What are you doing to help advance Elon's Mission?

What are you doing to help advance Elon's Mission?

There seems to be a lot of wasted energy on these forums as of late with reposting deleted threads, complaining about other members, debating topics that just go nowhere, etc. I'm guilty of participating too. I sometimes can't help myself. But I think the effort spent on such activities could be better utilized trying to help advance Tesla's (and Elon's) mission of switching energy and transport to cleaner options.

I would like to see what other members have done and better yet, actively doing to help advance the mission of Tesla and show the benefits of electric cars. Perhaps share ideas on what we can do to help the goals of allowing Tesla to sell and service in ALL states.

I know there are several posters like that have contributed greatly!

I'll start:

1. Model S owner in a state that is very much pro dealership, hence anti Tesla (Michigan). Delivered as of Feb 2017. (I should have purchased a Model S years earlier.)

2. After my purchase and delivery, I had to go to the Secretary of State in Michigan and give them about $7,000. I wrote a letter to my local state representative and explained how awful I thought it was that Michigan can happily take my money but then make it difficult for me as a consumer to have that product serviced. (Especially in a republican led state that is supposedly "pro-business".)

3. My rep replied and agreed with me 100%. We spoke on the phone for about 45 minutes. He said that I should send that letter to all the other representatives in the state. (110). I was reluctant because typically representatives only respond to people in their district. But I did it anyway. Took a few hours since I customized the intro to it for each rep.

4. I told my rep that I sent those letters and that I heard back from 12 so far and all but one was in full support. (I'm surprised I heard from any). My rep invited me to Lansing. On April 27th, I offered to drive him in for the day in my Tesla and he accepted. He was blown away by the car and had never been in one before. I was able to park in his spot at the capital for the day which was really close to the main capital building entrance and therefore all the other reps had to walk by it. They noticed. While I was on the floor with the reps and was introduced by my rep, at least 6 stopped by mentioning the car. Several reps stood by my car and I had a couple sit in it. They were asking all sorts of good questions. My rep really thanked me for the ride that day and I said I would be happy to do it again (every other week if he's open to it). I stated I would just like to meet other reps who are against Tesla in the state. He was open to the idea and we shall see how it goes.

5. I also spoke with rep Aaron Miller who is leading the campaign to help Tesla in Michigan. I said I would like to help out in any way I can. He gave me a contact with the president of a lobby firm. (I'm not typically a fan of lobbyists but unfortunately, that's how the game is played.) I contacted this person and have a meeting with him this Thursday May 11 while I spend hopefully another full day in Lansing. I will post back how it goes. I highly doubt my efforts will help in any way, but I am going to try. Also, you'd be surprised.... It's actually kind of fun to discuss this with other reps and to show off the car.

(Other things)

6. I am signed up for the EV program with consumers energy which allows cheaper rates from 11 PM to 6 AM. 10c per kW. This tells the power companies that yet another person owns an EV. (And of course it helps my rates a little.)

7. Since I currently own a condo, I am not allowed to have solar on the roof. But I instead signed up for the consumers energy green generation option for 100%. I have been on this plan even before I purchased the Tesla. Back then, it cost under 2 dollars per month for that surcharge. (Granted, my electricity is still coming from other forms like coal but the power company supposedly offsets that with greener energy options elsewhere.). Now with my Model S (and the fact that I love to drive so much more now), that surcharge is about 9.80 per month. (Still very reasonable). I plan on building a house with a Tesla solar roof in about two years.

So some suggestions if you are willing and able:
1. If you get your power from an electric company, see about getting the green energy option. If nothing else, it will tell the power companies that yes.... people DO prefer to have less pollution even if it costs a little bit more.

2. If you live in a state that is hard on Tesla, contact your rep. You might actually be able to move the needle a bit....maybe. But at least you can say you tried. People I have told that I am doing this, were just impressed with the fact that I'm doing this at all. But I actually enjoy it because I am passionate about this mission even if it does take my time.

Please report your ideas on other ways to help. I would like some suggestions. Thanks!

Suggestion List:

1. Get friendly with reporters to help pursuade reps who may not otherwise agree. (I'd rather not do that option right now but it is a good suggestion.)


