Battery Upgrade Price

Battery Upgrade Price

Right now there is a $23,000 price difference between the model S 75d and 100d. Most people are guessing 2 battery sizes for the model 3, either 50/70 or 55/75, something along those lines. With current pricing that would be about $18,400 difference. I hope it's less then that.

Pkalhan | 2017年6月10日

I believe the consensus is that the battery packs will be 60 and 75. Do not know the cost of the upgraded pack, but I am guessing about $10k and hoping for $5k. Many believe the bigger battery will be bundled with other options so you may not know what the actual cost of the 75kWh battery actually is. We will all find out in July.

SamO | 2017年6月10日

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burdogg | 2017年6月10日

@SamO - oh no, now we are going to have a national epidemic of bald dolls!

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年6月10日

dvalier: We don't know. Tesla won't tell anyone that asks here. Information will be available in July, probably.

But I fully expect Tesla won't gouge too much on such an upgrade. Here is how my own speculative analysis goes, though...

Tesla was 'below $190 per kWh' at some point in 2015... And Tesla achieved an improvement of 35% with the Gigafactory already... That would put them at somewhere below $124 per kWh today. Assuming that was at the battery cell level, you might add 20% for power electronics, cooling, packaging, and whatnot. So, something like $148 per kWh as their internal price. If their MSRP is at a 2:1 ratio, the sale price for the upgrade would be around $296 per kWh. So the 15 kWh upgrade could be just under $4,500 if they wanted.

Of course, if that $190 per kWh amount was already at the battery pack level, their sub $124 per kWh cost might allow them to offer it at as little as $250 per kWh at retail. That would make for as little as $3,750 for the 15 kWh upgrade. Cool.

Or course, I'm just some guy on the internet, so I could be entirely wrong.

SamO: But neither my Evel Knievel nor my Million Dollar Man action figures have hair follicles! Just a sort of plastic molded hairpiece area... I did buy quite a few decorative Barbie dolls for my Mom over the years... Maybe she wouldn't notice if they went bald one day?

Iwantmy3 | 2017年6月10日

Sounds right on the $4500 range. Again I remind that the powerwall is $5500 including the inverter for 14 KWH

I think they are currently trying to rebrand the "S" based on performance and premium upgrades instead of battery size going forward. Justifying the price differences between battery sizes alone will be hard to justify as battery costs move towards $100 /KWH in the near future.

NKYTA | 2017年6月10日

Is it just me, or comparisons with PowerWalls just aren't that good. Won't they require a lot less thermal regulation except at the extreme cold/hot temps versus a Tesla car that is being driven hard?


Iwantmy3 | 2017年6月10日

That is a valid thought. I would point out that powerwall can be located outdoors where it will need to deal with temperature changes. I do not know how much more cost is associated with managing the extra battery packs. However, since they are using the same batteries, it is a valid base comparison. Generally, I would expect that the markup on a retail product like the powerwall than on a basic component of the car.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年6月11日

Iwantmy3: Tesla has no need to 'justify' anything. Their products validate themselves in direct comparison with competitors. It isn't about matching anyone else on parameters such as 'history', 'tradition', 'luxury', 'heritage', 'exclusivity', and a whole bunch of other trite marketing terms. The primary differentiation between the Model S and Model ☰ will be in the sections of the automotive marketplace where they respectively destroy competitors in Sales, domestically and internationally.

I find it interesting that the promotional materials for the BMW 7-Series that was most recently launched don't focus on Performance at all. They instead speak of the rear seat experience as if that is most important. So strange for a company that has billed itself as building one thing, 'The ULTIMATE Driving Machine', for decades. And no one at BMW has to 'justify' the 7-Series having a 20.6 gallon fuel tank instead of the 15.8 gallon capacity of the 3-Series, nor the nearly $50,000 difference between their base prices.

The Concept of Luxury: A Global Phenomenon with Local Implications | The European Financial Review

"Luxury is omnipresent, but rare; it is bound to traditions and cultural heritage, but known for its ability to innovate and to set trends. Luxury represents materialistic traits and superficial possessions to some, but deeper values, excellent craftsmanship and a country’s identity to others. On the one hand, the global demand for luxury is increasing, on the other hand, true luxury is always associated with inaccessibility and is diluted by overexposure. In sum, luxury is a highly subjective concept and luxury goods are primarily bought for what they symbolise – this leads to precise implications for the understanding and management of luxury brands."

Bluesday Afternoon | 2017年6月11日


Iwantmy3 | 2017年6月11日

I wasn't talking about justifying the price of the "S" vs the "3". I was talking about the S100D vs the S75D. The cost difference will need to be about more than battery sizes.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年6月11日

Iwantmy3: I was just expanding upon the point. But yeah, BMW doesn't have to 'justify' the Alpina B7 or M7 over the 740i either. And Mercedes-Maybach doesn't have to justify the S600 over the Mercedes-Benz S550. But... I have no idea what got into Porsche's mind with the Panamera Exclusive Series -- $263,900...? REALLY? That would have required some 'justification', I think. Especially since that was a 'starting' price, so there were still even more options that could be added. w00f!

Nexxus | 2017年6月12日

SamO is just channeling his best Dr. Evil.

Quinten | 2017年6月12日

From reading and view Tesla Model 3 Club. It would be 60 and 75 with about 30% reflecting on the Model S and Model X upgrade price point. It make no sense for them to charge such high price when their vehicle is selling at $35K only.