Target opening by the end of 2017!!!

10 new locations for MA
1 NH
1 VT
1 ME
0 RI (Do you really need more than 1?) ;-)
9 CT (Includes Another Darien)
17 Near NYC
1 in Philly
and lots more.....

mdmgso | 2017年5月2日

Way too many for my taste. Who cares about the frozen northeast? (;>)

barrykmd | 2017年5月2日

You're causing angst for Bighorn and NKYTA. So much more work for them...

PhillyGal | 2017年5月2日

I'm so psyched to see WHERE in Philly.

My money is outside of the city limits, even though I wish that weren't the case. But if it is, no requests for meetups, i'm allergic to the suburbs. Especially the Main Line, where I wouldn't at all be surprised to see a SC pop up.

(Where it SHOULD be is at the Red Robin on Horizon Blvd in 19020 zip. Look it up.)

BigD0g | 2017年5月2日

@PhillyGal actually, with Elon's latest comments regarding the need for urban charging I would not be surprised if it's within city limits.

PhillyGal | 2017年5月2日

@Big - We don't have any in the entire Philly metro area - city or suburbs interestingly enough.

barrykmd | 2017年5月2日

PG - My guess is the Parx casino parking lot. Close to 1, 95 and the tpk...

acegreat1 | 2017年5月2日

Does anyone have a close up of the nyc tri- state sc projected locations?

Bluesday Afternoon | 2017年5月2日

Why do you need all of those new Superchargers? According to tes-s it's not a problem! ;-)

jeepn30 | 2017年5月2日

I thought I saw that King of Prussia was getting one....If I still had my Flyers season tickets that would have been decent....can't believe they've really avoided the Philly area as long as they have. Hopefully it won't be too long and I-80 will be completed. Anybody's guess as to where in Philly, though.

muddy | 2017年5月2日

Lots of chatter in Seattle about the lack of a SC in the metro area. A pretty high number of Teslas per capita out here. Not much word from Tesla about a solution to this "problem". Only "soon".
However, for touring western WA, and taking road trips to the east and south the SCs are nicely placed.

ooagentmm | 2017年5月2日

Muddy wa us - Did you look at the latest Supercharger map? The greater Seattle area has several planned, including one near Snoqualmie to make the Centralia/Ellensburg stretch more manageable.

Madatgascar | 2017年5月3日

According to this map, they will be building one within a block of my office! Can't imagine where

barrykmd | 2019年5月20日

^^ flagged

barrykmd | 2019年5月20日

It's gone. Thanks all.