May 11 Update - I met with Michigan Legislative Consultants today. It went well. They said having Tesla owners contact their reps is EXTREMELY important. Especially in Michigan. Because without owners contacting their reps, their reps only receive pressure from the dealership network on one side and then Tesla on the other. But having a rep's constituents contact them requesting Tesla to have service centers and sales galleries in Michigan , allows reps to say they are supporting their voting base. Again...extremely important! Please contact your rep! Show them you want Tesla to operate in this state. If you did contact them, do it again!

There is an owners meeting in Southfield MI next Tuesday from 5-7 PM. I will try to be there.

Other next steps for me, trying to pull together a meeting with multiple reps and Michigan Legislative Consultants.

Also, if you can spend a day in Lansing, offer to drive your rep in your Tesla for the day. Then you can park near the capital with your Tesla. It gets noticed! Trust me. People are still talking about it two weeks later when they saw my car. They thought my rep bought it.

KP in NPT | 2017年5月6日

I drive the car. Talk about the car. Gush about the car. We're getting a second Tesla (Model 3) to be ICE-free.

I wrote my state rep and asked her to introduce anti-ICEing legislation for my state. She obliged and it is waiting for the governor to sign it. I am lucky to live in a very pro-BEV, pro renewables state (even though Tesla does not yet sell here - as far as I know they haven't tried.) We have the first offshore wind farm in the US. Our governor and our senators, especially Sheldon Whitehouse, are very focused on climate change. I don't need to write them for change but I do write them thanking them for their efforts.

As of now our town (and state, really) is pretty well covered with charging stations for the number of BEVs we have, and as far as I know street charging is not yet an issue - but I am paying attention and plan on chatting with our environmental commission (neighbor is on it) regarding street charging and possibly requiring landlords to allow chargers/14-50s to be installed at owners expense. But I don't think we are quite there yet. Maybe after Model 3..

We plan on eventually switching to the new solar roof tiles, assuming they will be approved by our historic district commission. And will get the power wall to go with them.

Efontana | 2017年5月6日

In supporting the goal, initiated and developed the more efficient inductive charger described in, "More Efficient Inductive Electric Vehicle Charger: Using Autonomy to Improve Energy Efficiency,"

Hoping to persuade the new owners to get the efficiency to a value that rounds to 98% (that would be 97.5%), so we can have it third party verified and then assert "Do you care about carbon footprint, or not?" :-)

In supporting the goal, recognized that multiple occupants deliver an even smaller carbon footprint with way less traffic congestion, so did this concept CAD model as a hobby. "Passengers First Light Truck - A Modern Take on a Narrow Wake,"

The key there is that people like to sit upright. It is a low drag, low interior noise, midsize SUV. The working title was, "The 'Carnegie Hall' of Cars," in that the SUV has to be an outstanding media venue to attract occupants. Quiet is a big part of that.
Battery costs go with frontal area and coefficient of drag to higher power. So the goofy shape is to keep battery costs down, but the social costs of fashion choices may be higher.

This youtube video is a demonstration of insanity from 2008 (android challenge). It pushes many of the ideas that can make multi rider commutes work into the public domain. It is best played at 1.5x (Blossom Dearie and Ella are still recognizable there :-)

On a more likely to succeed path, am encouraging a coworker to reserve a 3 rather than buy an Acura when replacing his Honda Accord V6.

mark.willing | 2017年5月6日

7.75 kWh rooftop solar with net metering. Powerwall 2's on the way. Working with my solar energy installer to become a certified Tesla installer, as well. Hopefully, SO_S90D input can help get this Tesla situation sorted out in Michigan. ; ) I have auto leases that end in 2018,...looking forward to a couple of EVs in the garage.

MitchP85D | 2017年5月6日

I'll be driving a Tesla till the day I kick the bucket. And tell everybody about it in Texas. That'll be my contribution.

msmith55 | 2017年5月6日

Cost is a measure of the combined energy, materials, and labor used, so If it costs more it uses more and your doing more damage to the environment, not less! To be truly green, you must use less, and cost must be less! This is what the model 3 is all about, providing a lower cost of ownership, over the life of the car!

bigd | 2017年5月6日

I just talk about Tesla to everyone I know - they call me Mr tesla. LOL But SO_S90D & KP getting legislation changed in your states +42

SamO | 2017年5月6日

I try to give at least a ride every day to someone who has never ridden in a Tesla. I've given hundreds of rides and referred many friends and family members. But more importantly, I continue to encourage people to get on the Model 3 waiting list. To think about sharing their cars in the Tesla Network.

