Hi, My name is FLHX13 and I responded to my last EaglesPDX post today

Hi, My name is FLHX13 and I responded to my last EaglesPDX post today

Any mentors?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年5月27日

This is a good thing. I will at times respond to the FUDish subject matter he brings up, or that others have quoted, after his comments have gone ~*poof*~. As for mentoring advice, I can only offer the following:

I think I shall employ the BEA principle.


Perfect to combat FUD.


mntlvr23 | 2017年5月27日

acknowledging your problem is the first step to solving your problem

lilbean | 2017年5月27日


akgolf | 2017年5月27日


KP in NPT | 2017年5月27日

We are all here fior you.

Sandy’s 3 | 2017年5月27日

Thank you all. I feel the support. Until tomorrow.

Frank99 | 2017年5月27日

I have found comfort in following up some of his posts with a positive, factual post on the same subject, without referencing him or his message.
E: "Tesla makes a terrible car"
F: "It's remarkable the level of customer satisfaction evidenced by Tesla's customers - Consumer Reports 2016 annual owner satisfaction survey puts Tesla #1, with 91% of customers who would “definitely” purchase another car by the same automaker. This beats out Porsche (#2) by 7 percentage points".
Don't address him, don't try to argue with him because you can't win - it's like arguing with a, well, Pigeon, and litters the forum with angry messages and conflict that just doesn't need to be here. A new member reading the two messages should have no problem identifying the spiteful untruths in one and the truth in the other.

I'd like to say to the group that I'm not always successful in my goal, and sometimes break this rule. I ask for your understanding.

SamO | 2017年5月27日


burdogg | 2017年5月27日

It's been 2 minutes since my last post of transgression. Fell off the wagon, time to get back on :)

cb500r | 2017年5月28日

I was thankful of some of his comments, replying to my posts.
So I will reply in the future on the same base as before.
I was also thankful for other replys as well, such as Frank99, KP,...

All seem to be intelligent and wise people to me.
I only try to get my mind opened, but I decide what I use and what I dismiss.

topher | 2017年5月28日

My name is Topher, and it has been 2 Months since my last reply to the pidgeon.

I really want to say that the thing that got me through theses last two months is Chrome Browser and the Tesla Forum Enhancement Suite. They enable me to block any users who refuse to acknowledge reality (as opposed to having different opinions about reality), or who are rude, uncouth, or uncivilized.

Other might want to try.

Thank you kindly.

JayInJapan | 2017年5月28日

I fell off the wagon today. I'll be good. Promise.

SamO | 2017年5月28日

+1 Topher

Why bother replying to shills and trolls.

Sandy’s 3 | 2017年5月28日

I can feel the mutual support in our ongoing endeavour. There is a saying I feel is appropriate here:

Some people are like clouds. When they disappear it's a beautiful day.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年5月28日

"And the chicken tastes like wood..."

Uninvited 'guests'... Wow. Cleanup on Aisle One!

KP in NPT | 2017年5月28日

Why is it so hard to understand that Red exile is red sage? He even told us he was going to create a new account after he moved rather than change his old name so his posts as Red sage would stay that way.

I guess the same reasoning he uses to troll tesla applies to figuring out who Red is. Mental midget.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年5月28日

By the way...? I call it 'BEA' because my Mom's name is 'Beatrice'. I like it. ;-)

dsvick | 2017年5月28日

I occasionally fall off the wagon and reply to one of her posts, but only when they are so truly inane that I have to do it in order to protect the unsuspecting from falling for her drivel.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年5月28日

There is no need to imitate that which is truthful and honest. One must simply... Be.

I Believe it is best to Educate those who are unaware of the benefits of electric vehicles and Assure them that the supposed 'issues' brought up by FUDsters and trolls are points that have all been addressed by Tesla in their decision to never, ever, use ICE or Gasoline Hybrids or Hydrogen Fuel Cells in their vehicles.

ckcland2 | 2017年5月28日

PDX, any chance you can change your name to CowboysPDX? Your giving my beloved Eagles bad Karma...

akgolf | 2017年5月28日

Thanks to those that help cleanup after Mr. TrumpEagles dumps his poo.

mntlvr23 | 2017年5月28日

@ckcland2 - I think that the eagles (and their fans) give themselves enough bad karma ;)
My most traumatic experience was watching 9 eagles fans beating the crap out of 2 skins fans in the old eagles parking lot - back in the body bag days

hopeless skins fan

burdogg | 2017年5月28日

I fell off the bandwagon and realized why I was on it - when you try to engage, you end up hitting your head against a wall over, and over, and over again. I feel sorry for someone who lives such a low life. How many friends do you think he has? Around here, maybe 1, but that would be pushing it.

akgolf | 2017年5月28日

@burdogg - Yep.

