Fisker teases new luxury EV with 400 mile range

Fisker teases new luxury EV with 400 mile range

So Fisker will formally unveil a new luxury EV called the EMotion on August 17. He is promising 400 miles range!! What caught my attention is that the car will apparently not use lithium-ion batteries but instead use graphene supercapacitors. Any engineers here that can enlighten us about what the differences will be? I am guessing the supercapacitors might be able to charge and discharge quickly allowing for fast charging and quick power to the engine.

I am sure it will be very expensive and unfortunately charging will most likely be limited. It will definitely be a limited production car for a select few rich luxury car enthusiasts. But the car looks super cool and the graphene supercapacitors are a very intriguing technology. 400 miles range is pretty great too!

EcLectric | 2017年4月27日

It actually runs on hot air coming out of the mouth of the driver. Only works when Fisker is the driver, however... Do a tiny bit of research on graphene and Fisker and you will know this is bullshit.

hoffmannjames | 2017年4月27日

I guess there is a good reason why every EV uses lithium-ion batteries. They are a proven tech.

RedShift | 2017年4月27日

Looking at their track record, I've full confidence they will be very successful at this.

SamO | 2017年4月27日

Based on their track record, I would never buy anything even tenuously connected to Henrik Fisker. He is the #FauxKingTrump of the automobile, just beating out #FauxKingLutz

Dramsey | 2017年4月27日


Henrick Fisker designed some of the most beautiful and iconic cars ever, including the Aston Martin DB9 and BMW Z8. Bob Lutz has decades of experience in the automotive world, was involved with the creation of the BMW 3-series, created the Viper while at Chrysler, and listing his accomplishments at GM would take more typing that I feel like doing now.

Sure, the Karma was a mess and Lutz doesn't like electric cars, but neither of them is "faux" anything.

SamO | 2017年4月27日

Please feel free to buy anything built by Fisker or Lutz. I'm assuming you bought the Karma, and if no, why?

Also, I'm sure you bought Bob Lutz's most recent Via Motors offering and VLF Automotive vehicles?

That's what I thought. I have little use for Lutz the Putz, who is a fossilized pile of crap. Fisker built his Karma on the backs of Tesla and then (must be divine justice) made his EV a hybrid.

Save the hagiography for the politicians and religious leaders.

Efontana | 2017年4月27日

Pretty good sissors.

Dramsey | 2017年4月27日


Sigh. Sneering contempt and sarcasm for anyone who disagrees with you in any way aside, both of the men you criticize were giants in their day, with accomplishments that beggar anything you or I will ever achieve. Your offhand dismissal of this "hagiography" reveals more about you than it does about them.

I'm not sure why pointing out anything good about any other car except something made by Elon drives you into such a frothing rage-- are you even a Tesla owner?-- but you might want to do something about that. Stress can cause a number of physiological problems.

Jhwjr1 | 2017年4月27日

I didn't like much about the BMW Z8. I've seen them. I've driven one. And I owned and LOVED the BMW M Roadster. But the Z-8 just seemed louder and bigger, without being as fun, as cool or as great a handler for nearly 3X the price.

And I do call for a sarcasm font. Some of the post above are at risk of being taken seriously.

SamO | 2017年4月27日


Again with the strawmen. I recognize the accomplishments of other carmakers.

Please see my congratulations thread to VW's Charging Network.

I've written positively about Faraday Future. An event in Los Angeles that I attended and test rode in their prototype.

But I also recognize that Fisker produced a beautiful but horribly flawed Karma. FACT.

I also recognize that Bob Lutz is a doddering old fool. FACT.

You can fellate them to your heart's content. I'll pass.

Perhaps you should look at the areas we disagree:

Necessity of fossil fuel
Transition to sustainable energy
Climate change
The recent success of Bob Lutz in bankrupting GM
The recent success of Fisker in bankrupting Fisker Motors.

You seem to be a member of the flat earth society.

RedShift | 2017年4月27日

Though I hate Bob Lutz, I do admire that old lion.

maybe because of his involvement with the 3 series, may be because his disparaging comments on the BMWs of late are bang on target.

I can respect the man while hating him for trying to shoehorn the LS8 into a Model S.

We could do with some of that old 3 series DNA into today's automobiles. I don't have much hope though.

SamO | 2017年4月27日

Speaking in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Lutz had some choice words regarding Musk's company, Tesla. "I don’t know why it is that otherwise intelligent people can’t see what’s going on there. They lose money on every car, they have a constant cash drain, and yet everybody talks as if this is the most miraculous automobile company of all time," he said.