SO | 2017年5月6日

@KP - I also drive and gush about the car. I find myself driving a lot more with this vehicle than I ever did with my gas cars. It is just so much fun and enjoyable. Just today, this 9 year old kid rode up to me on his bike and asked "is that a Tesla?!?!". He had never seen one in person but he knew all about them and the different model vehicles, etc. I was amazed at how informed this kid was. He went to get his dad and they both were really impressed with the vehicle. I gave them both a ride and they were really excited to ride in it. The kid said he has an uncle who owns a Lamborghini but this kid wants a Tesla instead. How cool is that? When I was that age, I loved Lamborghini. Not anymore after having this car. The kid said at least 3 times, I have GOT to get me one of these! The dad was impressed as well. They were from a neighboring country of Nikola Tesla and knew all about him. Very nice family.

That's great your state supports EVs so much. Michigan has quite a long ways to go for charging infrastructure (at least for Tesla Super Chargers anyway.) And the UP is extremely barron for EV charging. Fortunately, Tesla is expanding in Michigan for charging. That's also an interesting point about the historic commission hopefully approving the solar roof. That will be another significant untapped market for Tesla if their panels blend it so well with structures, that they are approved.

@Efontana - That's great about the papers and videos. I have a few people convinced to get a Model 3 as well. I have one reserved for a family member.

@mark.willing - That's great about solar! I hope to get there with the solar roof. I even like the design of the house with that roof on Tesla's main page.

As far as me actually making enough of an impact at the capital...HIGHLY UNLIKELY. But I'm going to try. I also think it helps that Tesla has a higher market cap that Ford (and sometimes GM). (Seems a little silly to me but I do realize Tesla's future potential could be fantastic. Especially in the energy sector.)

@Mitch - And that's a great contribution! People who use the product, love the product and expose the product to the public, helps with future sales as well. I notice that when I drive my car, quite a few people don't seem to notice, but the ones that know what to look for, are certainly staring. I like that my car isn't super flashy but yet I do think it's classy and sharp. (Especially in silver...ha ha...okay, some bias showing here.)

@msmith - I do agree that my usage of the Model S is not helping the environment as much as a Model 3 (directly anyway). But I do think when people see the car and if it encourages more sales of Tesla Model 3's in the future, I think the TCE (Total cost to the environment) will actually be reduced.

@bigd - That's great! Thanks for the encouragement on the legislation front. Long shot but gotta start somewhere. If Elon can accomplish all that he has done (and he is just a few years older than me), then I should be able to accomplish at least maybe 0.01% of what he has done...ha ha.

@SamO - I try to do the same but I can't say that I do every day. I think I have only given about 30 rides so far since Feb. But the number is going up! Good idea about the Model 3 waiting list. I don't think I will share my car in the Tesla network but it could be a cool thing to do.

Thanks everyone with your responses! Very encouraging! Keep up the great work!

Davidtgee86 | 2017年5月6日

Im in New Zealand, Auckland, Rotorua [by the time I get Model 3] I'm building a 4 bedroom home for my wife and I to run an AirB&B, we will have solar on the roof, power wall in the garage and my pride and I'm sure joy, model 3. I will be a will champion of the Elon super plan. To move to stainable power, o and MARS. Its great to be alive in the age of change. My only regret is that NZ is spending so much money on new roads instead of helping progress the autonomous car. Everything he put the effort into is for the betterment of mankind and his wealth will simple be a by product of that dream. My hat is off to you Elon Musk

johndoeeyed | 2017年5月6日

I installled a 5mX5m dual-axis solar PV tracker in my yard next to a high use public walkway for the express purpose of getting people to consider solar. I installed another 24 panels on my roof and will be installing a Powerwall 2.
I imported solar PV systems, and supplied them just above cost, to several family, friends and workmates to enable them to install solar PV when they otherwise would not have done so.
I have encouraged friends to purchase EV's and have 2 who have put a deposit on a Model 3 because of it.
I talk to hundreds of people a month about EV's and solar PV, and encourage them to go for it themselves.
I debunk Climate Change denial on forums, using the science to do it.
I donate to a Climate Change friendly political party.