I think it's pretty obvious he's a closet supporter of Donald Trump. His posts have a familiar Trump campaign feel to them.

SCCRENDO | 2017年5月28日

With eagles around I'm even beginning to miss Van Perley.

akgolf | 2017年5月28日

For those deleting the Trumpish comments from E, thanks.

burdogg | 2017年5月28日

Did someone hear something?

akgolf - no problem - funny thing is - it is not one person deleting them - it is at least 5 people. Unlike what a liar would like all to believe, it is not one person "hacking" the forum and "deleting" responses. An no, it is not 1 person acting like 5 - one owner, one owner right, you can create as many accounts as you want with different names, but only 1 will be tied to your car and hence give owner privilege.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年5月28日

Well that does it for me. It was entertaining to see the posts made by the [IGNORED] the past couple of days or so. I didn't actually reply to him, but I did make some posts pointing out glaring errors in his... 'logic'... and noted what he claimed was entirely incorrect and why. But it seems he has finally... ~*ahem*~ ...managed to 'defeat' me by pointing to his latest and greatest defender of ICE Hybrid technology... None other than the one... the ONLY.... Toyota Prius Eco, which, likely due to its incredibly wimpy drivetrain that propels it to 60 MPH from zero in an incredibly snail paced 9.9 seconds and being the absolute least performance oriented version of the Prius ever conceived by sadistic minds, somehow manages to yield an absolutely miniscule 'Tailpipe & upstream GHG' rating of 190g/mile. A whole 30g/mile less than the Hyundai Ioniq Electric, if operated on the 85% coal fired electrical grid in Jefferson City MO 65101. The same electric car would have done maybe 90g/mile in Los Angeles, if not for the solar panels on the house, of course. But screw it. I don't live in MO, and I never will. I'm not sure I'll even bother to visit. Ever. So, I'm going back to Chrome, where I won't have to deal with that guy's nonsense any longer. I hope the owners here are diligent enough to flag his poo into nonexistence though. Bottom line? If 'The FUTURE!' of ICE rests on vehicles that look and perform like the Prius Eco, traditional automobile manufacturers are in for a serious awakening once the Model ☰ is in wide release.

www.motortrend DOT com/news/toyota-prius-two-eco-2017-car-of-the-year-contender/

PhillyGal | 2017年5月28日

@ckcland2 +1

@Eagles, along with the rest of the country, get some new freaking material. An Eagles fan throws a snowball 40 years ago and everyone still talks about it. A Cowboys fan punches a Steelers fan in the head who later dies and no one bats an eye.

burdogg | 2017年5月28日

Me too Red - I even sent another email to Tesla letting them know that the owners they built this forum on are getting tired and are going to start leaving - owners who have given vast knowledge about how the car works and all they know about it. Owners who have countered trolls to defend Tesla's mission and now as owners move on, the trolls will ruin the forum and what it was meant to be.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年5月28日

PhillyGal: Hey! Don't blame me! If not for the Eagles, the RAIDERS wouldn't have got that third Super Bowl. I like watching Ron Jaworski on ESPN. It's safer there than a football field. I'm basically a RAIDERS fan by default, because Bill Walsh got his first job in coaching from Al Davis before he went on to coach at Stanford, then went to my NINERS to rack up championship rings. So, two teams, 11 Superbowl appearances, and eight championships. That'll do, pig. That'll do. What really matters is that the Cowboys LOSE their next two appearances in the Super Bowl, sometime in the next fifty or sixty years. ;-)

akgolf | 2017年5月28日

Thanks burdogg and don't let Mr TrumpEagles get you down. We appreciate all you and the other owners are trying to do.

burdogg | 2017年5月28日

Thanks akgolf

burdogg | 2017年5月28日

Man, that bandwagon sure is hard to stay on :)

Sandy’s 3 | 2017年5月28日

I had a great day today in the Ontario sun on the shore of Lake Ontario. It was so nice and peaceful regardless of the high water. Made a few relevant posts and truly enjoyed my time today. I hope others did as well. Very relieved at Scott Dixons amazing survival.

Sandy’s 3 | 2017年5月28日

Scott was very fortunate. If his car had rotated another 25 degrees his head
would have been involved. Amazing crash protection. Best I've ever seen.

Sandy’s 3 | 2017年5月28日

Kudos as well to Sebastian, Kimi, Daniel and Especially
Fernando who unfortunately had a DNF. Goodnight and
thanks for the support.

sabbia | 2017年5月28日

@SCCRENDO. Ah Van Perley. I think he disappeared treating President Obama to free golf hoping to get those golf days off close to 45s. Or, could it be he is simply embarrassed?