DERP. They don't lose money on every sale Putz.

QUESTION: What do you think will happen with Tesla down the line? Bought by a traditional auto company?

PUTZ: Maybe, but who needs it? [Musk] has no technology that’s not available to anybody else. It’s lithium-ion cobalt batteries. Every carmaker on the planet has electric vehicles in the works with a 200-300-mile range. Raising capital is not going to help, because fundamentally the business equation on electric cars is wrong. They cost more to build than what the public is willing to pay. That’s the bottom line.

Putz is a charitable characterization. Lying sack of crap, doddering old fool or slowly slipping into dementia are more accurate.

lar_lef | 2017年4月27日

Not necessarily relevant to this thread, but I'll seize the opportunity.
I'm for the Leaf, I'm for the Bolt,
I'm for the teslas galore
What I'm against are the trolls
About them my hope: Nevermore.

Ok Ross's poetics are better
But what can you do.

reed_lewis | 2017年4月28日

There is a phrase that applies here: 'A rising tide raises all boats.'

Any new company that makes viable EVs will only help Tesla sell more cars.

It is not an 'either/or' situation.

If this other company is successful, and they end up making a product that meets or exceeds Tesla's product, then good for them.

But no one will know until the future what actually will happen.

SamO | 2017年4月28日


The issue is "viable" and "EV".

Fisher has never made an EV. Only a hybrid. Every shitty vaporware that fails "sinks all boats."

By contrast, I think VW is sufficiently fcuked by dieselgate that, against all natural desire and inclination, have shown they are committed to electric vehicles and charging Network.

SamO | 2017年4月28日

Fisker (damn autocorrect)

RedPillSucks | 2017年4月28日

At the risk of getting dragged into this quicksand, all I think Dramsey is saying is that you can argue the relative merits of each mans accomplishments (Fisker and Lutz) without resorting to character assassination. If you think they are dinosaurs, ok. One can argue that in their time, dinosaurs were rulers of their ecosystems. One can also argue that their time has passed and a new era is upon us (EVs). It can be done without Trumpian meanness.

finman100 | 2017年4月28日

I love my Leaf. But the "bad battery" (not heat tolerant, not cooled, too small, loses 15% capacity in 3-4 years, loses 35% in 2 years of heat!) has been a big selling point (sarcasm).

what I mean is, a lot of people look at the Leaf and it's short-comings versus their gas car. Many will NOT make that jump. The Leaf is awesome for me and my area and use. Compelling it is not. They've sold a bunch but the "rising tide" car is coming (hint, it's the Model 3).

So glad Elon and company know this word, compelling. THAT is bringing a tsunami of EV interest. See Bolt for the fact that range alone does not appeal to the masses.

DTsea | 2017年4月28日

Dramsey +1

Samo there is no need to describe dramseys post as 'fellating' lutz or fisker. Why the vitriol?

reed_lewis | 2017年4月28日

Again, I wish all EV makers success. Hoping for failure of one is not a valid thought process if one wants EVs to be very successful.

If they are not successful though, we all know it is not idea of EVs, but the specific instance of that EV. Plus one hopes that the spin someday will be that even if a EV manufacturer fails, it does not mean the 'death knell' for all EVs.

SamO | 2017年4月28日


Lutz led GM into Bankruptcy. That bankruptcy and the continued solvency of GM is at risk due to "material misrepresentations" about the deaths of dozens of GM customers. Please tell me what I got wrong. And if you want us to look at his last 8 years after leaving, he's accomplished NOTHING.

Then to top it off, last week, Lutz gets on TV to flat out LIE. About Tesla. Because he is a bitter old fossil fuel shill.

I cannot honestly feel sorry that I am insufficiently respectful of his failures.

SamO | 2017年4月28日


Please tell me ON SUBSTANCE: what did I get wrong?

I understand you don't like my "delivery" but @Dramsey is as #AlternativeFacts as they come.

DonS | 2017年4月28日

Super-capacitors have not been feasible because the physical size cannot compare with the chemical storage of a battery. Who knows, maybe they figured out how to mold super-capacitors into every void in the body. Imagine a fender that is solid, rather than a thin skin so that it could hold a portion of the motive energy. Lots of people thought Tesla couldn't make anything like the Model S, so I remain hopeful that there are still some innovative ideas coming.