SO | 2017年5月7日

@DavidTGee - that's great! And I do agree it's a fantastic time to be alive for the possibilities that Elon is creating. I do think the idea of being multi planetary would be extremely exciting.

@johndoeeyed - wow! I'm impressed! That solar tracker sounds interesting too. I donated to Bernie Sanders campaign (first and most likely last candidate I will ever donate to).

Thanks people! Great info!

ryszardmoss | 2017年5月7日

I'm in awe of you guys. You're inspiring.
Here in Florida we've been playing defense. The powerful electricity monopoly went to war against solar. It planted op-eds in the Media saying that Florida is a poor location for solar energy because there's too much shade! (You're probably thinking I made that up, but it's absolutely true.) It cleverly put an initiative on the ballot that looks pro-solar but is actually designed to suppress solar. We had to mobilize to tell a huge number of pro-environment folks to vote against it, when they were planning to vote for it due to the deliberately misleading wording. It was defeated, so that's a success, but it's amazing how much opposition Elon's agenda has to overcome.

RedShift | 2017年5月9日

I buy cars from him and stock in his company.

Tesla-David | 2017年5月9日

On my second Model S, first delivered on 1/2/13. Model 3 on order, and have two Powerwall-2 on order. I have 13.2 kWh solar system and have been Net Positive for last 4+ years (produced more electricity than we used to run our home and charge our Model S) in our all electric home. I strongly believe in Tesla mission, and support it with our actions and visibility. I also invested in TSLA stock at IPO, as a company worth supporting.

ken.hixson | 2017年5月10日

I'm a pragmatist, I do not agree with nor do I disagree with a lot of science, just not convinced they are all right or all wrong. I'll let them all argue to their heart's content. It is apparent they convert each other much less than they will admit. Glad each one is passionate and in spite of their differences they seem to be for the most part, "normal" people!

This thread is constructive and I fully support the premise. To me it doesn't matter as much if climate change is correct or not, what does matter is pollution or not. While the later might contribute to the former, it doesn't matter if it does not, breathing clean air is better regardless.

I recycle yet I am still a consumer but I try to minimize my waste even if I cannot eliminiate it.

I installed 15 kW peak solar a couple years ago and I only pay the modicum net meter charge every month. With the Model S I bought last year I am just about even on production vs consumption.

I hate driving my disel truck and after this season I will most likely sell the travel trailer and the truck will be right behind it. I just haven't decided if I want a used Model S or a new Model 3, either way I'll be off ICE - except for the lawnmower which unfortunately has too large a yard to be electric!

Amazing how just seeing a Tesla, providing "test drives" in my Tesla, and answering nicely all the questions about owning and why Tesla seems to effectively help spread the message. I haven't had to offend anyone, my example is my best story.

Not a fan of protesting, too much yelling and too little listening . . . but a nice little conversation with my representatives I have found to be helpful. We're not there yet but we are making progress.

johndoeeyed | 2017年5月10日

Unless your yard is over several acres in size, there are electric mowers which do the job.

vp09 | 2017年5月10日

SO_S90D You are AWESOME!

vp09 | 2017年5月10日

1. Buy and drive Teslas.
2. Make your own electricity by placing photovoltaic panels on your roof. Don't worry about "when will it pay for itself." They pay for themselves when you install them (by increasing the capital value of your property by 100% of your panel expenditure).
3. Buy a share or more of TSLA
4. Use SUMMON in the parking lot at work. Two days ago I summoned my 90D while walking down the stairs, about 50 m from the car. As it was backing up, sunscreen still in place, I yelled to two co-workers, "Hey there, what's up?" They looked at me and of course had to see the car driving itself. One yelled "Show Off!" I am my area's Number One Tesla Salesman.
5. Brag about your Tesla to everyone. If they make comments about how much it costs, ask them what they do with their money. Typically they waste it on idiotic crap, when they could instead have saved up and bought a Model S for cash, like I did.
6. Ride your bicycle to work. Park it in front of your desk. Make sure everyone knows you rode it to work.
7. Recycle.
8. Reduce your carbon footprint. Whether or not you believe in global warming, it makes sense to reduce your carbon footprint (see "Pascal's Wager").
9. There's more.

vp09 | 2017年5月10日

Buy a Riyobi 40 volt lithium ion battery-powered leaf blower. Show it to all your neighbors.

