie installment, nothing more...

Think about it.

carlgo2 | 2017年4月16日

I wouldn't drive that thing 50 mph!, But for those who do, I would keep the mini guns and have them fire out the back. It would propel the car forward and ward off tailgaters and anyone who dares to pass.

Wonder if those batteries should have been sold if they are a needed spare part and goodness knows what the military paid for them. Probably more than a Tesla...

johndoeeyed | 2017年4月16日
Haggy | 2017年4月17日

Elon doesn't have to try to beat this. Tesla will have a new roadster that will blow this away. End of story.