Glass Roof?

Glass Roof?

Everything I had seen and read before today suggested that the roof on the Model 3 was to be made of glass. But today I reviewed the S/3 Comparison and it lists the glass roof as a premium feature of the S, but there is nothing listed under the 3. See I will be unhappy if the 3 doesn't come with a glass roof.

Pkalhan | 2017年5月26日

There was nothing listed on the Model 3 side because they want to keep the options hush hush until the final reveal in July. If they list the options now, no point to have a reveal anymore. Just my guess though.

akgolf | 2017年5月26日

And since all of the release candidates have a glass roof, pretty sure no reason to be unhappy.

reynolds5677 | 2017年5月26日

What are the pro's and con's of a glass roof? I like the idea but is it cheaper to make, better for milage, safer or something else, I just want to know?

Frank99 | 2017年5月26日

reynolds -
I think they've figured out that the glass roof makes manufacturing easier. You can drop all the interior (seats, dash, etc) down through the roof opening, rather than trying to slide them through the doorway, and you don't have to install a headliner. Once the interior is done, drop the roof on and you're done.

For the owners, the recurring comment is how spacious it makes the interior feel. Some haven't liked the brightness inside. Remarkably, I haven't heard any complaints from any actual owners about heat, but it's a concern among people who don't have a Tesla glass roof.

Even living in Phoenix, I plan on getting the glass roof (if I have a choice). I figure if I don't like the brightness, a quick trip to the tinters will solve that problem.

KP in NPT | 2017年5月26日

we have the pano on our Model S - it's a lot of glass. The coating Tesla uses does an amazing job keeping out the heat and sun. when I open the pano it is a HUGE difference.

I'm getting the glass roof on our 3.

LA-Fohlen | 2017年5月26日

I guess you would run the AC anyway. It's just hot with or without glass roof. Unless you have cars (one with and one without glass roof) to compare, it is hard to tell the difference in range and the Tesla driver feels just fine with the AC running.

jfs130 | 2017年5月26日

I think they're with holding information for the reveal. The chart says everything we've already known about the Model 3 (just with more specific information like length, acceleration, etc.) I'm sure there will be premium features. They're competing with the 3 Series and A4, both of which feel like premium vehicles even when not fully loaded. Tesla cannot afford to lose a ton of reservations because they completely skimp on the premium features for the sake of a simplified manufacting process. If reservations fall due to poor execution and boring features, then their market cap will tumble... my two cents on the matter.

Sportsdoc | 2017年5月26日

I have a model S with pano roof and one without. I can't tell the difference in regards to heat and brightness. We are getting a Model 3 and we're getting a glass roof if there is a choice. I like the look with the glass and the spacious feel of it.

eeb9 | 2017年5月27日

I've had some concerns about driving a solar oven in Atlanta, but from what I've seen posted here and elsewhere, the glass coatings eliminate that to the same extent that a metal roof does. Color me happy. I hope that the coatings work as advertised, and that they also are robust enough to last through the life of the car.

I had a pano sunroof on a previous vehicle and *hated* it during the summer. Even after adding aftermarket shades, on hot summer days the AC couldn't keep the interior temp below 85.

I love being able to see the sky - but I'd prefer not to be cooked as the price for the privilege

sbeggs | 2017年5月27日

Hope that glass roof is not mandatory, as I am sensitive to light.

mark.larsen | 2017年5月27日

My guess (?) is that Tesla will likely have a collapsible shade for the glass roof. They provide one for the Model X's windshield for free. Perhaps because they want to keep the costs of the Model 3 as low as possible, it will only be an optional accessory instead of free.

Chargedmr2 | 2017年5月27日

All indications point to an optional metal roof, at least at some point. Ignore the troll a couple posts up.

