HEPA filtration

HEPA filtration

Over one year ago I reserved the 3 when it was promoted as having a HEPA filtration. Yesterday I read that the 3 will not have a HEPA. Does anyone know the status or rumor of this?

KP in NPT | 2017年5月30日

I don't think there has been an announcement either way. It is possible that if it is offered, it won't be at launch.

FISHEV | 2017年5月30日

Usually the HEPA filter is part of the "Premium" upgrade which is $3,500.

Depending on the filter Tesla uses, you can usually find a filter upgrade in the after market. I was able to get a similar activate charcoal filter thirty party upgrade for my car. In an effort to use lower cost parts, Tesla might have incorporated a standard cabin filter from the current suppliers.

The activated charcoal is the key for getting the exhaust and pollution elements out of the interior cabin air.

rbortins | 2017年5月30日

Just know when someone announces a brand new product a year in an advance they may have desired features that may not be available in the first live production of said product.

tstolz | 2017年5月30日

Would be a great feature .. not sure they really need it to sell more cars though ;)

After driving EV for a while now .. it is surprising how violated you feel having to breath in exhaust fumes. Sooner we can get rid of ICE age cars the better .. next best thing .. not having to smell them!

lancemace | 2017年5月30日

Bio Defense Mode for me is a must have, I really hope it is available as an option around the time AWD is available too...

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年5月30日

lancemace: Precisely. Chicken processing plants... Lumber mills... Stinky Diesel Exhaust... All reasons to have Bio-Defense Mode, even if I didn't want the other 'extras' that must accompany it.

stevenmaifert | 2017年5月30日

When Model S was first advertised, Tesla said it would come with features that either 1) weren't available in the beginning such as WiFi connectivity and driver profile key FOBs but are available now or 2) features that never materialized such as Hot Spot, flash memory for music storage and lighted sun visor mirrors. We'll just have to wait and see about the HEPA.

topher | 2017年5月30日

If you take a look at the HEPA filter in the Model S/X, it is HUGE. There just may not be room for it in the 3.

I still (irrationally) expect it (at least at some point).

Thank you kindly.

akgolf | 2017年5月30日

I was wondering the same thing topher.

Assuming they use the same filter in the S/X, it looks too large for the 3. I would like to see it, but not a deal breaker.

Bersus | 2017年6月7日

HEPA filter is mandatory!

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年6月7日

The HEPA Filter and the Smart Air Suspension are the two 'bell & whistle' options that most pique my interest, and would seem criminally absent if I were not able to acquire them for Model ☰.

Sandy’s 3 | 2017年6月7日

I see both HEPA and SAS as 'higher end' options. SAS could easily be introduced at any time during Model 3 production. If not available right away than either the initial wiring harness will be future capable or if introduced later a new wiring harness at that time. The HEPA filter would most likely require more engineering to accomplish. The 3 is much more compact in the front end than the S. They retrofittted HEPA into the S with the refresh. If its going to be available in the 3 I think it would have to be designed into the car from the outset.
Judging by Elon's comments yesterday it would appear neither will be available at launch.

mos6507 | 2017年6月7日

"The HEPA Filter and the Smart Air Suspension are the two 'bell & whistle' options that most pique my interest, and would seem criminally absent if I were not able to acquire them for Model ☰[sic]."

Then be prepared for a challenge to your unconditional validation of everything Tesla does.

JAD | 2017年6月7日

I think if you want high end features like air suspensions and HEPA filters, you buy an S, the 3 is the efficient entry level model without the fancy bells and whistles of the S/X.

El Mirio | 2017年6月7日

Likely they will have HEPA filter at some point, very relevant unique selling proposition in China.

mos6507 | 2017年6月7日

"the 3 is the efficient entry level model without the fancy bells and whistles of the S/X."

Then why will Musk give it a Ludicrous option? It's almost like they went down the list and arbitarily ticked things on and off they want to offer and things to exclude. HEPA has more practical value than Ludicrous which is a luxury perk.

sbrian30s | 2017年6月8日

HEPA/carbon filters are essential to me. I have used biohazard mode more often lately in my S. Wildires, secret chemical releases (in MO from fracking?).
No filter is nearly a showstopper for me. One option is to buy a used LEAF after I return my current one. But I do need autopilot.
I have put 30k miles on my S in the first year since it is so easy to do road trips with AP, etc.

cars | 2017年6月9日

Remember, even if a car doesn't have a HEPA filter you can turn on 'Air Recycling' (re-circulation) which greatly reduces pollutants etc. entering the cabin.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年6月9日

cars: Nice, but once you have passed by the chicken processing plant, bovine slaughterhouse, or roadkill skunk -- it's probably too late already. ;-)

cars | 2017年6月10日

Urgh, yeah!

cars | 2017年6月10日

Maybe Tesla could include some disposable particulate respirator masks in the glove box? ;)