David N | 2017年4月28日

Fisker? Seriously?
Maybe third times a charm..........naw

RedPillSucks | 2017年4月28日

Well, Fiskers short comings is basically that he is a designer and not much of a builder. With the Karma, he surrounded himself with the wrong people to implement his design. Hopefully this time he will have the right people around him.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not cancelling my M3 reservation. I want Tesla to succeed as much as any body.
However, the more, the merrier, right?

carlk | 2017年4月28日

Dramsey Can you also tell me who designed the beautiful Nokia phone? I wonder why he did not start a new phone company with his immense talent.

SamO | 2017年4月28日


I went to the Lucid Motors event in Los Angeles. Took the test drive. Peter Rawlinson (ex-Tesla employee) is leading a great team. I wish them luck.

I would love more merriment. I just don't expect much from this project.


DTsea | 2017年4月28日

On substance samo i dont care. I read the forum for fun and interest so why rip into other forum members with differing opinions?

It is just NASTY.

SamO | 2017年4月28日

I don't rip into forum members with differing opinions unless whether you think the earth being flat is an "opinion".

I don't suffer liars or fools.

SamO | 2017年4月29日

"If the design looks a tad familiar up front, that's because Fisker has also been working with VLF, a company started by former automotive executive Bob Lutz. (Fisker is the 'F' in VLF.) to pour 10,000 pounds of crap into a 5,000 pound sack. In addition to Putz and Fisker, ex-Boeing executive Gilbert Villarreal will help put the "zero into being" at VLF." | 2017年4月29日

This is one of the more entertaining threads! The new Fisker is not what I'd call good looking, although not in the leaf/prius category. As far as I can tell, this is not a real EV at all, since there are no batteries (specifically stated in the press release). It might have a tiny electric motor that can be powered for a second or two from super-capacitors, but I suspect 99.9% of the power is from a gas engine. Guess we'll find out in a few months.

The last Fisker failed for a lot of reasons, but the software was downright awful and incomplete. Here's a review of the system by an owner with one of the later releases: After you seen this horror, you'll wonder why anyone complains about Tesla!

Perhaps they have something new, but execution is more important than a flashy concept. Hopefully Fisker has learned something from that prior mess.

janendan | 2017年4月30日

I went to the Model S mileage calculator and put my driving conditions into the selections. The result was a little over 400 miles. I made the assumption the Model3 (75kwh) would be about the same as a Model S (90kwh). Is this fairly accurate? And any hard data on the efficiency of low or no regenerative effect from removing one's foot from the accelerator? I always thought that an A/T that slightly/ imperceptively pulsed the accelerator would be better than a system that is continuously in inertial tension.

Silver2K | 2017年4月30日

I wish them luck and hope this does happen. Competition is best for everyone

brando | 2017年5月8日

Bob Lutz is an icon of US upper management.
Takes the credit and the BIG BUCKS, when it is really the employees that do the real work, in spite of Lutz media show and Madison Ave.BS. Just read one of his books. Follow Elon's advice for finding good people, ask them how they solved a problem. I don't know of any problem Bob Lutz solved (except fixing his bank account).

Now that he and Fisker are more on their own, let us see how they do.

brando | 2017年5月8日

The Boeing guy - ex-Boeing executive Gilbert Villarreal - sounds impressive, interesting to see what he can do.

brando | 2017年5月8日

RedPillSucks - Fisker HAD the right people around him at Tesla, but sadly ripped off Tesla for $875,000 in design fees and it was so ugly, I doubt anyone has seen it, I have not. IF you can find a picture, please let us know.

Fisker White Star design for Tesla

You can read some of the stories about this fiasco.

jordanrichard | 2017年5月9日

janendan, you really can't use that calculator to come up with estimates for the Model 3. The weight of the Model 3 will be a lot less than the MS. It also may have different motors which themselves may have different efficiencies.

Also, unless you drive a constant 30 mph, with no AC/heat, in 70 deg weather on absolute flat land, you are not getting 400 miles of range out of any Tesla or any EV for that matter.

carlgo2 | 2017年5月9日

The car itself is just another futuristic show car. Big deal. But, buy a used Tesla and put the capacitors in the back seat and hook them up. If it works, then we have something very exciting. No demo = fake news.

Bighorn | 2017年5月9日

Building a new car company is hard--like really hard. I'm very dubious of any de novo Tesla competitors.

KP in NPT | 2017年5月9日

It looks like a cartoon car. And it's a hybrid.

RedShift | 2017年5月30日

And like Cartoon characters, this one will also be in fantasy land.

Tropopause | 2017年5月30日

That's all folks!

blue adept | 2017年6月23日

It's a HYBRID, which is NOT an actual EV.