KP in NPT | 2017年5月27日

Tesla has not announced roof options.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年5月27日

As has been reported multiple times by actual owners of their products who live and drive in extremely sunny climes, Tesla's treatment for the glass roof of their cars does not require use of a physical barrier of any sort to prevent sunburn or reduce heat within the vehicle because the vast majority of infrared and ultraviolet rays do not penetrate its surface to any harmful degree whatsoever.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年5月27日

As usual, facts remain facts. Such as: Crack Addiction is a horrible thing to behold. See how that works? And... Cleanup on aisle one!

KP in NPT | 2017年5月28日

Thank red, for reminding our readers that actual owners probably have more experience with the glass roof and how amazing it is with the UV blocking - as opposed to a troll.

Oh lookie - another troll lie debunked. I guess Tesla figured out how to build a car with a metal roof with robots.

CraigW | 2017年5月28日

A glass roof means more headroom. For design purposes, the Model 3 is a 4-door and would otherwise have less headroom for backseat passengers than is desirable.

Living in SoCal, driving frequently to Phoenix, and periodically all over the U.S., I can say the PanoRoof on both my Model Ss had no downside and I don't want to buy another car w/o a glass roof. Tinting solves the heat/light issues and the views driving through Utah/Colorado/the redwoods is simply too gorgeous to resist. Tesla does have shades - which they sent us - and I tried them for about 2 months. However, I removed them because there was no real advantage and I lost the views.

SamO | 2017年5月28日


Identical experience here in Santa Monica. The car reflects most of light and heat from entering the cabin. I've had the same experiences even in 100+ degree days in Las Vegas and Arizona.

KP in NPT | 2017年5月28日

Thank goodness for actual tesla owners relaying their real world experience.

Gizmo | 2017年5月28日

Some don’t want the glass roof because of the extra light it lets in though.

Gizmo | 2017年5月28日

Anyone know why I cannot start a new thread?

jacapuano | 2017年5月28日

Any thoughts on whether Siruis XM would be available with the glass roof ? I believe it's only available with the sunroof on Model S, and there's no sunroof option for Model 3, at least not yet .

johndoeeyed | 2017年5月28日

I wonder if the NA is short for 'Not Appropriate'. Perhaps threads can be created at Not Appropriate in future. Perhaps threads/posts flagged as inappropriate will be moved there, rather than deleted as happens now.

FISHEV | 2017年5月28日

@johndoeyed "I wonder if the NA is short for 'Not Appropriate'."

But that doesn't seem applicable to posting a new topic. And what would it do as a function? "Private" makes sense but private to whom? "Public" makes sense.

Forum seems to have gone glitchy lately, like some toggles have been changed. Everyone seeing and having the "Flag as Inappropriate" link. Seeming to let everyone post private topics though one of the hacker gang claims when I did that it was still public. So the toggle is newly there but does nothing. Gizmo saying he can't start a new topic at all. SamO's disappearance, Redxxx simultaneous leap onto the stage posting SamO stuff and with same volume.

I think the hacker gang triggered some software overload and someone came in a reset the forum, likely bouncing SamO temporarily in the process ergo the two "new" SamO clones FLHX and Redetcetc

johndoeeyed | 2017年5月28日

It is applicable when you already know that the topic will be considered inappropriate by some people.
Private means owners only.
It may be that Tesla has decided to do something about the abuse of the flagging feature.

FISHEV | 2017年5月28日

@johndoeeyed"It is applicable when you already know that the topic will be considered inappropriate by some people."

Well I've run forums since the days of CompuServe and never heard of the term used as a choice for "New Topics".

We'll likely never know.

johndoeeyed | 2017年5月28日

We will know if Tesla lets us know.

FISHEV | 2017年5月28日

I'm guessing the N/A choice has been there forever and has Tesla ever said what it was?

By definition it means "Not Available" so it is most likely a place holder for another choice but itself represents nothing.

johndoeeyed | 2017年5月28日

NA has multiple definitions including:
no account
not applicable
https://www.merriam-webster DOT com/dictionary/Na

I believe No Account or Not Applicable is more likely than Not Appropriate.

FISHEV | 2017年5月29日

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