Buy their 40 volt lithium-ion battery-powered chain saw. Show it to your neighbors.

vp09 | 2017年5月10日

Show respect to those who drive funny electric cars, like my neighbor with her little Fiat. I showed off our S90D to her and she said our car was the "big brother" to her funny little Fiat. A few months later, another neighbor had a different car in his driveway. No more Ford Focus hybrid-- he replaced it with a CPO black S85 rear-wheel drive sedan. Said he paid $45k for it.

vp09 | 2017年5月10日

Read. Read Elon Musk's biography by Ashlee Vance. Buy a copy for $8 used from Amazon. Buy a copy for another reader.

Reserve a Model 3. I have 2 on order. I'm giving the first one to my daughter.

Tell people about the Model 3. Tell them that their ICE is the car of the 20th or 19th Century, and tell them about Tesla, the car of the 21st Century.

Tell them the fuel cost is like buying gasoline at 75c a gallon, or, if you have PV panels, it is free. You drive on sunlight.

Tell them you can drive to Texas and back for free on the Tesla SC system. (We did last summer.)

Tell them the Tesla is so safe that it broke the Federal Safety agency's crushing machine.

Tell them the Model S is electronically controlled for only 155 mph top speed.

Tell them the mpg (e) is 103 for the D model buy only 87 mpg(e) for the rear wheel drive models.

Tell them about regenerative braking.

Tell them about guilt-free driving.

SO | 2017年5月11日

@ryszardmoss - it does seem counterintuitive to have the "sunshine state" be so against solar. Keep up the good fight! People need to realize that these other power companies only care about protecting themselves. Thank goodness that bill was defeated.

@redshift - sadly I sold my stock when I bought my Model S. dumb dumb dumb move on my part. But at least for now I can say that I have no financial interest in Tesla when I am talking to the politicians in Lansing. I will buy TSLA again.

@Tesla-David - Awesome! I remember when TSLA IPOd and I was an absolute fool for not buying then. Live and learn.

@ken.hixson - I do agree that science can often be changing. Sometimes it changes so much on certain things that it sounds like they are just guessing. But my preference when it comes to pollution and possible climate change, I'd rather error on the side of being a bit too safe. It's easier to add more problems later than it is to remove them.

It looks like you are doing some really great things! I also recycle. I just hope they are actually recycling the trash after drop off. Some locations I have heard were just throwing the recycled trash into the landfill.

If I were you, I would get the used Model S. The car would have already taken the initial large financial hit. And Elon is doing his best to downplay the Model 3. But I also have a Mode 3 reservation for a family member. I'm just concerned about that center screen.

I too have found many receptive people about my car. I'm surprised at how little they know about them but then it's fun to see them be amazed at all the features.

As far as protesting, I'm not a fan either. Never been to one. But sometimes it appears they work....but not always. I wish there was a better way.

SO | 2017年5月11日

@vp09 - well I wouldn't say I'm awesome but I will be curious to see how this plays out. Sadly my rep had to bail on my full day with him because they are all tied up with that one rep who died from Marquette earlier this week. But I do still have my meeting with the lobbyist today at 3 PM in Lansing. I will keep you all posted. I think Tesla will make headway on its on merit because of how big their market cap is right now. I hope it continues.

I got to get me one of those solar roofs. In fact I'd love to have the modern house that Tesla revealed with the solar roof. Maybe in a couple years...

Thats hilarious about SUMMON. I will most likely get AP for my HW2 at some point in the future. But sadly I don't think AP can avoid potholes and in Michigan, it's a necessity.

I do brag about the car to any who will listen.

Good point about showing respect to other EVs. We are in this together.

Yup...I read Elon's book by Ashley Vance. Very interesting.