Eagles_Step_Mother | 2017年5月28日

Gulp. I am so proud of you all. I've decided to configure a Model S tomorrow, just so that I can join the other owners in being able to throw another flag down on the field... to keep that pest off it.

JeffreyR | 2017年5月28日

For non-owners here is a link to TFES (Chrome Extension):
Helped @BDR write it.

For owners w/ flag goodness (bookmarklet for any browser):

Badbot | 2017年5月28日

" A Cowboys fan punches a Steelers fan in the head who later dies and no one bats an eye"
did they think it was you?
and just so you do not mess with any sports team luck how about your new handle is,
PDX is for pretty dam excited
no I guess it would be PDXPuppyPuddles

mntlvr23 | 2017年5月29日

I love the city of Philly, but their sports fans - no so much. While it is not fair to generalize for the whole group based on the actions of some bad actors, my experiences with them have been poor and seems to confirm the reputation the preceded them.

A little bit more about my first story - I travelled to the old Vet stadium with three friends to watch the Eagles/ Redskins. We had tickets in the upper sections, I think the 600 section - where the fans had a reputation of being particularly rowdy. We I watched the few Redskins fans around us get anywhere from verbally assaulted to jostled around whenever they would cheer, and we decided that we would keep our mouth's shut whenever the Redskins did well. It was freezing cold outside and I even decided to buy an Eagles knit cap, The Redskins won the game in the final minute with a field goal, and the Eagles fans were not happy at all. In the parking lot leaving, we walked past nine crazy ass Eagles fans beating the living crap out of two Redskins fans. The Redskins fans were bloodied up, one of them particularly badly. One of the skins fans was on the ground trying to crawl under a truck, while the Eagles fans were jumping up in the air and trying to land on his head with their knees. It was sickening and we felt horrible that we did not step in to help, but the nine of them were crazed, a lot bigger than us, and used to fighting. Where we were anything but fighters. We would've been dead meat. This parking lot was right along the freeway and there were lines of cars at a standstill just watching.

It was then when we really understood why the old vet had both a working court and a jail within its facility. It is my understanding that no stadium before that and no stadium since has had such a facility, or the need of one.

The only other Eagles Redskins game I have attended, was in Washington. It was during a period where the Eagles fans would outnumber the Redskins fans. We watched the Eagles fans continuously curse and heckle the kids of a young couple near us because they were cheering on the Skins. Driving out of the parking lot Eagles fans, came up and ripped the two Redskins flags right off of my friend's car.

Those are a couple of my experiences that match the reputation, and my friends have others. The story of what happened to the chief is equally or more sickening, as he was an older fellow

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年5月30日

Oh, the court and jail are in the basement of their newer facility too.

mos6507 | 2017年5月30日

"Hi, My name is FLHX13 and I feel I'm so important that I need to start a thread to announce to the world that I intend to ignore someone."

PhillyGal | 2017年5月30日

@ReD - Are you sure?

@mntlvr23 - The old Vet games did have some rowdy and violent a-holes in attendance. Much like any other sports stadium in the history of ever. Which is most of my point.
The rest of my point is perfectly illustrated at the NFL Draft this year. Fans from literally all 32 teams were at that event, loud and proud, head to toe in team insignia, living in perfect harmony in the middle of Philadelphia. Eagles fans were of course the bulk of the people there for proximity's sake but they were standing alongside Cowboys and Giants fans, peacefully waiting in line to see exhibits.

SamO | 2017年5月30日

favorite Philly movie: Trading Places

ckcland2 | 2017年5月30日

I was at the Draft in Philly this year. It was a great event, and the city went all out. The fans were well behaved too. C'mon SamO, how can any philly movie be better than Rocky?

Haggy | 2017年5月30日

I have no idea what this thread is about, presumably because people keep flagging Eagles. Stop that.

I'd also suggest that Eagles dial back on the rebarbative factor so fewer people flag in the first place.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年5月30日

PhillyGal: My understanding was that the new stadium also included a jail and courtroom upon its initial opening. Apparently things have changed since...

"The stadium jail has since been shuttered -- an 'Eagles Court' technically exists but not within the new stadium -- and while the Eagles probably improved the quality of fan experience by cutting down on the rowdiness of their fans, they certainly didn't do anything to help the lore of the intense Philly football fan."

ckcland2: Well, EVERY Philly movie is better than 'Rocky V'... ~*ducks*~ ~*dodges*~ ~*runs away*~

Let's see... 'We Are the Titans' ... 'Philadelphia' ... 'Cooley High' ... There are quite a few really nice movies based in and around Philly.

SamO: Oh? I always thought 'Trading Places' was in New York. Not that it matters that much to me. I've never been to either city.

Silver2K | 2017年5月30日


The M3 forum is like a huge gun fight!

We have differences in the other forums, but this sections is insane!!