22" Tesla turbines or 20" Tsportline turbines

22" Tesla turbines or 20" Tsportline turbines

I'm curious what the differences are and which rim would be worth the money


MUSKeteer | 2017年4月12日

If you are considering the Tesla 22" turbines, you can't reason with cost effectiveness because not only is there a range hit with the larger wheels, you have to consider that the tires on the lower profile 22" wheels won't last as long AND will cost more to replace.

jajabor | 2017年4月13日

I just did SF-LA-SF on my MX with 22" turbines. At first I was very nervous about the range. But we did pretty well. Drove on average 80 mph all the way. I did not see any significant range hit. My wh/m for the trip was 422.

MUSKeteer | 2017年4月13日

Sweet! Can you tell us which SC you stopped at along the way?

tjhappel | 2017年4月13日

IMO there's a large range hit, I just switched to the 20's turbine wheel and had the 22's. I drive all freeway miles and the first 9k of the life of my model x I averaged 385 wh/mile with the 22's. About two weeks ago now I switched the 20's and over 1500 miles I'm at 337 and it still seems to be dropping a bit.

I no longer need to charge to 100% daily as I drive about 200 miles a day, makes a huge difference to me plus they last longer ride nicer and they're quieter. They do not look as good but that's the trade off for sure. It's weird how big of a deal an extra 35-50 miles of range is but it's really changed the car for me,

jajabor | 2017年4月14日

@MUSKeteer, on the way to LA, I stopped at Harris Ranch and Tejon Ranch. Coming back to SF, I stopped at Button Willow and Gustine. Btw, I have a 100D.

MasterT | 2017年4月14日

@jajabor - " I did not see any significant range hit. My wh/m for the trip was 422" - what are you comparing to when you say that you did not see any range hit?

jajabor | 2017年4月14日

@MasterT, it was my humble opinion. I wasn't comparing with any scientific data. Considering the facts that MX100D is a very heavy vehicle + 22" wheels adds extra weight + driving on average 80 mph on a 900 miles round trip, 422 wh/m was pretty good in my opinion. It could have been worse.

MUSKeteer | 2017年4月14日

Thanks jajabor!

steilkurve | 2017年4月17日

Get the new Sonic Carbon 20s!

kokyeow1 | 2017年4月21日

Any comments or experienced if I switch to a 22 inch forged light weight wheel ? Will the range hit be as bad compare to the stock 22 ?Thanks