Model 3 reservation- check. I'm a little leery to push the Model 3 as of yet because I'm just not quite sold on that center screen and no dash display.

I would love to say I drive on sunlight.

I do like showing the regenerative braking and how I barely have to use the brakes.

SO | 2017年5月11日

@ken.hixson - and thanks for noticing the positive tone of this thread.

And to your point about the climate change and pollution, I COMPLETELY agree. I have been saying that for years. Even if everyone doesn't agree on manmade climate change, we should still have the same goal of reducing pollution where possible and within feasibility. This should be a no brainer. There is no such thing as "clean coal", only "minutely less toxic" coal. I still wouldn't want the output from a "clean coal" power plant to be pumped into my liver my space.

SO | 2017年5月11日

Into my "living space".

Wow.... thanks autocorrect.

Ehninger1212 | 2017年5月11日

Going to get a model 3 (3/31 ;D ) also trying to save up for solar to at least offset my daily driving usage.

Anyone know how to get net metering in Texas?

SO | 2017年5月11日

@Ehinger1212 - that's great about the Model 3!

Unfortunately I am not familiar with net metering in TX.

johndoeeyed | 2017年5月11日

Elon's mission is not about pollution (per se).
It is not about recycling (per se).
It is about sustainable energy and transport.
It is about combating Climate Change.

SO | 2017年5月11日

Update - I met with Michigan Legislative Consultants today. It went well. They said having Tesla owners contact their reps is EXTREMELY important. Especially in Michigan. Because without owners contacting their reps, their reps only receive pressure from the dealership network on one side and then Tesla on the other. But having a rep's constituents contact them requesting Tesla to have service centers and sales galleries in Michigan , allows reps to say they are supporting their voting base. Again...extremely important! Please contact your rep! Show them you want Tesla to operate in this state. If you did contact them, do it again!

There is an owners meeting in Southfield MI next Tuesday from 5-7 PM. I will try to be there.

Other next steps for me, trying to pull together a meeting with multiple reps and Michigan Legislative Consultants.

Also, if you can spend a day in Lansing, offer to drive your rep in your Tesla for the day. Then you can park near the capital with your Tesla. It gets noticed! Trust me. People are still talking about it two weeks later when they saw my car. They thought my rep bought it.

SO | 2017年5月16日

Update - we did have the East Michigan Tesla meetup today by Detroit. A state rep was there and a lobbyist. They stressed again the importance of contacting your rep and letting them know how you feel about Tesla not allowed in Michigan. If you can also give them a ride in your Tesla and park in their spot at the capital, that makes a huge impact. I also got up and shared my story. So... on to the next event.

mark.willing | 2017年5月17日

SO_S90D,...I think there has got to be some innovative thinking, and some sacrifice, on Tesla's part. I just recently found out Tesla does not offer leases in Michigan. I generally lease my vehicles. What if the car gets into a "fender-bender"? There have been folks waiting for parts for nearly a month,...and in Michigan, that means transporting the car to say, Chicago, where there are service centers. Tesla and Toyota are working on joint projects together, would be interesting to see if Toyota dealerships in Michigan would be open to selling and servicing Teslas. The Detroit auto makers have made it clear they do not want Tesla in their home territory, and have manipulated the laws to make it legal, but there are ways of getting around those laws via innovative contracting. Tesla, right or wrong, has been very controlling about how their products are released to the consumer, the point where some people would rather not deal with them. I know it can be a double-edged sword, but contracting with other parties, like Toyota, to sell and service your products may be the way to go in those states like Michigan. | 2017年5月17日

@SO_S90D - I applaud your efforts! I hope you are successful. If you think it might help, I'd be happy to ship you a free box of books to give out to legislators as you meet them. Contact me at voting@ [my username].

Been a long supporter of Tesla (on my 2nd Tesla now). I wrote the first book on the Model S, created the first Tesla calendar, created the TeslaTap site, went Solar, eliminated all personal need for any gasoline (no ICE, electric lawn mower, etc.) and I spend way too much time on this forum :)

SO | 2017年5月17日

@mark - I do agree there needs to be some improvements on Tesla's side. Elon has even stated that he might have to go the dealership route for the Model 3. But his concern (which is warranted) is that dealerships will be less inclined to sell an EV compared to gas cars.

SO | 2017年5月17日

Thanks TeslaTap! I will email you!

mark.willing | 2017年5月17日

@SO_S90D,..."dealerships will be less inclined to sell an EV compared to gas cars."

One test drive in a P100D would change that attitude. : )

I am with Elon in that the EV Federal tax incentive/rebate program may have been a good idea to get the momentum going, but now it tends to work against the manufacturers as they tend to loose money on the deal and these incentives are restricted to a finite production number. The thing is,...the EVs and plug-in hybrids sell,...nearly 100%. The consumer demand is there,...good luck finding one on a dealership lot,...nearly all have been pre-ordered and sold. EVs are much easier and less expensive to manufacture, few actual parts in the motor and drivetrain. All it would take is a commitment and then action to ramp up production numbers,...then the price will fall,...and they can make some money without Federal tax incentives/rebates.

What if Tesla, in Michigan, raised their price by $500 per vehicle, and that $500 be given to the sales person or team? Most vehicles sold now-a-days do not carry that much sales incentive for the dealership, and if they do, it is provided by the factory. You can shuffle the money around in appropriations, but it still is a loss. It is very common for dealerships to actually loose money with each sale, especially on their entry-level or stripped down models,...if it were not for their factory sales incentives, they would cease to sell them.

Seriously,...if it took an extra $500 on my part to lease or purchase a Tesla,...and have a local service center,...that's a win. There is plenty of room for negotiations.

SO | 2017年5月17日

@mark - I should clarify on "why" dealerships would be less inclined. It's not that i think they wouldn't like the Tesla. It has to do with revenue stream. If they don't think they will make as much in the long run from EV repairs, they would rather sell something that has a higher TCO.

I get what you are saying but it's the principle of the idea. People in Michigan should have a right to choose who to buy from.

trx430ex | 2017年5月18日

Field tested, electric bike that can do 10 miles at a shot with DeWalt DCB407, 387 miles in 30 days.
youtube 1wVnZgYqXUU, times 5 batts is 50 mile span, it never got old, and people would ask where they could rent it.

trx430ex | 2017年5月19日

One of the biggest lessons, well probably the biggest lesson learned from this company and history. Is to design around any "lobbying", design around "any regulation", design around any law that says "you can not buy this".Once one reaches that point, it is a tipping point that can not be stopped, if done correctly, "no politician" matters, no Lobbyist" matters, no "regulation matters". If one goes so far past existing. The only thing that matters,, is how fast can one just pour the gas on the charge in economics of scale.Lessons learned from Solar Nevada.

trx430ex | 2017年5月19日

To me I would retreat from state fights, pick 3 states for sale to the rest of the country that one owns. Everything else is just logistics of high end shipping. It would save a lot of money in retail footprint, then dump that money into charging superstations like the dead Kmarts. Cut a entrance in and an exit out under one cheap roof.
It is a matter of commerce across state lines that would not stand up in court. It is logistics VS dealerships.
Centralising service to just 3 locations 10 fold the consolidation of GM dealerships. The rest is just,,, shipping.

trx430ex | 2017年5月19日

The math has to self explain currently in analytics, telling us all where the purchase is made. We only care about when the car/powerwall/solar panel is leaving for service, and when it will return to our life?

trx430ex | 2017年5月19日

Traffic is stupid GDP, on ill funded infrastructure, service crews leave at 9am, take lunch at 2;00 pm, rest at 5;30pm, but home by 7;00pm.

trx430ex | 2017年5月19日

No lawyer in the land can stop state commerce, across state lines. that is pretty much the end of that talk.

SO | 2017年5月19日

I do agree that Tesla is at a tipping point in many cases. And I suppose the state battles are somewhat waste of time but since I live in Michigan and we have the most strict anti-car direct sales/service in the country, I'm still going to try.

Thanks to, I am receiving some good literature to pass out to state reps. Unfortunately they will soon all be on summer break for a couple months.

SO | 2017年5月19日

Also, what's got the car dealerships in Michigan so concerned about is Tesla setting the precedent for direct sales and making dealerships obsolete. The dealerships and big 3 are very strong in this state.....not to mention the unions as well.